Tuesday, September 05, 2006

after the Lazy B...

Okay...let me say...I had the very best time this weekend at "The LazyB Campground"!! Sometimes it was a little 'disconcerting', cuz we were staying in the house next door (which Ken owns), and in the middle of the night and early in the morning (although nobody was loud), people who had tents or campers out back would come in the back door of the house to the bathroom, or to shower in the morning. Cuz they could've either used Kev's mom & dad's house, but ours was the 'secondary' one! So Sunday afternoon, we were all sitting around b-s-ing, and one of the cousins said it oughtta be called the lousy B, cuz, for heaven's sake, he had to wait for a bathroom!! They didn't even leave a BUCKET outside the tent to piss in!! HAHA!!
Saturday was the Mexican Fiesta, where most people dressed in Mexican costumes, and there was a costume contest...which of course, uncle G won, cuz he was in a dress, and wig, and had big earrings made out of canning jar lids!! May I say, he actually looked good...even with a mustache!! And the kids (about 6 or 7 under ten years old), did a pinata, then after that the adults had their own pinata with stuff like mini bottles of booze, and packs of smokes, and lighters, and notepads, and stuff as prizes! To qualify for entry into the breaking of the pinata, the adult couples played 'The Newlywed Game'...it was fun...we didn't win, but we did get to help break the pinata. Then we played 'Bean The Beaner', where Kev's bro stood behind a big wooden thingy of a Mexican guy with a hole cut in it for his face, and we all got to throw pies (well, whipped cream on paper plates) at his face...and Kev helped me, he pushed me up to Ken, past the line (yes, I cheated!), and yes, I hit him too!
And all this stuff was after we'd eaten all we could of everything Mexican that everybody made for dinner. And fried ice cream...and Texas sheet cake...mmmmmm!
Saturday, there was golf, and then everybody got together at 5 for the big LCR competition. There were tons of people that played, probably about 40 or 50(?).And there had been a $5.00 fee for each person...I have NEVER, EVER played that game before...NEVER!! However...I ended up winning!! And Tif was pissed, cuz she was the next-to-last person out! So later, when they awarded the prizes for everything (a lot of gift cert's for people who helped set everything up)......and I won the LCR trophy, pictured above, + $50.00!! And there were some badminton trophies...you can guess...there was the golden cock, and the silver cock...
Sunday was a 'community breakfast', where everybody cooked something for breakfast, outside each of their tents & campers, and in the houses...Kevin made the sausage gravy & biscuits, and in my opinion, that was the best! But the eggs, bacon, hash browns, english muffiins, toast, everything else was good too!! Now, does everyone see why I like to have prednisone this week?? There's ALWAYS food there!!
It's totally amazing that this family doesn't have arguments when everybody's together for this long! Well, one person was being 'standoffish'' all weekend, and I got about as much disrespect as I could take, but...water off a duck's back...there was family there from Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania...really cool!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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