Friday, September 14, 2007


Does EVERYBODY hate this guy as much as I do?? What a miserable bastard he is! Gaaahhhhh!! Puke!! Grrrrrr! And all that stuff...I'm bitter, I tellya!!
I haven't been out to the nursing home in town where Mom is yet. But I have called every day since she's been there. She's usually not in her room, or she's been asleep, and I talk to her nurse every time. Her nurses all said all week that she's doing well, her vital signs are great, she's 'eating, a little bit'. I called this morning, and FINALLY got to talk to her! She sounds like she's a little bit out of it, said she doesn't understand what's going on, it all seems like it's weird. She got a lot better in a couple minutes, we were talking about how she needs to eat, then I said her nurse told me before I talked to her this morning that she wasn't eating. She said, "Well...I'd really like a Coke, but when I asked for one last night, they told me they "frown" on that. Oh, holy shit!! I almost yelled "WHAT?? This is the nursing home that Dad was in, and they let him have a BEER every night!!" I know they did, I was in there and saw him, and asked his nurse about it, and she said they did that! Which was not a problem to me, he always had a beer after dinner at home...and...he wasn't driving anywhere, for sure. So, a few minutes later, she said "Oh I gotta go, my nurse is here and she wants me to get up...eeeewwww". I said, "Let me talk to her, okay?" Mom kinda giggled/laughed and told the nurse "My daughter wants to talk to" The nurse (Patty...very nice, Mom really likes all of them out there, says they're all very nice!) got on the phone, and I asked her (nicely, of course!), "Why can't Mom have a Coke...when my Dad was out there in July 06 and drank a beer every night??" Patty was taken aback a little, and said they don't have Cokes (but they have BEER???), all they have is a Pepsi machine in the hallway. So I just now called out there, and asked Patty if I could bring Mom a 12-pk of Coke (or, now it's an 8-pk!)...she said that was fine, they'd keep it in her room and give it to her in a glass with ice. Oh, how cool, I'll get out there for that tonight! They did give her a Shasta after I talked to Patty this am, cuz I told Patty I know my mom, she wants the sugar & caffeine...please? daughter, like mother...she wasn't like this before last year, when I espoused the merits of caffeine in the morning! (and Joe says the only reason he smokes is because I did when we first started being friends 25 years I'm spreading death and destruction everywhere!...)
Bro just now called from out there, said he'd gotten there this afternoon, and even before Mom said hi, she said she wanted a Coke!! So he said he turned right around and got in his truck, and went to the store and got her a bunch of bottles of Coke!! Did I ever say he's the best brother in the world (he's the one that got me the scooter, had the ramp built, all that.). Actually, it seems that the person that "frowned" on her having a Coke was Psycho, who told the nurses that would ruin her appetite! Holy shit, again!! Bro said the nurses told him that today, and he said give it to her, if Psycho has a problem with it, tell him to call him!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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