Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oct 30, 2007...

I had SO much fun today! Just LOOK at the weather, wouldja?? I couldn't have asked for a prettier day! And it was about 65 degrees most of the time I was out. And, actually, tomorrow is supposed to be just as nice, and even a couple degrees warmer! I'm figuring these'll be the last really perfect days this year!
I didn't get to go candy shopping yesterday, I was getting ready to leave here, and I got the flu and
the chills & the pukey-feeling that you get with the flu!! Holy mother-of-God, what was up with this shit?? So instead of heading out on my scooter, I went and crawled in bed, and called Tif & asked her to please bring me the biggest, baddest bottle of Pepto she could find, PLEASE?? So she did, and after a few hourse I was okay, but by then it was dark!! Oh well....I was fine today, and took a bunch of extra pictures, and bought
a bunch of extra Halloween candy, just to make up for it! When I got home tonite, I had a great big box on my fronnt porch, one of the things I ordered for Christmas (decorations, not presents). The neighbor across the street was outside, and she came running over to help me get it in the house. That was so nice, she came in, and we unpacked it, and sat & talked awhile. And, really, how bad is this?...We've never even met in the 8 or 9 yrs we've both lived here!! I'm pretty ashamed of myself. She's home all day, every day, too, her husband works (the 16 yr old's dad). Gawd! And we live straight across the street from each other...a one-lane street, our driveways line up exactly! So after she left, her son came over, and then his little sister, then the Midget football cheerleader!! But, OMG, I forgot how neat it is to listen to kids 13-15 years old! And, yes, I did give them all the gruesome gummy body parts they wanted! But I DID make them promise to eat all their dinner! They were eating all the eyeballs, fingers, etc...
No, I didn't get any chocolate for tomorrow...they're little kids...THEY wouldn't fully appreciate chocolate!! But I got everything else & then some! Tootsie Roll pops, Nerds, Lemonheads, Halloween Pops, Graveyard Gummies, bubble gum, little rolls of Lifesavers...ha! I WILL NOT run out of candy this year!!
Joe called & we talked for a minute, he gets his kids tomorrow, so I'll probly see them then!
Okay, I'm getting tireder...have to get rested for tomorrow's pictures!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday night/Sunday am...

See?? I'm NOT the only one that's 'into' Halloween!! I'm gonna go get the candy tomorrow (I hope! Weather permitting!). I've already got a couple Christmas trees ordered, and one Christmas present already got here! And one of the things I have already shipped is out of stock already!! When I get it up, I'll get a picture on here!
Joe came over Friday night and brought the two movies we wanted to watch...'1408' and 'The Butterfly Effect'. Truthfully, of the two, The Butterfly Effect was better...
We both thought that. We tried to decide whether maybe it was just that we are so freakin' jaded now that nothing scares us!! We both think that's probably it...the human psyche can only take so much before it shuts down ya know? But, I'll be honest here, when the Butterfly Effect got to a certain point, I looked at him and said, "This is what it COULD'VE been, right???" He looked over & said yeah, and I started crying!! Shit!! That movie was SO good!! I never really heard that it was good, just that Ashton Kucher was in it! '1408' was good, but, in my opinion, just mildly 'disturbing'! 'It' was on the Sci-Fi Channel tonight and I think it's scarier!!
Next I hafta have him see 'Mr Destiny' and 'My Father, the Hero'! He actually looks a little like Gerard Depardieux but much skinnier (& better looking).
Tif told me the other day that she had planned on coming over to pass out candy with me Halloween night, but she has to work now...bummer!! I think it's neat that Daylight Saving Time doesn't end til 11/4! And the guy (16 yrs old) across the street told me yesterday that he wants to decorate the outside of my house for Christmas. I told him that was fine, as long as he knows that the most important part of decorating is taking it down when it's over!! He said, I know, I promise~! well, okay!
Okay, it's gettin late.....
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Creative, & talented!
This is just a really neat-looking house.

And this is a house down the street from me...I LOVE this!

I need to go out and get some stuff today, I just feel kinda lazy and 'dragged out', which really sucks! ...but, I'll do it, dammit!~! lol!

Sorry I haven't written in here for a few days, but, my life is freakin' drama lately...not because of what I've done, but what other people have 'allegedly' done...not to me, just 'to someone'.

Wow, I actually did force myself to get up off my ass & go out & do something! I figured I'd go to Certified and pick up a 12 pack of Coke, a carton of cigarettes, and stuff. Well, I picked the stupidest time to do it!! It was about 5:15 pm...duhhh...not like this place is big enough for a lot of cars, but, well, about two times the usual! But, I'm really glad I went then, cuz I grabbed my camera on the way out...I don't usually leave the house without it anymore...I got some pictures of some of the neatest littlt puffy clouds when I was in the back, coming up my ramp...I'll see if I can get a couple on here...ok...they went to the top of this thing!!

