Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Okay, here I go again with the 'oldies challenge'! By the way, first I want to put a link to one of the funniest shirts I ever saw! Here it is...
music I'm listening to now...
1. Sex and Candy
2. Electric Gypsy
3. Dragula
4. See You On The Other Side
5. Angel In Blue
6. Down On Me
7. I'm Too Sexy
8. Do You Remember When?
...that's enuff of a challenge for the day before Thanksgiving.
I'm starting to pick myself back up and pull my head outta my ass again...I MISS my attitude!! That's what makes!
So...speaking of attitude and being 'out there' and unafraid...
Tif's started going in to the local community radio station and being one of their morning people with the two guys there. She's only going to do it on Tuesday mornings, even though they wanted her every weekday. But she's smart about's from 6 to 9 am...which, if ya do it once a week, is just something fun to do...too much would be overkill!

Gary Bets On Michigan...Pays With His Hair The day before "The Game", Gary made a prediction that Michigan would beat Ohio State. Sean didn't let it go, making a bet with him that who ever lost would color their hair the opposing teams color.

This is just one of the services offered in the morning... ;-D

BoUnCeS!! Happy Thanksgiving!! LibbY!

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