Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tuesday, November 28

More Christmas sweatshirts...

I seriously DO want the bunny sweatshirt that says "Cute but Psycho"!

This is where you can find some of the funniest Christmas gifts EVER!

Well, today on WDCM was "Tiffany Tuesday", as they've started calling it on the morning show! And here's the radio station's website. I'm really sorry, but I HAVE to brag about her! She called me after the show, while she & the 2 guys from the morning show were out for breakfast, and one of them yelled "You've got a great daughter!" The real reason she called me was to make sure I TiVo'd Dr Phil, cuz she wouldn't make it home for it! It's really cool that she does this every Tuesday from 6 to 9 am. She introduced the guys to the word "cankles", which they said they'd never heard of! Huh?? What rock have they been living under? But then one of them put "cankles" in Google, and I guess that gave pictures that explained it! And she's the official "celebrity flash & dash" girl!

Damn, I'm so proud of her! She has a sense of humor that's so much like mine it's unreal! The guys were promoting some senior citizen thingy, and one said it would include advice on falls...you hear Tif laughing in the background, and one of the guys said "WHAT is so funny?? That's serious!" Tif says "Watch where you're walking?" I guess listeners are calling in all morning about how good she is! And, right after the 'cankles' discussion, they played the Rod Stewart song "Hot Legs"....Bwwaaahhhhaa!

Okay..."Mommie's Brag Time" is over...Now I hafta get off here and eat a chocolate chip cookie dough Pop-Tart!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Sunday, November 26, 2006


First...the t-shirt of the day...well, the picture and the link...

Next...I'm hearing on the news today that much of the violence in Iraq is funded by illegal stuff. Naw!! Say it isn't so!! Good Lord! Is anybody in the world seriously surprised by this?? This isn't 'news'...it's 'olds'!
Actually, that kinda made me wonder about some other shit. It's been said that the reason the 'Muslim extremists' hate us & want to kill us is because they have so much less than we do, as far as opportunities. Hmmm...maybe, just maybe, when you spend most of your country's wealth on bombs, bioterror weapons, and suicide belts, that tends to limit your ability to build business! Ever think of that? We're not holding anybody down...maybe they're holding themselves down.
Okay...that rant was a long time coming, but I feel ever so much better now...[snark!].
I called Mouse today, and Kev asked, out of the middle of nowhere, "Isn't she the one who was so hot after Stephen Pearcy?" (the lead singer of Ratt). When I told her he said that, we just started dying laughing! Then Kev said..."Well...he didn't age well...". Mouse agreed with that immediately. I guess she saw him on tv or something, and, well...let's just say her days of writing 'I'm cheese...eat me' on her underwear & throwing it on stage for him are over....with a capital O!
Mouse is the best artist I EVER saw...she used to do pencil drawing & paintings all the time, just for fun...it wasn't something she ever had to work at, it just happened easily! And I still remember the ones I liked best were a wolf painting, and a pencil drawing of Stephen Pearcy's face and head, that almost looked like a photograph, it was so clear & detailed! She finally did get a job at a doctor's office, but, I can see that it's gonna wear her out like crazy, cuz the dr she works for is a family doctor who works Monday through Saturday, full days...no half days on Wed & Sat, like most drs! But she'll get thru it, I have faith in her. She's just going to have to stick with it, just so she can get the "experience"! I just wish she could get into illustrating or something. (yeah...like SHE doesn't wish that too!).
Well...I'm off...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Okay, here I go again with the 'oldies challenge'! By the way, first I want to put a link to one of the funniest shirts I ever saw! Here it is...
music I'm listening to now...
1. Sex and Candy
2. Electric Gypsy
3. Dragula
4. See You On The Other Side
5. Angel In Blue
6. Down On Me
7. I'm Too Sexy
8. Do You Remember When?
...that's enuff of a challenge for the day before Thanksgiving.
I'm starting to pick myself back up and pull my head outta my ass again...I MISS my attitude!! That's what makes me..me!
So...speaking of attitude and being 'out there' and unafraid...
Tif's started going in to the local community radio station and being one of their morning people with the two guys there. She's only going to do it on Tuesday mornings, even though they wanted her every weekday. But she's smart about that..it's from 6 to 9 am...which, if ya do it once a week, is just something fun to do...too much would be overkill!

Gary Bets On Michigan...Pays With His Hair The day before "The Game", Gary made a prediction that Michigan would beat Ohio State. Sean didn't let it go, making a bet with him that who ever lost would color their hair the opposing teams color.