I'm just trying to remember people that I knhow that brag "I'm just pragmatic."..pragmatic - from encarta - more concerned with practical results than with theories and principles. That's funny...the people I've known that say "I'm just pragmatic", well, this definition seems to loosely define them. As far as not being interested in 'principles'...

Sometimes pragmatiam is good...in your job, mostly. In your life, well, that's a different story. In life, you need to worry about what the consequences are going to be, for other people too, not just what you want for yourself. I've known some people in the past that bragged about being a pragmatist...from the people I've seen get involved with them, well, basically you can probably take that to mean "Don't trust me for the long haul."

Just thinking. It's a terrible habit I've gotten myself into lately...tryin' to quit! hahaha...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, October 22, 2007

a monday, but i made it home before it started raining!!

This is the "cutest couple" at the Halloween party last Saturday night!!
Yeah, THIS is the time of year I've been waiting for!!

How weird, one side of the street has leaves, and the other doesn't!

Well, I still need to get out & buy a bunch of Halloween candy!! Our mayor announced a few years ago that trick-or-treat would ALWAYS be on Oct 31st, which is great!! So I have awhile to get it!
So I went out today riding around, didn't go anywhere except out taking pictures of everything!! Ended up getting about 50 of 'em, and I didn't even get far enough to get the part of town I wanted to, cuz it was getting ready to rain, so I got home about 15 minutes before it!!
This is pretty much all I've been doing lately. Well, Joe came over Saturday night and we just hung out for a few hours, before he had to go to work at the bar he's worked at for about 15 years. And...he's a teacher!! haha!! Why did we never have cool teachers like that when we were young?? And cute, too!! Well, I had a ninth grade teacher that always got high, it was very well known by even the principal, but he was such a good teacher, they never bitched at him about his permanently red eyes!! Teachers used to be allowed to be SO much stricter than they are now!! I remember in the 8th grade that the big fat guy in history class got shitty with the teacher, and the teacher made him go out in the hall with him, and he SLAMMED him into the wall of lockers! The teacher was bigger & stronger, so it was not a big deal for him!! We know he did that, cuz one of the people in the class sneaked over & was watching out the door!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

sunny & warm Sunday!

This is totally odd weather for this time of year, but I am definitely not complaining!! I was out riding around all day yesterday, taking pictures of the trees, which aren't in 'full color' yet, but I want to get pictures of them all the way through the fall.
This first picture on here is a dog going crazy barking at me. I thought it was totally funny, it sounded like a little kid yelling at me.."Get off my property!!"
The second picture is where my 2 best friends in 8th grade lived...they were sisters, and only 10 months apart! Their poor mom! I can't imagine getting the news that you're pregnant a month after you had your first baby!! Holy crap!! ('course, I can't imagine getting the news I was gonna have a second baby at all , ya know?)
Anyway, these were the sisters whose dad got transferred to Texas that year, and I went to Houston for 2 weeks to stay with them the summer before my 9th grade year. Man, did we have fun! I got to meet and go out with a rodeo guy, that's what he did for a living! Actually, we met a ton of guys, and we'd sneak out of the house after their mom & dad were asleep at night. I saw a t-shirt the other day that totally describes my attitude at that time..."Of course I know the difference between right & wrong...wrong is FUN!!". lol! They were the ones that had the beach house in Galveston too, and we were there for a few days too! Geez, this house has some fun memories in it...it's one of the first places I ever got drunk, we split a bottle of Wild Turkey...one bottle, between 3 8th grade girls? hahaha! That's also one of the first places I ever got high too. We drank a ton of peach-flavored Hi-C...and ate everything in the refrigerator! Geez. What a memory...
When you think back in your life, do you remember the 'intersections', where you had to choose whether to turn right, or left, or straight ahead, or, for God's sake, just stop, or make a U-turn? And do you think that you made the right choice now? How do you ever know?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday??? I thought it was Wednesday


I'm pretty sure everybody on here will laugh as hard as I did last night at this!! I don't have time to write now, the bus is coming to pick me up to take me to see Mom at the nursing home! But enjoy the video!

BoUnCeS~!! LibbY!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday already??

I took all day yesterday riding up and down the streets around here, tking pictures of neat stuff. Probly looked like an idiot, but I had fun!
I like the Halloween spiderwebs on top of the bushes, with the flowers in front!

And I can't remember what kind of cabbage this is, but I DO remember selling it in the produce depts forever ago!!

And I just like this!

