Wednesday, November 15, 2006

no name...but, 11/15/06

Hey, everybody! I have a lot of questions today, I'd just like some opinions? As far as my memory goes, I honestly never remember a year as bad as 2006! Has anybody else noticed this? A lot of the blogs I read talk about how bad things are for them, trouble with jobs, trouble with relationships, and if it's not them personally, it's somebody they're close to. And it's not only on the blogs, it's people in 'real life', too! Of course, maybe my vision of the whole thing is kinda jaded, but....I don't think that's all of it!
Anyway, here's something to get grossed out at...or laugh at if you're sick like me.
Has anybody ever taken notice of, not birth order, but the day of the week you were born on?

Monday's child is fair of face,Tuesday's child is full of grace,Wednesday's child is full of woe,Thursday's child has far to go.Friday's child is loving and giving,Saturday's child works hard for a living,But the child born on the Sabbath Day,Is fair and wise and good and gay.

That really seems to fit Tif and me, at least. I was born on a Thursday morning (8:35 am!). I remember when I was little and read Mother Goose, I asked Mom why it said I had far to go. She said, that doesn't mean you're behind everyone else, or anything, I think it refers to the fact that you'll do a lot of traveling. And Tif was born on a Sunday (11:35 am)...and she IS fair & wise & good & gay. No, not that kind of gay!! C'mon!! And I've traveled more than most people I know...when I was little, our vacations were always in the car for a couple weeks, to most of the US, like I do remember Mount Rushmore, Philadelphia, Plymouth Rock, Wyoming, Florida, Texas, London twice....we just went! Then when I got jobs, I usually took jobs that were out of town, at least 1/2 hr, most of them were an hour's drive every morning! Ahhhhh...those were the days....
Okay...I honestly do think that the days of 'Kim & Libby' are truly over. I have purposely not tried to call her since the week before Halloween, because she truly did say a couple things that I'd class as unforgivable, no matter who the fuck said 'em! The first thing she did was say that a person very close to me was 'amoral'! I called her on that right then, asked her when did God ask her to sit beside Him in judgement? She apologized for that one, but it was one of those "hollow apologies", know what I mean? Sure you do, we've all gotten them, and sometimes given them. Then when we came back from Halloween shopping, the week before Halloween, she said something about something I'd been talking about I guess over the last few weeks, and she actually fuckin' said "I hope that's over. Tell you the truth, I'm getting sick of hearing about it!". OMG!! I said nothing at the time, just kinda laughed, but...she's supposed to be my best friend! So...that's it. I've got a lot more friends than her, and, well, at this point, who needs that kind of stress? And I really hate to tie this to her religion...but, well, that's the only thing that's been different for her lately. She goes to church every Sunday morning, which is a good thing (?). And she taught vacation bible school over the she also leads a Bible study class once a week. Isn't religion supposed to make you a better person? All this has done is reinforce my distrust in 'organized religion'. I'm not against religion for any reason, except that this type of stuff happens a lot, in my experience. But, I have another friend I used to work with at GTE, who belongs to that religion where women wear their hair up, and only wear dresses. She's come over a lot lately, and once when we were talking and she was getting ready to leave, she asked 'Can we pray?' and sat down again and held my hand and said a great prayer, while I was sitting there "snif, snif, honk *blowing nose*" OMG! That made me feel SO much better! Then in my head, I have to compare that with "that's amoral!" Who would you feel more safe around?

"...but there's no sun shining through"
Metallica...from the song 'Unforgiven'

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