Thursday, July 31, 2008


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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Monday nite!!

Today was actually a really good day, for a Monday! Naaaahhhh, Monday is usually my favorite day of the week, now that I'm not going to work...
Anyway, these pictures are just some stuff that caught my eye when I was checking out the huge houses close to the middle of town.
And I know that this is, like, just a pile of rocks, but, yeah, it caught my eye, too.

And this is a different view of that museum. When I was a little kid, I used to think they were called "you-see-ums"! Cuz every summer when we'd drive everywhere, Mom always had Dad stop at every "you-see-um" we went past!! Keep in mind, I was probly 3 or 4 or 5 at the time, so, lots of them were pretty boring to me then...but I'd give my left tit to go back and go through them all now that I'm old enough to appreciate them! Especially the ones in London! Well, I guess we didn't drive there, but you know what I mean...and in Pennsylvania, like Gettysburg, & Philadelphia...and down south, like North Carolina, Georgia ('Jaw-jah', for you, Kim!), Florida, Wyoming, South Dakota, to see Mt Rushmore...all that kinda stuff. That was in "the good old days", when gas didn't cost $4+ a gallon, and I could just stretch out across the backseat & read the whole time we were in the car. Without worrying about having to sit up and wear my seatbelt! I always took a pillow and a big bag of books with me! Usually they were library books that Mom had taken me down to get a couple days before we left, so they were 'new' books to me!
I'm SO glad Mom taught me to love reading almost as much as she did, when I was about 3! I owe her for that as much as anything else! I remember we had a book in our house's library called Gregg Speed Reading...I never read it, cuz I've always read so fast, anyway! And I remember we had an Algebra book, that Dad tried to get me interested in it...I just did the least I could to have him say "Good job, Libby!" That was in 4th grade! I hated math, anyway! I was a "word" person, not a math person! But in high school I took 3 years of geometry, anyway...Yuk! The only thing I remember about that class is the fact that the teacher told us that if we didn't know the answer, say 3, cuz in geometry, that was the most common answer!! So, guess what I always said when I was called on...
Well, I did what I wanted to about the people that picked me up when my scooter's battery ran out. I wrote a letter to the editor of the paper (The Marion Star, which was started by President Harding!) about how nice those people were that picked me up, and that I didn't know their names, but I hoped they read the letter!! And they did print the letter's not on the web, but I know it was in the paper Friday, cuz I got emails & phone calls from people that know me in town!
And, actually, it WASN'T cuz it hadn't been plugged in! It still didn't work all weekend...even though I scoured the owner's manual, and pushed the reset button, in case the fuse was blown...and I tried to call the Invacare company, but they were closed til Monday am! Well, it was too hot to go out this weekend, anyway. So I called today & talked to cust svc & a tech guy, and he told me it sounded like I needed a new battery. But I said it was only a year old!! And he said that's as long as they usually last. WHAT?? So, sweet Bro said he wants to replace it for me!! He's great! A battery is $170! And it needs to be replaced once a year?? And the scooter was a thousand dollars! But, ya know what? It's totally worth it, even if it's gonna be me paying for it in the future. And, no, insurance won't cover it, cuz Bro bought it, we didn't go through insurance. Insurance bought my battery-powered wheelchair...I went thru them for that cuz IT was about $6,000! That's better for them to get that, cuz if you get any walking device through them, there's no deductible! Thank God I have this insurance!
Well, it's gettin' late, so, I'm back to my book in the's a Robin Cook book, a total medical mystery...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

hot & sticky...that's Ohio in the summer...