I called Mom this morning around 9:30, and we were on the phone for about an hour, just talking about stuff. She says she's eating more, which I'm glad to hear. She says she's getting physical therapy every morning, but she said she's not sure it helps..but I know for a fact it is, she is walking, is able to stand up from sitting in a wheelchair, her balance is pretty good...I know exactly why she's saying it's not working, because she bitched hard about doing it, but, I do too, and it really DOES help! But I do know that the job of being a physical therapist must be one of the toughest, making people do things that they've ALREADY proven they can do. Like me, bend my legs right..yeah, I can do it, I just choose not to, if I don't have to...hahaha! See? The best of us can be really friggin' lazy!
We also talked about some of our favorite authors & books...Betty MacDonald, 'Mrs Piggle Wiggle' books, 'The Egg and I'; Catherine Cookson, James Herriot, all the books about him being a vet:, ...and way many others~! I finally got a chance to tell her thanks for teaching me to read, and to love books as much as she does before I started kindergarten, I'm also really lucky that she's still here that I can tell her I love her every time I talk to her!
Hey, my friend, S, from Australia, IM'd me last night at 2am, and we talked for at least an hour, mostly about her new business, and about politics...in America, Europe, & Oz! To hear her talk, it seems that everyone in Australia is VERY sick of John Howard (their prime minister)! Can't say I blame them...he's been in office for 11 years!! No term limits there! Auuuuugggghhhhhh!! You HAVE to admit, that'd drive you crazy, even if you voted for the guy at first! She was trying to explain Australia's Labor Party, etc...pheeww. Boy, will that be a job for her! lol!
Hey, I have a question for everybody...did anybody ever watch 'The Big Blue Marble' tv show, when they were kids?? It was all about getting kids to become pen pals (yes, real pen & paper!!) all over the world! I joined and had 3 pen pals, one guy from France, one guy from Japan, and one girl in England. And I actually met and stayed for a couple days with the girl in England, when we were in London on vacation when I was 13! She and her family lived in another town, but Mom & Dad got me over there on a bus! How cool is that?
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, October 12, 2007

friday night...

See? I'm trying to convince myself how nice one-story houses are...nope...can't do it. Well, they're 'nice', but there's no way in hell they'll ever convince me that they look as good! That's the childhood curse you carry from growing up in a huge two story house, with a front and back stairway...

Today was my appointment at the dr's office in the 'clinic'. It was for 5 o'clock pm, which I had asked "Are you sure?" when they made it, but they said yeah, they're open til 6. So the bus picked me up here at 4:30, I was at the dr's at 5...usually the appt's only 15 minutes or so, but...this time...they were busy and the dr didn't call me till 5:20! And I had told the bus guy to pick me up at 5:30, which is their last pick-up! I went up to the receptionist's window at 5:20 & told the lady that I had to be outside to ride the bus at 5:30. She was like, "OMG, I'll have the dr come out & write your rx right now! And if you're too late to get the bus, I'll take you home!" I just kinda laughed and said "Thanks...and what'll we do with this thing?", and pointed at the motorized w/c. Then we just both stood there and laughed! It turns out she's the doctor's wife. The dr came out and wrote my rx, I went over and got in the elevator to go down to the first floor...on the way down, I looked closer to the rx...it was the right med, but to someone else!! Awwwww, holy crap! So I got to the first floor, turned right around and went back up to the 2nd, the dr was right there with MY rx in his hand. I traded him, said thanks, went back to the 1st, when the doors opened, his wife was standing there, she'd come down to catch me!! How hectic! Oh well...everything worked out. I'm really glad I'm not the type to freak out if stuff's not perfect! Geez, look how far I've come from my first 'bus ride', a week ago!

Truman's, well, he got that taste of being outside, and I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT!! He's always at the door meowing, whether I'm in here or outside! And if I'm outside trying to come in, I have to FIGHT him to get through the door without him getting out!! The little butthead! I keep telling him if he gets out, there'll be nobody out there to give him fresh ice water and a big bowl of Deli-Cat!! Then he'll be sorry! I'll make him knock on the door and beg to get back in!! hahahaha *evil laugh*

The other big gray 'outside' cat that belongs to the people across the street...Edgar, remember? Well, it actually turns out that "Edgar" is a girl!! How funny is that?? No, she's not pregnant, but the guy that owns her told me that! They just got a new bassett hound puppy, too. I was outside the other day talking with all the kids that were selling stuff for school & Midget football, and the puppy, 'Gracie', came flying out the door and tackled Edgar, took her down, and got on top of her, like a wrestler or something! I wish I would've had my camera!!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

wednesday oct 10!

Wow, it's kinda been a busy week so far. haha, not really...I haven't done much of anything, just keep the house clean...

