Sunday, October 29, 2006

wow, another weekend...(and another few loads of laundry...)

Okay...that's, like, my sentiments on my t-shirt...and that's the host of the Halloween party last weekend. Now, to me, he had the scariest costume!! I HATE HATE HATE the Burger King commercials with him!! Especially the one where he was looking in someone's window in the morning! I'd almost rather have a scary clown looking in my window, for heaven's sake!! Speaking of which..."It" was on again Saturday...the book scared the crap outta me when I read it, and the movie is almost as good as the book! The only one better is "The Stand"! Actually, Tif's always hated clowns...I do not know why...and no, I didn't scare her with one when she was a baby, or anything! However, she did go see "It" with her friends when she was younger, came home and told me how she hated I did what every mom thinks she should do...her next birthday, I bought the movie (VCR, that's how long ago!), and wrapped it up as one of her presents. (lol!). She still loves me, though, I've regained her trust somehow...?
I must've had one helluva dream last night! I woke up at 5 am, and was really, it was WAY more than that! I'd have to say...I was full of rage! I mean the kind you feel in the middle of your chest, burning you up! I was up sitting in the living room until about 7, trying to quit being mad at something, I couldn't even remember what it was! Then I went back to bed, and when I woke up this afternoon, I was okay. I'm still trying to remember why I felt like that, though. I always have a lot of dreams in any night, and I do remember one I had last night where my ms came and know, sometimes I could walk and climb over stuff just fine, the next minute I couldn't...hmmmm...
My favorite niece called me Friday night, it was her birthday...which I had known, but couldn't get ahold of her...she's now...29!! She's Bro's oldest daughter, and he's always been a great dad! With 4 kids, he damn well better be!! She's the one that looks almost more like me than Tif does! She was at a sports bar watching the OSU/Minnesota game (on the way to a nat'l championship again, I hope!), and Tif & Zak were there too! C was telling me that she had always thought of me as her big sister, which was really flattering (I was 12 & in 6th grade when she was born), but then I thought that I must've not been a good example, but a horrible warning...I worked, anyway. She's never been married, pregnant, she graduated college with a master's...she's got her own house...good Lord, I MUST'VE been a horrible warning!! So she told me when she heard that Journey & Def Leppard were having a concert in Columbus, earlier this year, all she could think of was 'oh, if I had the money, Aunt Libby & I would be there!' Anyway, it was neat talking to her...but then Tif told me later that C was half-lit on wine when she talked to me!! (sigh)...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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