Straight down at the bottom of this hill is where my high school was. The building & all the other stuff, like the football field is still there, but it's now the city's middle school!
This is just (haha) another huge old house that's also right near the center of town...gorgeous!
Okay...let's see how good people's memories are. A long time ago I blogged about when I was like 15, and me & my current boyfriend (at the time) and a bunch of us used to hang out before school & get high in our cars...and one time we saw one of the janitors go into this little building...and one of the bravest guys sneaked over and locked him in! So...this is the building & parking lot & tennis courts!
Ahhhhh...remember when life was nothing but fun, and you never had to think about the consequences? Well, no, I won't go THAT far, but when you're the youngest and the only girl, you get TONS of spoiling!
Mom was the BEST at spoiling me...probably too good, but, hey, I won't ever fault her for that!! Bro was awfully good at it, too...I always used to beg him to let me sleep in his bed, when I was about 4 or 5, and he was staying overnight that night with a friend, he'd always say..."Okay...but just don't pee in my bed!!" Oh my Lord, I just got total goosebumps, cuz I could HEAR him saying it!!! And then he'd laugh in that goofy big Bro way...
Hey, I was just remembering some of the health stuff that I learned at the drs offices last week, and it's some silly stuffr that lots of people should know, but it's not stuff you usually think to ask your doctor...
There's as much calcium in 2% or skim milk as in whole milk (skim.....there oughtta be a damn law against that stuff!!) ...water, with a drop of white paint in it!! However, soy milk isn't what you need to drink to get calcium...there's not much, if any, in that. And, if you're like me, and trying to make sure you get a lot of calcium, my doctor said I'm taking the right amount of calc pills...BUT..she said "You make sure you take one in the day, and one at night...your body can't absorb all the calcium at once!" And, speaking of calcium...the birth control shots they can give you, like one every 4 months, I think (only to women, of course...guys couldn't handle the responsibility of birth control, dontcha know...)...well, those suck the calcium right the hell out of your bones, just like iv steroids do! I have osteopenia...that's like a step or two better than osteoporosis..but I'm 43, have ms, and have smoked since I was 15, I'm skinny, real pale...all the classic signs that you're a good risk for osteo...However, a 22 year old told me awhile ago that she had osteopenia too because of the bc shot, and she said that her doctor told her to drink TONS of milk...obviously, neither friggin one of us listened, huh? Huh...I still smoke too...imagine that. Actually, one of the drs I was at last week said "You know, if anyone quits smoking, that will do more for their health than seeing a million drs for the rest of their life." Then another one said.."If you smoke, you might get cancer...if you smoke menthols, you will get it..." Holy crap...I'm down to about 10 a day now...that's a kick in the ass! ...Alright...outta here!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

busy week ALREADY!!

In other business, commissioners:
approved a request from the engineer's office for $1,000 to repair a outlet pipe needing repair in the Grave Creek Ditch. The pipe was discovered when a beaver dam in the ditch was removed. Original funding for the project was approved July 1 for $4,500.

Hello...this is my town...the top two pictures are of one of the little tables Tif went over to Mom's & picked up for me...that's my girl!

The things underneath is the first picture of President Harding that I could find, of Harding & Al Jolson, and a bunch of other people on his front porch...this is the house I grew up behind, and learned to ride my first 2 wheeled bike in the parking was purple, of course!!

And the article is out of our paper. This refers to Grave Creek! Remember I wrote about working in a great groc store that was built right over Grave Creek...and I had an Indian ghost that lived in my back produce room~! ...a beaver dam, for God's sake!! Do other towns have meetings about a beaver dam?? hahahahahahahaha!!

This week started with a dr appt Monday afternoon with a "woman's dr", if ya know what I mean. But he's really neat! He has you come back and sit in his office & just talk for about a half hour, then you go to a different room for your exam. After that, I left and went across the parking lot to my first dr, who actually prescribed the steroids for me this last time! I went in and met the receptionist that helped me there & told her thanks, then she said she'd tell the dr I was there, she knew he'd want to see me. So in about 5 minutes she came & got me, and the dr gave me a big old hug, and told me I looked really good! Which everybody is always happy to hear...Then he told all the nurses & receptionists how we started to know each other, how he got me to the right dr to find out what was wrong with me (ms)...but it was really great! And he wants me to stop out anytime! Hmmm...maybe he'll give me a job?? hahahahahahaha...

Then yesterday, Boo & her mom came down from Tiffdin & took me up to see my ms dr at Cleveland Clinic, so all that crap's outta the way for another year! She loves it that I got a neuro in Marion! And she's looking forward to working with him! woohoo!! After the appt, we went to McDonalds, and when we went to get in the minivan, I went and got in wrong, and ended up on my stomach, laying across the backseats! With my legs hanging out the door, and we were all just about peeing our pants while they discussed how to get me in, whether to push me from behind, or pull me from the other side...then Boo got the brilliant idea of just leaving my legs hanging out & tying a flag to them!~! God!! What a family I have!! But right when that seemed to be the #1 decision, a black lady walked up to the van, and without a word, she picked me up and sat me correctly in my seat! And then she said a prayer for me, and that was just wonderful! Then she stroked my hair, and told me how beautiful it is (!?), and then she just walked away & none of us could figure out where she went or where she came from! Honestly, I think she was an angel! So, that's where I've been this week...getting back out there!

I'll try to write more in a day or two...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

oops i did it again...

