Monday, November 13, 2006


I'd get this tattoo....but I'm scared of needles (this, from a person who gets one shot a week for ms!).

Today is Mom's 84th birthday! I called her at 8am to say happy birthday, and she said thanks, and she'll call me back later...Psycho was coming over to take her to the license place to do some stuff. :-\ Oh well...they like each other, so...
Bro & his wife are in Arizona for a vacation. They bought a place while they were there, so I have a feeling I know where Tif's gonna go on vacation soon! And I might be with her! Or, I dunno, maybe I'll 'babysit' their house they live in here! It's huge, and they have a whirlpool tub room! It's way out in the country, with a newly installed alarm system.
Oh, that reminds me of something that happened at Bro & his wife's other house...Tif & I were out there (their old house was big & scary! 3 stories, wood, close to a bunch of cornfields...kinda made you think of 'Children Of The Corn'!). Anyway...Tif was about 3 or 4 & playing with her cousins (Bro & wife had 2 kids at the time)...and they were playing on the stairs, running up & down, and all of a sudden, we heard the door to the stairs slam, and I hear Tif start screaming bloody murder! I almost had a heart attack, and we all jumped up & ran around the corner to see what was going on, and the oldest daughter was standing on this side of the door, holding it shut, and the light in the stairway was off! That daughter was C, my favorite niece, and she was about 5! Anyway, I went and picked her up and opened the door, and Tif was scared to death cuz C had locked her in the stairway with the one toy she was more scared of than anything...a Teddy Ruxpin doll! Remember him? She got a Cricket doll a few years later & she was fine with that...I guess it was the bear who talked & moved his lips that was scary!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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