This is just one of the services offered in the morning... ;-D

BoUnCeS!! Happy Thanksgiving!! LibbY!

Monday, November 20, 2006


Some days it's not even worth it to chew through the restraints...

Has anyone but me ever woke up sobbing, and wishing you never had to wake up again? Yeah...thought so...

I have to write down this dream I had, after I had woken up like that at 5 am Sunday morning. And this is gonna be a post to help me figure out some shit, it's not gonna be a normal, smartass post, I just need to write it out to maybe make some sense outta it...so, read it or not...hopefully, I'll get back to normal soon...

After I woke up like that, I think I went out and sat in the living room for awhile. Then I went back to bed and went back to sleep for a few hours. And had this dream...
Kim and I were out for some reason, at a car dealership, and I was driving...in my red Yugo, for God's sake! We got out of the car, and were walking around looking at other cars. I had my wheelchair, and wasn't sitting in it, I was walking behind it for balance. I remember we went in the dealership to go pee, but decided not to, because the restrooms stunk, from about 10 feet away! We went back outside, and walked around some more...I wasn't pushing my w/c (hate to type that whole word!) anymore, I had left it inside, and was walking just fine then. The dealership was in a hilly area, and we were walking up and down the hills to see all the cars. Then we went back to the building, cuz it was starting to get colder and rainy. We were standing in a line inside to talk to some lady behind a desk for some reason, and another lady came up from behind the line and started spraying something out of a bottle (like a Windex bottle) on everyone in the line. Everyone turned around to see what the hell she was doing, and she explained that she had to do this, her boss made her, it was anti-terrorist spray! Now that was funny, the whole line was dying laughing at her!
After the 'hilarity' ended, it stopped raining outside, and got sunny. Kim and I decided to leave, and went outside to my car...but it was locked. We checked our pockets for the keys, looked everywhere we'd been for them, but...nothin'! So I went back in, and asked the person behind the desk if they had a Yugo key I could use just to get in & start my car, I'd give it right back. So they gave me a key that was attached to a great big metal rod, (so nobody could steal those keys to those valuable cars, I s'pose...). So, I used the key at the end to open the door. That got us in, and for some reason, I sat down in the passenger seat. I guess cuz I had already sat in the driver's seat, and realized that I didn't have an ignition key! So I was digging through all the glove compartment, on the floors, on top of the thing under the windshield, which had a bunch of papers and general junk on it (yes, I'm a natural slob!). Finally, I found the ignition key under all the papers. It was like, "Voila!! I can get outta here!" And that's all I remember before waking up.

So I thought about it all day and night yesterday. The thing I'm kinda getting out of it is, well, today is 12 years to the day that I was diagnosed with ms, and, well, I'm glad nobody's ever here (they're at work) to hear me all day. Another thing I get is, it was Sunday morning, maybe God is trying to tell me something. And the biggest thing I get from this is...somehow, somewhere, I need to find my 'key' to get out of this place I'm in...sound correct?

Friday, November 17, 2006

music & batteries....

Hey everybody....I wanna play a game, ok? Or if ya don't wanna, well, just don't..up to you...
I'll put the names of 10 songs I listen to a lot down, and you tell me who did 'em.
1. Living After Midnight
2. Unskinny Bop
3. Silent Lucidity
4. Devil Without A Cause
5. Jeremy
6. I Don't Care Anymore
7. Is There Anybody Out There?
8. A Room With A View
9. Love Song
10. If She Woulda Been Faithful

Batteries...GRRRRR!! Those things are SUCH a pain-in-the-ass to have to try to change! This is really frickin' stupid, but, a few months ago I was trying to change the channel on the tv with the remote, and it wouldn''t change! I'm all pissed and everything, and pushing the buttons harder, changing the angle to the tv, everything, shakin' it...two AA batteries fell out of the back!! How ashamed was I?? Then there's stuff you just forget is gonna need more batteries eventually, but, well, you say, "Okay, I'll get them next time." Cuz you really don't need batteries for it, but it's better. And once you've started using it, you remember you need batteries in it, but, by then it's, like, all wet & sticky...and who knows? You might get electrocuted or something if you changed them then!! This is what I'm talking about, BTW...
GO BUCKS!!!! LibbY!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

no name...but, 11/15/06

Hey, everybody! I have a lot of questions today, I'd just like some opinions? As far as my memory goes, I honestly never remember a year as bad as 2006! Has anybody else noticed this? A lot of the blogs I read talk about how bad things are for them, trouble with jobs, trouble with relationships, and if it's not them personally, it's somebody they're close to. And it's not only on the blogs, it's people in 'real life', too! Of course, maybe my vision of the whole thing is kinda jaded, but....I don't think that's all of it!
Anyway, here's something to get grossed out at...or laugh at if you're sick like me.
Has anybody ever taken notice of, not birth order, but the day of the week you were born on?

