Sunday, September 23, 2007

sunny Sunday...perfect weather!! 1st day of fall!! WOOHOO!!

Well, I finally got the guts to go out today...I think Truman was too scared to try to do anything "untoward" today.I hope he's humble again...there's not much worse than a cocky, arrogant man!
So when I had my camera with me, I actually started looking at the one-story houses.........nahh, I know they're not gorgeous & welcoming looking, but, I guess they have a certain charm...*said grudgingly*

All these pictures from today are taken in the area I usually ride around in. I like this part of town. What I'm doing on this ride is going out to the Rite-Aid! It was getting rather imperative, cuz I put the last bit of his "Deli-Cat"in his bowl this morning. Along with a nice big bowl of fresh ice water, and then I cleaned his litter box (ya know..mining for turd bombs). Don't my Sunday mornings sound exciting? Then there was some Steelers football to watch so, that came first!
First of all, I think I missed my calling.Maybe I should've become a handyman, or a super at an apartment building! Forget about the fun years I had as a produce manager at a grocery store, or the cashier positions I had...or the cust svc at Verizon...I'm GOOD at this stuff~! And, when I'm shown what's wrong, and how to fix it, it comes together in my mind and I know! Shit~~! If I'dve ever had a clue at this when I was younger, I'd be a plumber, and none of you would be able to afford me!! lololol! No, it actually started off this weekend Friday night when I went to bed around 1 am, and was watching Nancy Grace, and reading a mystery book (The lead guy in it is a psychologist with a wife that has ms,...and he's having an affair on her...)anyway...(good luck to her~), I heard a bug flying around in the bedroom banging against the walls. I got up and looked for it, and it was on the wall behind the bed, up near the ceiling, so there was no way in hell I could get it, I wasn't gonna try crawling up on the bed with my balance the way it is~! And I don't have anything like a big long flyswatter, so I was stuck! Meanwhile, aren't cats supposed to take care of bugs & shit like that?? Not Truman...he ran out of the bedroom, and curled up on the couch in here in the computer room! WIMP~!I kept watching ther bug, and it was pretty much flying around the same places, so I grabbed a big heavy paperback book that I don't plan to read, stood there watching the bug, took aim, and threw the book as hard as I could! Bingo!! Got it! Actually, I must've just stunned it, cuz it fell down the wall behind the headboard, so I just forgot about it. Until I went to empty the ashtray, and there was the big, flat green bug (no idea what kind!) crawling on the edge of it. Luckily I had a paper towel in there, so, really quick, I got up, crunched it up in the towel, then got around in the bathroom and flushed it! A classic crunch&flush!
The bug had nothing to do with the next 'toilet debacle', though! I walked past the bathroom, and heard the toilet running. You know, one of those things that your parents would've said 'just jiggle the handle'. uhhh huuhhh. It was NOT my weekend for quick easy solutions, you see. Something was wrong in the tank, and I could hear it. So I took off the lid, looked inside, saw the chain was tangled up, so I ended up elbow deep in toilet tank water! But,'s fixed!!
Now to my next topic...President Ahmahjinidad coming, and the president of Columbia University inviting him to speak there. Holy Crap!! Where are the suicide snipers for THIS country?? Or why wasn't his plane taken out last night on the way here? Just sayin'....
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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