Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rabbit, rabbit!! (the one with the gun).
Well, the trick-or-treating last night was a great success! And I actually had enough mini candybars for all! How many? Well...I sent Tif out to get the stuff, and she went to Gordon's Food Services first, cuz she'd seen a great big display of big bags of candy in there a couple days before that. She gets in there, and there was only one bag left?!! This was Friday! So, she went over to WalMart & got about 6 more bags, & said they had nothing but the mini chocolate bars left, but she got almost the last of them! That's okay, but I always like to give all kinds of stuff, anything with sugar (evil snicker, quietly).
So Tif was babysitting for her friend's 3 year old son, and she was dressed up like a ladybug, she had made the wings out of cardboard & she had colored them with markers, and tied them to her back, and she had the little boing-y antennas around her head and cool! She will be a great the far off future....
The little boy had a Superman outfit on, and he's great! He's just a nice kid, not a wild, running-around kinda kid, just...neat. Tif brought him back here, after they had gone about 3 blocks to empty out some of his candy cuz his bag or whatever got too heavy. They went back out with Jenga (who also had a ladybug costume on!), went about a block and got more candy, then he tugged her hand and said 'Tiffany, I don't want any more candy, can we go home?'
So they came home and sat out on the porch with me, and the little 3 year old sat beside me in another chair, and helped me hand out candy.Too cute!! Every time someone walked up & said 'Trick or treat' and held their bag out, he would grab a candy bar and put it in their bag!! When we started getting really low on candy bars, Tif asked him if he would give some of his candy out, and he said "okay!" So, he was nice...went through his stuff, and gave out stuff he didn't like??!!
But we made it with candy the whole way through, about 250 kids, from what I can tell! From 5:30- 7:30! I actually love this town, and the way they deal with trick or treat...we don't have to have it at, like, 3 or 4 pm, so it is a little dark!! And it's always on the 31st, except when that falls on a Sunday, then they have it on Saturday!
Also, my old best friend Joe brought his 2 kids over. That was really cool...I haven't actually seen him for years! The kids came up on the porch first & got candy, and I didn't even recognize them...then I hear "You rag!"...then I turned and looked (cuz I knew where that name came from! We ALWAYS called each other rags when we hung out!), and Joe was standing down at the end of the porch! I said "I didn't even recognize your kids!" He laughed and said, "'s're not SPOZED to...Rag!" Hahaha!
I feel bad that I didn't have my camera out there to take pictures! I did do that one year, and it was GREAT!! But I went out there and sat down, and got my candy, and it truly would've been a big pain in the ass to try to get back in to get it
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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