Wednesday, September 27, 2006

randomness again...

Okay...I didn't take a picture of my scabby knees for "Wounded Wednesday", so maybe these will suffice...I figure if you sat on the toilet without checking for spiders (or snakes!) you'll BE wounded! And the kids with the paint? I'm thinking as soon as their mom catches sight of this shit, well, their butts will be wounded!! lol!
Just wondering 'bout some stuff...
Does anyone know for sure if Preparation H truly would be good for bags under your eyes and puffy eyelids? Cuz if it is...sign me up for a lifetine supply!!

In the summer of 1995, Tif & I used to go up to Lake Erie almost every Saturday (like to Port Clinton...great town!...and to Marblehead, to the lighthouse! great town, too!) It was only a 3 hr drive, & it was WELL worth it! Because Kev worked every Saturday at the store he was at, and I was at GTE by then, and had weekends off, and it was for EVER ago, when I could still drive, Tiff and I used to just take off on Saturday mornings, and go up to the lake (Lake Erie). Port Clinton has a cool little beach along the main street, and Tif and I used to go up there and go swimming, and just walk along the beach, and explore stuff. I took loaves of bread a lot and we used to take it out on the beach and when seagulls came flying by, we'd rip up a piece of bread, and throw it up in the air and they'd catch it! Honestly, that wasn't our superb aim, either, just...talented seagulls! And once a seagull saw another eating, well, you better throw more...and more...and infinity! That's why I always took 2 or 3 whole loaves of bread with us! Once we got done on the beach, and went down the street to McDonald's and got Big Macs & french fries, and went out back to the part of the beach there and threw french fries to the seagulls, and they liked them too (huh...go figure, right? ;-D). But the next time we went there, McD's had a big sign inside that said "Please do not feed the seagulls french fries!" WTF??? Why?? Do they get constipated or something?? Oh well, whatever! There was an ice cream place across the street that had better food anyway. SO THERE!
And we went to some of those hokey little tourist attraction thingys up there. One was the prehistoric had all kindsa mechanical pterodactyl birds flying around, and dinosaurs around every corner...and there was a giant caveman looking out a hole in the cave we went through, and Tif was afraid to walk past it! lol!! fun-nee!!
BoUnCeS!! LIbbY!

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