Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday night........

                  I totally LOVE that cat...& yes, that is exactly how they think!!


          My rn called tonight to check on me, how neat is that? She'd been told by my other nurse that I was totally depressed, mom's birthday is tomorrow, & I miss her...

Now that picture is just funny as hell!!

So, my neighbor brought me another thing of homemade veg soup tonight...MMMMM!!
My grandson (who isn't even 2 yet) called me from Chief's cell tonight...........I have no idea how, he must have hit the redial or something. but we had a 5 minute conversation...After he hung up I called her back...That was hilarious! She had no idea he called anyone!! I said he'll probly call China or something next! Watch your bill!
All right, I better go to bed...
BoUnCeS!!             LibbY!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Tuesday nite already??

...this is how cats see themselves...

I'm still eating all the time...even when I'm not hungry, for heaven's sake! Cuz, well, can I say it once more (loudly!)...I'm NOT getting a feeding tube, dammit~!! All of my home health care nurses tell me that that is my decision to make, & they're behind me 100%! My neighbor is always bringing me homemade soup & all that...& woohoo!!! She's already starting her holiday gift baking! She brought me some kind of crunchy coconut things tonight...that was two thumbs up!! But I also told her how I'm a no-bake cookie girl, bigtime!!...(wink, wink...)
I upgraded my dishtv & got investigation discovery, biography channel, science channel, trutv, own, etc...
My girl, Chief is not having fun with morning sickness...She describes herself as being on the 'verge of vomit', and sasys "Come on 2nd trimester!"...She got zofran today, & says it's a miracle! WHEE, a two-time granny!! Talan will make a great big brother!! Chief's already the best mom I could ever imagine...& Mr Chief is a great dad...'s on the way...

BoUnCeS!!              LibbY!

Sunday, November 06, 2011


            Saturday already?? Wow...I'm eating all day now...& yes, I'm being careful...I can actually feel myself being heavier (ok, maybe I'm only 90 lbs, but, I'm working at it, as hard as other people try to lose...don't judge... :-/)
        My aide made me 2 grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast...ok, well, it was lunchtime...then my neighbor brought me a big bowl of goulash ( in halloween...)
         Speaking of halloween...I was SO disappointed! I only got like 10 or 15 kids here!! And here I had all this really funny candy & toys! I was chasing the kids down in my w/c..."Wait, take more!! And don't forget your coffin full of bones!!" But I called a pastor the next day & had him come out & pick up the rest of it, & donate it to Turning Point (battered women's & kids shelter). Who needs stupid Halloween candy more than those kids?

             Okay, I'm outta here...
     BoUnCeS!!           LibbY!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Laughing is mandatory

Joey Sink-Oiler


Yes, I totally admit it, I'm a freak for cats, okay??
I watched my normal Monday night shows last night...I'm pretty much a creature of habit, now that I'm OLD~!


            I'm starting to realize how exactly much I'm really part of Marion, Ohio oldest brother designed & named the streets in of which is Libby Lane...funny story here...I told my aide that today, she lives on that street...there's another street there called Easy St...she said, 'Oh, so they're both named after you, huh?' I toldja...she's either gonna keep me young, or she'll make me old...he also designed the streets on the other side of town, which are all named after European castles...Fairpark streets are mostly named after islands, like Barbados, Nassau, etc...
     And, my niece, Cara, is the guidance counselor at, & she's also started her own business in town, 

          ...having been a guidance counselor, she knows 

firsthand, exactly what a PITA college apps can be!! She 

was the guidance counselor in Upper Sandusky for a few 

years...which, for the uninitiated among you...Upper

Sandusky is about, ohhh, say, 75 miles SOUTH of

Sandusky...confused yet? 

             Okay, I'm tired...g'nite all!