Wednesday, November 08, 2006

another boring day....

I 'double-dog dare ya' not to laugh at this!

I got this in email from Mouse the other night and laughed so hard my stomach hurt! She also sent me a little question thingy that she sent to a few friends, you've seen these things, a getting to know your friends again. So I did it, and sent it to some of my old friends, and they sent it back. That was really neat, cuz one of the people I sent it to was another friend I had when I worked up in that town, another was my old best friend, y'know, people that I had hung around with the whole time I worked up north. And they all answered it, and sent it back, which was really cool, to hear from everyone! And they all remembered Mouse, too. Of course, who wouldn't remember her? She was the prettiest girl I ever knew! And just as nuts as I was, too. She's the one that when she applied for a job at the store I worked at, told me that when I walked past, she thought 'skinny blond bitch!' But then we got to be really great friends after she got hired! She actually drank more beer than me!! (lol)

Anyway, another person I got it back from was the woman who had been a sales rep that came to the store a few times a week, and we were friends from the first time we met, because we were both the biggest smartasses in the whole northern Ohio area!! So we've been writing...I got a letter back that talked about how she just got back from England (she's never been married)! She was on a chat room a few years ago, and met these two older ladies that are her 'golfing & opera' buddies, they've talked forever, and she just got back from her second trip over there! She said she really wants to get transferred over there, she LOVES England! And the company she's always worked for has a division there...but I don't look for that to happen for awhile, I think her family here would miss her too much. She's kinda the 'glue' for the whole family! She's a good golfer, has always been crazy about doing that. She actually used to go golfing with one of the guys I went out with(briefly) while I worked up there...after I broke up with him! Come to think of it...for some reason, that ALWAYS happened to me there! Mouse ended up dating the guy I had totally been in love with when we were dating up there...hmmmmm. Naw, that was okay...we used to 'compare notes' about him all the time! Gawd...thinking back on it, up at that store, everybody was 'doing' everybody! Jeez...

Okay...this is all a bunch of 'random' shit!

Monday morning, Tif & I were sitting here watching Dr Phil (that's our mother/daughter thing on days she works late), he had someone on there that we both wanted to hold him down & cut his nuts off & feed them to him! But anyway...she said, during a political commercial, 'I can't wait till after we go vote tomorrow! I actually can't wait to see regular commercials!' Oh Lord...she's only 23...she's got a really long way to go, putting up with this! And I can just imagine how much worse it's gonna get in the future!

Today I was half-asleep and the tv was on, and a commercial came on for a place to go for nurses' training...I just caught the very end of it where they said they would train you to be a licensed practical sounded, to my 'half-asleep' brain, like they said "a licensed crack-selling nurse"! Now, that woke me up!!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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