Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday, and it actually is morning...(why? i HATE mornings!)

Okay, everybody, this is Popcorn Festival weekend! And, picture #1 is 'my little mermaid' on top of the boat...picture #2 is her waving (duhhh...), & #3 is just another float or something...but, honestly, everyone, can anybody tell me how long does the 'average parade' last?? I'm
not talking about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, or anything, for heaven's sake, just a regular one! This one started at 6 pm...Tif's float was toward the end, and it was about 7:30, when she went by, I stayed to see her, wave at her, take her picture...and I FREAKIN' LEFT and went
home! Holy mother-of-God, isn't that way too long for a parade?? I swear, I about halfway dozed through a lot of it! Kev's sister & her kids were there with me, & we agreed that next year, we oughtta petition the city and have them move the Fantastic Sam's float to the front! Naw, it was okay, my house is only one block backward from this street, so it's not like it takes more than a couple minutes to get there...but, c'mon!! They had people, like last year, that just drove their truck in it, had a sign taped on the side with their names, and they were riding in the back waving at everyone!! That's hilarious...but it would've been funnier if I wasn't already half-asleep!! Welcome to Cowtown...
I called Bro yesterday to tell him we made it down to see Mom, & he was glad. I guess she was still sedated yesterday, because of the tube she'd had them put down her throat instead of the oxygen mask, because that bothered her having that on, and they'd told her that her oxygen level was way too low not to have any. And she had told them that she didn't want to wear the mask, and they had her sign something requesting the tube Wednesday right before we got there, cuz they were putting it in when we got there, and was 'sedated' by the time they'd let us in. The nurse talked to me & Tif & Psycho later that evening, and explained that Mom might not need that for more than a day or two...they'd take it out Thurs & Fri am's, and see if she was able to get enough oxygen on her own, if she was, they'd keep it out. They said that she needed the sedation because the tube down her throat would be too irritating, she'd just need to be "a little" out of it. Her lung capacity isn't all that great anyway, considering that she had lung cancer 15 years ago, and had 1/3 of one lung removed...last year was diagnosed with this cancer in her other lung, and just got done with successful chemotherapy on that a few weeks ago! My God, she is so amazing! Not to mention all the other health stuff she's gone through, like the 6 or 7 angioplasties, open-heart stuff, back surgery, any other kind you can think of. Sometimes I wonder if it wasn't in big part my fault, since she didn't have me til she was 42 (my age...I'd never do that!), and, well, I was probably the biggest hellraiser kid you've ever met (my earlier posts attest to that!). Or maybe I was one of those kids that either keep you young, or make you old...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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