Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesday, 9.12.06...

http://www.break.com/index/how_to_lose_your_job.html... Everybody!! This is the funniest thing I've seen/heard in forever!! I really hope you can get it, cuz you'll laugh your asses off! (God knows, it's the first real laugh I've had in months!)!
Well, I called my cousin, 'Boo' last night. When I asked her if she was busy, she said yeah, but she was just making dinner and could talk. I said 'Boo, c'mon, you & J have 4 kids!' (I say that when she says she's washing dishes, too, but...). She says, "Are you suggesting we eat them?". HAHAHAHA!! I love this woman, can you see exactly why she's my favorite cousin?? I HAVE to get Tif to go up to her house soon! And, she's the kindergarten teacher...did you have a kindergarten teacher that actually had a sense of humor? Well, okay, maybe she doesn't say that kind of thing to her kindergarten kids, they'd be scared of her, but, shit, I never even saw a kindergarten teacher smile sincerely, they're always too stressed!!
Speaking of stress & conflict, I'd like some opinions on those things...
Has anybody ever heard of a life between two people without 'conflict'? And if there ever is such a thing, well, is it truly because there's no conflict? Or is it because one person doesn't make their true feelings known, to avoid an argument? Because, in my opinion, that is really not fair! If you're not telling what you think, how in the hell is the other person supposed to know? Because there are no conflicts or fights, because one person keeps their mouth shut, the other person thinks everything is fine, while the other person is quietly getting ready to boil over, and it's always hidden away. So when the tipping point is reached, well, it's not a total surprise, cuz things haven't been right for awhile, but, it's a lot more of a surprise than it would've been if there had been some 'openness' up until this point. Why would it be fair to hide everything you really feel, and let it build up and build up, and build up more, until it finally gets to be too much, and you blow up? And then you don't want to fix it. The only thing I can think is that either it's too much work, it's just not worth it to try, or, you might be afraid of your feelings and confronting them. But, that's just my opinion, there's lots of couples in this situation, more than you'd ever think....so what do YOU think?
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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