Sunday, November 05, 2006 for me, nascar for kev

heheheh...super bowel...

And it's hard to believe, but at one time, I bet every single one of us could fit where that baby is!

Well, here's a few little updates on people

Christine (100 reasons...), is doing well, John finally moved out, and she is putting her creative energy into her book (YAY, Chris!!). She said to tell everybody HI, and she'll get back with us all for a shameless plug for her book! As an afterthought...John got fired from his last job for telling his boss "suck my m******* d*****!!" As Christine said...'who'da thunk he'd get fired for that?'

My mom is still at home & driving, and everything, going out to the hospital for chemo once every week or two. And she looks great. They told her it's a low dose of chemo, and she won't get sick from it, but she did start to lose her hair, and she went to a wig store in Columbus & got one, and it looks great! When I talked to her Thursday, she said she feels better than she has in forever! That is cool! But, once again. Psycho told her when he was over there for dinner (as is his wont), the other night that usually when people are getting ready to die, that's how they feel. WTF??? This is our mom!! I wouldn't say that shit to my worst enemy!! I can hardly wait for Bro to get home from AZ, cuz I think he'll want a talk with him about that shit!! I would, but he scares the shit outta me!

Okay, well I'm not doing much else, except reading some of my older books I had upstairs...right now I'm on "From A Buick 8", by Stephen King.. Then I have a whole pile to go, like "Bias", one about terrorism, phew.......nice to read before I fall asleep, huh? Nahh, they never bother me.

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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