Friday, September 08, 2006

festival weekend

Popcorn Festival Parade...

Last night was fun, Kev's bro, sister, bro-in-law, & the twins came over & we all went down so the kids could see the parade, which they've never seen before...and, that was really cool, watching them see this stuff for the first time! Kev was still at work, so he couldn't go...that's ok...he hates parades, anyway. I thought it was good (for this little hick town, anyway!), but it was way too long, and, as Tif puts was random! As in, everything was just kinda thrown together, not grouped together, like schools, businesses, hmmmm...Kat & I were talking about it this morning, and she started a sentence with "If I ran the parade...", and it sounded funny as hell, like a children's book or something! There were some things in there that didn't even seem like they even belonged in a parade! Like one of the last pickup trucks that went past. It wasn't anything extraordinary, or anything...just a plain white pickup truck, not junky or anything, but not decorated either...not a float, nuthin....just 2 guys sitting in the back of the truck, and 2 hand-lettered signs on paper on the sides saying Kevin & Sean! Now THAT was some funny shit!! Oh! Well, they were eating popcorn, so I guess...

And I guess I'm not the only one who's ready for this weather and Halloween, either! There's a costume store in town, and they had a dark gray hearse, and a scary looking, dead looking guy, dressed in raggedy rotted looking clothes dancing on the top of it, and it was blasting the song "Monster Mash"!! And there was a few little kids running around from there, handing out cards that advertised the haunted cornfield they're going to have. And someone else had a skeleton walking around that was about 20 feet tall...I guess it was made out of PVC pipes, with a skull on top! I have a picture of it on here.

It was actually fun riding in my wheelchair down to the end of our street to the parade route. Benji pushed me in the know, he's a big nascar fan, so...I thought I was gonna need a helmet & a seatbelt!! Especially as we hit all the cracks in the sidewalk!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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