...well, no, actually, I didn't do freakin' scooter was totally to blame!! All I have to say is that I was really happy to meet some of the kindest, most helpful strangers I ever had the good fortune to meet last night when it was dark and I needed help...
...suffice it to say...I left here to go down the street to the store last night about 7:30 pm. Got a few things, headed home about 9. About halfway down the first street, my stupid battery started to run out, until I got down to less than walking speed!
Not very many cars were out, and...oh, what a dolt I was! I forgot my cell phone!! Won't happen again, I'll tellya!! So most of the 4 blocks I went then, I was pushing myself along with my foot. About the 4 blocks on the way home, a truck, and a car pulled up on the other side of the street, and the big guy in the truck got out and walked over to me, and asked what they could do to help! What amazing people there are in this world!! All you have to do is give people a chance to help, and more often than not, they LOVE to help! (very rarely do strangers get irritated by that!)Most people know that you don't want them to do EVERYTHING for you, but they do like to help! Anyway, I said..."Well. do you have a cell phone?". He said 'sure!' I called Tif's #, but, no answer, then the guy driving the car said, 'Well, we'll just take you home, how's that?' Oh, my God, they were SO giving! They brought me home, picked up my scooter, put it in the back of the truck, and by the time we got here, Tif & fiance pulled up and helped get me outta the car, and pushed me up the ramp on my scooter Well, nobody can say I didn't live an exciting life...(you are aware that that's a Chinese threat, aren't you? "May you live an interesting life...") Hmmm...can I put in a simple request for a boring, humdrum life, minus drama?? Or is it too late for that?
I guess it it too late for that, by now it's become a CURSE!!
Okay...outta here...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, July 07, 2008

HOT Monday!!

Holy CRAP!! NOW we're getting the summer weather! It's around 90 degrees, & humid, and the air quality index REALLY sucks!! I purposely waited till 5 pm yesterday to take off on my scooter, cuz I really don't wanna fall off my scooter and die in front of anyone! Damn! Could you even imagine how embarrassing THAT would be? It's bad enough when you have nothing wrong with you, and you slip on ice....first thing you do is to turn around and see if anyone was looking, right?? And that's from someone who is never self-conscious, just imagine if you got embarrassed by things you do inadvertantly!!

I had meant to ride down to the street with the houses with a lot of underground railroad stuff built in them, I've even heard there are tunnels under the ground from them, and the big old church on the best corner in town, I remember, somebody told me last summer that there's one place that actually has an elevator, for, ummm, Franklin Roosevelt to use when he was here, but so far, that's hearsay from a guy I met walking around my old house, and he was REALLY, I know, I listen to anybody! Listen to everything, believe maybe a third...I do know that there's a Franklin Street right there too...and the Harding home is right across the street, and Harding was elected president in 1921, Franklin Roosevelt in 1932...have no clue what one has to do with the other, but...

I made it 3 blocks before I gave up and came home. It was TOO freakin' hot, even at 5 pm!! I felt the top of my head once I got home, and it felt like my hair was on fire!! I told Bro that today, and he said "that would not have been good!"...I said, 'well, if anybody would've been around, I'dve tossed them my camera, & yelled GET A PIICTURE!!' Spontaneous human combustion! I'd be in the encyclopedia! (not to mention The National Enquirer...). So, no new pix this weekend, but I still have some from last week.
But I've been staying in air conditoning, and drinking TONS of ice water! They said on the news last night that anyone with a 'compromised immune system' should stay in for the next few days. And, no, x, I don't have herpes!! ;-D ! Just plain ol' boring ms...
That picture up there with the water tower at the top...when I was a kid, it was a HUGE deal to ride your bike down that street, with your feet off the pedals!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

July 3...

This is the total type of architecture I LOVE!! A tall house, 3 or 4 stories + basement, cornices along the edges of the roof...good Lord, I've driven my car past this house/museum a million, billion times!! And, never once, did I EVER want to see the inside of it, but I really would love to now!!
It's a museum that used to belong to one of the founders of the town. Bro & I were talking about it when he called, and he said it's still open a few times a week...but I said, "Yeah...but I doubt if they have an elevator...(I'd hate it if it did, anyway!). I just told him that my whole problem is that I love houses that go up, not across!!
This is the same corner with the neat bushes, they must've just put the, ummm, 'pink thing' in last week.
And this is just a family's house...! It's not a museum or anything, this is actually someone's home!! I love to see stuff like this, rather than all the new flimsy-looking little houses! Can you even begin to imagine how much those windows would cost if they needed to be replaced now??

I called all the doctors, home-care nurses, medical suppliers that worked with me last week to tell them THANK YOU for working together to get that going for me!! And it was really neat, my first doctor from 15 years ago that was the one that prescribed them for me...he called me back about a half hour later to just talk, and told me that when I'm out at the dr's in the same building with him, stop in, he hasn't seen me since I quit driving! Bro's company was the ones who built that place too. He won't do houses, he says people are way too picky about their houses, businesses are much better!

All right...I hafta get offa here...I just heard the commercial that says one in five American adults has herpes...ONE IN FIVE!!!! Holy Mother Of God!!

I'm going to Japan...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!