Monday's child is fair of face,Tuesday's child is full of grace,Wednesday's child is full of woe,Thursday's child has far to go.Friday's child is loving and giving,Saturday's child works hard for a living,But the child born on the Sabbath Day,Is fair and wise and good and gay.

That really seems to fit Tif and me, at least. I was born on a Thursday morning (8:35 am!). I remember when I was little and read Mother Goose, I asked Mom why it said I had far to go. She said, that doesn't mean you're behind everyone else, or anything, I think it refers to the fact that you'll do a lot of traveling. And Tif was born on a Sunday (11:35 am)...and she IS fair & wise & good & gay. No, not that kind of gay!! C'mon!! And I've traveled more than most people I know...when I was little, our vacations were always in the car for a couple weeks, to most of the US, like I do remember Mount Rushmore, Philadelphia, Plymouth Rock, Wyoming, Florida, Texas, London twice....we just went! Then when I got jobs, I usually took jobs that were out of town, at least 1/2 hr, most of them were an hour's drive every morning! Ahhhhh...those were the days....
Okay...I honestly do think that the days of 'Kim & Libby' are truly over. I have purposely not tried to call her since the week before Halloween, because she truly did say a couple things that I'd class as unforgivable, no matter who the fuck said 'em! The first thing she did was say that a person very close to me was 'amoral'! I called her on that right then, asked her when did God ask her to sit beside Him in judgement? She apologized for that one, but it was one of those "hollow apologies", know what I mean? Sure you do, we've all gotten them, and sometimes given them. Then when we came back from Halloween shopping, the week before Halloween, she said something about something I'd been talking about I guess over the last few weeks, and she actually fuckin' said "I hope that's over. Tell you the truth, I'm getting sick of hearing about it!". OMG!! I said nothing at the time, just kinda laughed, but...she's supposed to be my best friend! So...that's it. I've got a lot more friends than her, and, well, at this point, who needs that kind of stress? And I really hate to tie this to her religion...but, well, that's the only thing that's been different for her lately. She goes to church every Sunday morning, which is a good thing (?). And she taught vacation bible school over the summer...now she also leads a Bible study class once a week. Isn't religion supposed to make you a better person? All this has done is reinforce my distrust in 'organized religion'. I'm not against religion for any reason, except that this type of stuff happens a lot, in my experience. But, I have another friend I used to work with at GTE, who belongs to that religion where women wear their hair up, and only wear dresses. She's come over a lot lately, and once when we were talking and she was getting ready to leave, she asked 'Can we pray?' and sat down again and held my hand and said a great prayer, while I was sitting there "snif, snif, honk *blowing nose*" OMG! That made me feel SO much better! Then in my head, I have to compare that with "that's amoral!" Who would you feel more safe around?

"...but there's no sun shining through"
Metallica...from the song 'Unforgiven'

Monday, November 13, 2006


I'd get this tattoo....but I'm scared of needles (this, from a person who gets one shot a week for ms!).

Today is Mom's 84th birthday! I called her at 8am to say happy birthday, and she said thanks, and she'll call me back later...Psycho was coming over to take her to the license place to do some stuff. :-\ Oh well...they like each other, so...
Bro & his wife are in Arizona for a vacation. They bought a place while they were there, so I have a feeling I know where Tif's gonna go on vacation soon! And I might be with her! Or, I dunno, maybe I'll 'babysit' their house they live in here! It's huge, and they have a whirlpool tub room! It's way out in the country, with a newly installed alarm system.
Oh, that reminds me of something that happened at Bro & his wife's other house...Tif & I were out there (their old house was big & scary! 3 stories, wood, close to a bunch of cornfields...kinda made you think of 'Children Of The Corn'!). Anyway...Tif was about 3 or 4 & playing with her cousins (Bro & wife had 2 kids at the time)...and they were playing on the stairs, running up & down, and all of a sudden, we heard the door to the stairs slam, and I hear Tif start screaming bloody murder! I almost had a heart attack, and we all jumped up & ran around the corner to see what was going on, and the oldest daughter was standing on this side of the door, holding it shut, and the light in the stairway was off! That daughter was C, my favorite niece, and she was about 5! Anyway, I went and picked her up and opened the door, and Tif was scared to death cuz C had locked her in the stairway with the one toy she was more scared of than anything...a Teddy Ruxpin doll! Remember him? She got a Cricket doll a few years later & she was fine with that...I guess it was the bear who talked & moved his lips that was scary!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday finally!

