Friday, November 17, 2006

music & batteries....

Hey everybody....I wanna play a game, ok? Or if ya don't wanna, well, just don't..up to you...
I'll put the names of 10 songs I listen to a lot down, and you tell me who did 'em.
1. Living After Midnight
2. Unskinny Bop
3. Silent Lucidity
4. Devil Without A Cause
5. Jeremy
6. I Don't Care Anymore
7. Is There Anybody Out There?
8. A Room With A View
9. Love Song
10. If She Woulda Been Faithful

Batteries...GRRRRR!! Those things are SUCH a pain-in-the-ass to have to try to change! This is really frickin' stupid, but, a few months ago I was trying to change the channel on the tv with the remote, and it wouldn''t change! I'm all pissed and everything, and pushing the buttons harder, changing the angle to the tv, everything, shakin' it...two AA batteries fell out of the back!! How ashamed was I?? Then there's stuff you just forget is gonna need more batteries eventually, but, well, you say, "Okay, I'll get them next time." Cuz you really don't need batteries for it, but it's better. And once you've started using it, you remember you need batteries in it, but, by then it's, like, all wet & sticky...and who knows? You might get electrocuted or something if you changed them then!! This is what I'm talking about, BTW...
GO BUCKS!!!! LibbY!

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