Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday finally!

HAHA!! The grocery one would be me!! Hopefully, I'm not a 'nagging bitch', though!

Okay...speaking of the grocery got me thinking all about when I worked at the store up north, and hung out with 'Chester', the delivery woman, that golfs, & stuff.

Chester & I used to go to a big Mexican restaurant down the road from the store every Tuesday night for dinner after I got off work, then I'd head out to the local bar to meet my 'work friends' to drink...Chester didn't usually go, cuz she had to get up to work at around 3 or 4 am every day. So, a lot of evenings after we went to the restaurant, we'd go back to the store & stand out in the parking lot talking, usually about the customers I had that day. A lot of them were in a few times a week, so most of 'em were familiar-looking. One time, we were standing up by the sidewalk next to the street (duhh,isn't that where most of 'em are?). The parking lot was on a hill, and it sloped down away from the street, toward a lake with a bunch of cottonwood trees around it. There were a bunch of parking spaces down that way, at the bottom of the 'slope', and a lot of people parked down that way, so they wouldn't be close to any other cars. I don't know why they would give a shit, though, cuz a lot of them were 'beaters'!

So, we saw a big fat lady that used to come to the store a lot come out with her cart and head to her car with it. After she loaded the bags into her car, she turned around and looked, but nobody was around (except us!). Looked toward the front doors of the store, decided it was too far to walk to take the cart back, so she turned it around and shoved it hard down the hill toward the cars down there! It hit one 'beater' car (thankfully, it already had so many dents in it, that the ones the cart made didn't even show!)...after the first 'bang', it kinda scooted its way along the side, ya know, "scub, scub, scub, scub..."! We were laughing our asses off, and 'Chester' yelled to the woman, "That wasn't a real good delivery on the push! I only give it a didn't point your toes!!" Damn, those were the didn't need to be drunk to have fun & laugh like crazy!!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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