HAHA!! The grocery one would be me!! Hopefully, I'm not a 'nagging bitch', though!

Okay...speaking of the grocery one...it got me thinking all about when I worked at the store up north, and hung out with 'Chester', the delivery woman, that golfs, & stuff.

Chester & I used to go to a big Mexican restaurant down the road from the store every Tuesday night for dinner after I got off work, then I'd head out to the local bar to meet my 'work friends' to drink...Chester didn't usually go, cuz she had to get up to work at around 3 or 4 am every day. So, a lot of evenings after we went to the restaurant, we'd go back to the store & stand out in the parking lot talking, usually about the customers I had that day. A lot of them were in a few times a week, so most of 'em were familiar-looking. One time, we were standing up by the sidewalk next to the street (duhh,isn't that where most of 'em are?). The parking lot was on a hill, and it sloped down away from the street, toward a lake with a bunch of cottonwood trees around it. There were a bunch of parking spaces down that way, at the bottom of the 'slope', and a lot of people parked down that way, so they wouldn't be close to any other cars. I don't know why they would give a shit, though, cuz a lot of them were 'beaters'!

So, we saw a big fat lady that used to come to the store a lot come out with her cart and head to her car with it. After she loaded the bags into her car, she turned around and looked, but nobody was around (except us!). Looked toward the front doors of the store, decided it was too far to walk to take the cart back, so she turned it around and shoved it hard down the hill toward the cars down there! It hit one 'beater' car (thankfully, it already had so many dents in it, that the ones the cart made didn't even show!)...after the first 'bang', it kinda scooted its way along the side, ya know, "scub, scub, scub, scub..."! We were laughing our asses off, and 'Chester' yelled to the woman, "That wasn't a real good delivery on the push! I only give it a 6...you didn't point your toes!!" Damn, those were the days...you didn't need to be drunk to have fun & laugh like crazy!!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

another boring day....

I 'double-dog dare ya' not to laugh at this!

I got this in email from Mouse the other night and laughed so hard my stomach hurt! She also sent me a little question thingy that she sent to a few friends, you've seen these things, a getting to know your friends again. So I did it, and sent it to some of my old friends, and they sent it back. That was really neat, cuz one of the people I sent it to was another friend I had when I worked up in that town, another was my old best friend, y'know, people that I had hung around with the whole time I worked up north. And they all answered it, and sent it back, which was really cool, to hear from everyone! And they all remembered Mouse, too. Of course, who wouldn't remember her? She was the prettiest girl I ever knew! And just as nuts as I was, too. She's the one that when she applied for a job at the store I worked at, told me that when I walked past, she thought 'skinny blond bitch!' But then we got to be really great friends after she got hired! She actually drank more beer than me!! (lol)

Anyway, another person I got it back from was the woman who had been a sales rep that came to the store a few times a week, and we were friends from the first time we met, because we were both the biggest smartasses in the whole northern Ohio area!! So we've been writing...I got a letter back that talked about how she just got back from England (she's never been married)! She was on a chat room a few years ago, and met these two older ladies that are her 'golfing & opera' buddies, they've talked forever, and she just got back from her second trip over there! She said she really wants to get transferred over there, she LOVES England! And the company she's always worked for has a division there...but I don't look for that to happen for awhile, I think her family here would miss her too much. She's kinda the 'glue' for the whole family! She's a good golfer, has always been crazy about doing that. She actually used to go golfing with one of the guys I went out with(briefly) while I worked up there...after I broke up with him! Come to think of it...for some reason, that ALWAYS happened to me there! Mouse ended up dating the guy I had totally been in love with when we were dating up there...hmmmmm. Naw, that was okay...we used to 'compare notes' about him all the time! Gawd...thinking back on it, up at that store, everybody was 'doing' everybody! Jeez...

Okay...this is all a bunch of 'random' shit!

Monday morning, Tif & I were sitting here watching Dr Phil (that's our mother/daughter thing on days she works late), he had someone on there that we both wanted to hold him down & cut his nuts off & feed them to him! But anyway...she said, during a political commercial, 'I can't wait till after we go vote tomorrow! I actually can't wait to see regular commercials!' Oh Lord...she's only 23...she's got a really long way to go, putting up with this! And I can just imagine how much worse it's gonna get in the future!

