Thursday, October 05, 2006

damn! it's thursday already!

Hey, sorry I haven't been around to see anyone lately, but it's really been a busy time, like it is every October - January!! In our family, this is the 'birthday season', and it's always crazy!
Tif's 23rd birthday party (the family one) was Sunday evening, and everyone in Kev's family was here, + my mom! And she got tons of stuff, gift certificates, etc. We got her an mp3 player, and she had really wanted that!! She also had a birthday party that Saturday night at a sports bar, and about 30 people came...they also got to watch the OSU game at the party. By the way...I've been totally floored by the cost of professional scissors and clippers for hairstylists! Since Tiffany's started buying her scissors, which she can mostly get only online, or at beauty supply stores, where you need to have a beautian's license to shop,I've found that the scissors that your stylist uses cost at least $200 - $300 a pair!! So...tip well!! :-D!
Oh, I almost forgot about "wounded Wednesday"'s at the top, and that is my leg, so maybe it's also an hnt too, even though I'm not usually big on those. And I honestly don't remember how I got this. Oh well. I do this a lot, so the bumps, bruises, and fall-downs happen too much to count.
Anyway...Tiffany and I went out to the mall here in town yesterday, and got manicures & nails haven't been painted for years, so it feels weird...but I'm glad we did it. But I didn't get fake nails, so they're short! Okay, this is maybe kinda dumb, but I have a question...did anyone else see the 'Seinfeld' show where Elaine was pissed because all the manicurists in a shop were Korean, and they'd look at her and say something in Korean, and then they'd all laugh? Well, this store was awesome, and it was all Koreans only working there, and I'm sure they're who own it, and they were all speaking Korean to each other. It really sounded neat to me, though. One of the girls looked at us and said "you probably think we sound like a bunch of birds or something huh?" haha! I actually was thinking just that, but, do you think I'd admit that? hah!! And the other girl doing Tif's fake nails across the room, asked her if we were sisters or just, did that feel good, or what! As good as being carded to buy cigarettes when I was 28!
Okay, gotta do something around here...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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