Monday, September 18, 2006

monday, monday....

Okay, does everyone just think this is SO WRONG??? This picture was in our local paper the other day. The kid found it when he was fishing in a pond close to his house...which, by the way, is about 20 minutes away from mine!! An eight-legged frog, in case you can't count the teeny little legs growing out of its chest!! EEeeeeewwww!! And this kid actually touched it!!
Other local news...last week they found 2 or 3 dead crows in the schoolyard where Tif went to K - 5th grade. About 6 blocks from our house. They tested them right away, and they did have West Nile! The news wasn't in the paper for a couple days, the only way Tif found out about it was because a mom was in FS with her kid for a haircut, and the kid said something about it, cuz his school sent home a paper telling the parents about it! 2 days before it was in the paper!
And there are various & sundry other 'odd' things going on in this area, some that can't be spoken of....
Anyway, I was just talking to Boo on the phone, and, she was telling her kids to get away from the food, dinner was almost ready! Then she told me, "I'm gonna hafta kill that kid!" And I said, real quick, "Well. Oh shit, I gotta go!" She said "Why?" I just said, "Well, duh. If I hear you kill him, I'd be a fuckin' material witness! I have enough stress in my life at the moment, thankyouverymuch!"
I was telling her about the 8 legged frog too, and she was pissed because, all those Sundays all of us cousins were together at Grandma's farm...well, WE never found anything cool like that, and God knows, we went through the woods & streams up there ALL the time! Found lots of spiders, snakes, strange bugs that looked like they had inadvertantly been brought up from the 7th level of hell, badgers, woodchucks, etc...but NOTHING had eight legs! Well, except for the spiders, and they were s'pozed to!!
Okay...Mom just called, and she still says she mostly feels fine, but today she is tired. She said last week they did a blood test that showed she was anemic, so they've started her on Procrit shots & B12 or whatever to increase the iron, and her energy, which is very good! Kim asked me today if Mom was still driving by herself, and I said, ya, she drives anywhere she wants, to the mall to shop (remember? that's her job...), out to the hospital for blood tests & for the chemo. So, yeah, she's still doing okay (or so she says, anyway), she wants to get to FS so Tif can give her a haircut & perm soon.
Okay...that's life in 'weird Ohio'! Oh, before I forget...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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