Today I was half-asleep and the tv was on, and a commercial came on for a place to go for nurses' training...I just caught the very end of it where they said they would train you to be a licensed practical nurse...it sounded, to my 'half-asleep' brain, like they said "a licensed crack-selling nurse"! Now, that woke me up!!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

sunday...football for me, nascar for kev

heheheh...super bowel...

And it's hard to believe, but at one time, I bet every single one of us could fit where that baby is!

Well, here's a few little updates on people

Christine (100 reasons...), is doing well, John finally moved out, and she is putting her creative energy into her book (YAY, Chris!!). She said to tell everybody HI, and she'll get back with us all for a shameless plug for her book! As an afterthought...John got fired from his last job for telling his boss "suck my m******* d*****!!" As Christine said...'who'da thunk he'd get fired for that?'

My mom is still at home & driving, and everything, going out to the hospital for chemo once every week or two. And she looks great. They told her it's a low dose of chemo, and she won't get sick from it, but she did start to lose her hair, and she went to a wig store in Columbus & got one, and it looks great! When I talked to her Thursday, she said she feels better than she has in forever! That is cool! But, once again. Psycho told her when he was over there for dinner (as is his wont), the other night that usually when people are getting ready to die, that's how they feel. WTF??? This is our mom!! I wouldn't say that shit to my worst enemy!! I can hardly wait for Bro to get home from AZ, cuz I think he'll want a talk with him about that shit!! I would, but he scares the shit outta me!

Okay, well I'm not doing much else, except reading some of my older books I had upstairs...right now I'm on "From A Buick 8", by Stephen King.. Then I have a whole pile to go, like "Bias", one about terrorism, phew.......nice to read before I fall asleep, huh? Nahh, they never bother me.

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rabbit, rabbit!!

Hmmmm....me? (the one with the gun).
Well, the trick-or-treating last night was a great success! And I actually had enough mini candybars for all! How many? Well...I sent Tif out to get the stuff, and she went to Gordon's Food Services first, cuz she'd seen a great big display of big bags of candy in there a couple days before that. She gets in there, and there was only one bag left?!! This was Friday! So, she went over to WalMart & got about 6 more bags, & said they had nothing but the mini chocolate bars left, but she got almost the last of them! That's okay, but I always like to give all kinds of stuff, anything with sugar (evil snicker, quietly).
So Tif was babysitting for her friend's 3 year old son, and she was dressed up like a ladybug, she had made the wings out of cardboard & she had colored them with markers, and tied them to her back, and she had the little boing-y antennas around her head and stuff...how cool! She will be a great mom..someday...in the far off future....
The little boy had a Superman outfit on, and he's great! He's just a nice kid, not a wild, running-around kinda kid, just...neat. Tif brought him back here, after they had gone about 3 blocks to empty out some of his candy cuz his bag or whatever got too heavy. They went back out with Jenga (who also had a ladybug costume on!), went about a block and got more candy, then he tugged her hand and said 'Tiffany, I don't want any more candy, can we go home?'
So they came home and sat out on the porch with me, and the little 3 year old sat beside me in another chair, and helped me hand out candy.Too cute!! Every time someone walked up & said 'Trick or treat' and held their bag out, he would grab a candy bar and put it in their bag!! When we started getting really low on candy bars, Tif asked him if he would give some of his candy out, and he said "okay!" So, he was nice...went through his stuff, and gave out stuff he didn't like??!!
But we made it with candy the whole way through, about 250 kids, from what I can tell! From 5:30- 7:30! I actually love this town, and the way they deal with trick or treat...we don't have to have it at, like, 3 or 4 pm, so it is a little dark!! And it's always on the 31st, except when that falls on a Sunday, then they have it on Saturday!
Also, my old best friend Joe brought his 2 kids over. That was really cool...I haven't actually seen him for years! The kids came up on the porch first & got candy, and I didn't even recognize them...then I hear "You rag!"...then I turned and looked (cuz I knew where that name came from! We ALWAYS called each other rags when we hung out!), and Joe was standing down at the end of the porch! I said "I didn't even recognize your kids!" He laughed and said, "Ummm...it's Halloween...you're not SPOZED to...Rag!" Hahaha!
I feel bad that I didn't have my camera out there to take pictures! I did do that one year, and it was GREAT!! But I went out there and sat down, and got my candy, and it truly would've been a big pain in the ass to try to get back in to get it
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!