Saturday, July 19, 2008

hot & sticky...that's Ohio in the summer...

Straight down at the bottom of this hill is where my high school was. The building & all the other stuff, like the football field is still there, but it's now the city's middle school!
This is just (haha) another huge old house that's also right near the center of town...gorgeous!
Okay...let's see how good people's memories are. A long time ago I blogged about when I was like 15, and me & my current boyfriend (at the time) and a bunch of us used to hang out before school & get high in our cars...and one time we saw one of the janitors go into this little building...and one of the bravest guys sneaked over and locked him in! So...this is the building & parking lot & tennis courts!
Ahhhhh...remember when life was nothing but fun, and you never had to think about the consequences? Well, no, I won't go THAT far, but when you're the youngest and the only girl, you get TONS of spoiling!
Mom was the BEST at spoiling me...probably too good, but, hey, I won't ever fault her for that!! Bro was awfully good at it, too...I always used to beg him to let me sleep in his bed, when I was about 4 or 5, and he was staying overnight that night with a friend, he'd always say..."Okay...but just don't pee in my bed!!" Oh my Lord, I just got total goosebumps, cuz I could HEAR him saying it!!! And then he'd laugh in that goofy big Bro way...
Hey, I was just remembering some of the health stuff that I learned at the drs offices last week, and it's some silly stuffr that lots of people should know, but it's not stuff you usually think to ask your doctor...
There's as much calcium in 2% or skim milk as in whole milk (skim.....there oughtta be a damn law against that stuff!!) ...water, with a drop of white paint in it!! However, soy milk isn't what you need to drink to get calcium...there's not much, if any, in that. And, if you're like me, and trying to make sure you get a lot of calcium, my doctor said I'm taking the right amount of calc pills...BUT..she said "You make sure you take one in the day, and one at night...your body can't absorb all the calcium at once!" And, speaking of calcium...the birth control shots they can give you, like one every 4 months, I think (only to women, of course...guys couldn't handle the responsibility of birth control, dontcha know...)...well, those suck the calcium right the hell out of your bones, just like iv steroids do! I have osteopenia...that's like a step or two better than osteoporosis..but I'm 43, have ms, and have smoked since I was 15, I'm skinny, real pale...all the classic signs that you're a good risk for osteo...However, a 22 year old told me awhile ago that she had osteopenia too because of the bc shot, and she said that her doctor told her to drink TONS of milk...obviously, neither friggin one of us listened, huh? Huh...I still smoke too...imagine that. Actually, one of the drs I was at last week said "You know, if anyone quits smoking, that will do more for their health than seeing a million drs for the rest of their life." Then another one said.."If you smoke, you might get cancer...if you smoke menthols, you will get it..." Holy crap...I'm down to about 10 a day now...that's a kick in the ass! ...Alright...outta here!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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