Friday, September 29, 2006

sunny and kind of weather!

Email friends are GREAT!! Well, we've met for dinner a few times & she & her husband came down for Tif's graduation party! I got a little teeny box in the mail a couple of days ago, and didn't have a clue what it was, cuz I haven't ordered anything from eBay lately! And I opened it, and there was this cute little beanie baby kitty, with this note! Yes, it had a definite AWWWWWW factor! Even Truman sniffed at it, and gave it his approval! (but he will NOT share his food!)

Just an idea here.....a shout out to all Democrats running for're running FOR something, you're not just running AGAINST George Bush!! If that's all you got...why should anyone vote for you? Just so you can figure out what to do after??

Okay...done. Has everyone seen the cover of the newest Maxim magazine? One of the articles in it is 'How To Live To 130!' Sorry, but in my opinion, for most people, they would never want that. I know for sure I wouldn't! Hell, some days (most days, actually, lately...), I wonder if maybe 42 or 43 might not be just too fuckin' much time! No, seriously, think about it for a minute. That would mean that you'd probly have to watch your friends, kids, grandchildren, even, your spouse all die before you. Cuz even if you all did the same thing that this article said (which, no, I didn't read it , just see the headline every day in the bathroom!), you know the chances are that a lot of people wouldn't be able to live that long! So, besides everyone you know dying, and you being left alone, what else? Well, how's your money doing right now? And your Godforsaken health insurance? Are you ready to bury at least 10 of your family pets, one after the other? Will you be able to take care of yourself and stay in your own house? Or will you be 'warehoused' in a nursing home by your great grandchildren, who never even knew you very well, and who might think you're basically 'taking up space'! Eeeeewwww...the whole train of thought is just too depressing for a sunny day...I might have to revisit this sometime...

I am REALLY looking forward to the OSU/Iowa game tomorrow night!! Usually I don't give too much of a shit about college football, but this year, it's pretty exciting.

Another stupid question...when someone says 'I'll be back, I gotta take a shit.' Well...wouldn't that technically mean that they're giving a shit?? And wouldn't it be a really gross-out thing if after they went in the bathroom to "take a shit", they came walking out carrying a turd in their hand and they said "Got one!!" God help me, I'm just sick...see ya...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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