Joe called the other night, and we were discussing some of the movies we like, And decided we need to watch "The Butterfly Effect" (his choice), "Mr Destiny" (my choice), & "1408" (both of our choices)! Well, I think he has to see "My Father The Hero" too, because Gerard Depardiux's character is SO him!! He's teaching at the middle school here in town, which has to be hard! Because back when we were in middle school, there were 3 of 'em in town, plus the catholic school (where he went). They went by 'classes' of students, by our standards, you know how kids are. There was school A, & B, & C. So, this year or last, when they restructured all the school system in town, all 3 middle schools (6, 7, 8 grades) are now together at one school. That's the school he's teaching at right now. He told me last night that he's never felt so much hormones crammed together in his life!! And that no teachers hang around after school because after the day, the school stinks!! hahahaha!! I asked why, and he said, think about it...it's middle school, they have phys ed, I don't think most of them take showers afterwards, they're so young, they really don't seem to know about how important deodorant is...OMG!! Oh, I wish parents taught their kids the basics!!
I absolutely love the 'house of stone & glass' up above!! Every time I go past it, that song gets stuck in my head!! The only thing better than a house built of wood with no aluminum siding, just paint, is a stone house!
I talked to Mom on the phone Sunday for about an hour! She's actually feeling better now, but she did tell me she's really getting sick of people 'nagging' her to eat!! I told her...ok, I'll let you use the line I used every time you told me to clean my room as a teenager..."I'll do it because I want to, not because you tell me to!" hahahaha!! She said she'd forgotten that!! I'm gonna get out there to see her ASAP! Actually, I had a dr appt for today at 2 pm, but when I called the bus yesterday, they were too full to pick me up!! So I changed the dr apt to 5 Friday, and the bus'll pick me up at 4:30 Friday. Actually, I'm glad to hear the bus has so many riders~! There ARE 12 buses!! The only reason I have to see this dr, is to have him refill my ritalin! They won't refill a 'controlled substance' unless they see you...peeee-shaw~!
Oh well...I like this dr!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

wednesday, oct 10

Saturday, October 06, 2007

pourquis pas?

...why, you ask? Spite....that's it, that's all, it just makes me FEEL better!! That's always a very satisfying answer if someone asks, "Why did you do that?" Well, I guess you could also say "Malice!"...but that just doesn't sound as good...*hahaha*.
It's been a strange few days for me...I did something I never, ever in a gajillion years would've thought I would...since I can't drive myself, I rode the city's bus to a dr appt...it's a service I don't think most people in town know we have! It actually used to be a city bus that rode around town, but they quit doing that, cuz it wasn't worth the money (not enough riders), but they have it now, and if you need a ride somewhere, you call their dispatch office, and ask for it, and they'll pick you up!! Can you believe this?? Wow! And, since I needed the bus with a wheelchair lift, I just had to make the appointment 24 hrs in advance...no big deal! This is the first time I took my electric (battery?) w/c outside the house. Okay, so I never have, cuz #1, it's just not even anywhere near as 'bad-ass' as my scooter, and, #2, well, it's a wheelchair, very big & comfortable & probly expensive (thank God for insurance!), but I just can't help but think I look like Mr Potter, you know, the movie, It's A Wonderful Life? Only I'm not as old (or rich!). Anyway, I actually didn't sleep at all Thurs night, I think I was having a bunch of actual panic attacks...hyperventilating & stuff! just because, well, I was 'weirded out' by the whole fact that I even had a physical need to do this. God, it was hard to go through this! But it's time for me to force myself to do stuff I really don't want to.Shit! That means it's happened! I DID grow up!! Bullpiss! SO not fair! You know? I thought like most kids always do, that I'd go out in a 'blaze of glory', never just 'fade away'! Mmmmm...I guess there is something meant by the phrase about 'the best laid plans of mice and men...'
So, I started thinking around 5 am about how I didn't feel like going, was gonna call & cancel the dr & the bus cuz I didn't get any sleep Thurs night (I've already done that once). But, no, I pulled my head out of my ass, & did it. And, you know what? I'm so glad I did. I was sitting out front in my w/c, and the driver pulled up right at 1:30 pm, loaded me in, and it's maybe a five minute drive across to the hospitals & dr's offices. And, can you guess what it cost?? $1.25 there, $1.25 back! And I was the only person on there. They must have a lot of people riding it at other times, cuz there's NO WAY to do anything that cheap! Both the drivers I rode with both times were super nice, knew how to put the w/c in and all that...they're older, I think retired guys, they each work half the day. And the morning driver ("just call me Pops!") told me about something I might go to this weekend, a tour of the cemetary, going over some of the more famous families in town. In all, I did the right thing by sucking it up, & not being a baby. And after I got home, I ate dinner, and slept for 15 hours straight! And got up this morning at 9, and didn't need a nap! I guess it's been a psychological thing all week, I've had it on my mind.
Tonight, I was reading and stuff, and decided I hadn't been candy shopping in a LONG time! So I took my scooter out, it was about 6:30, just starting to get 'dusky', but it only takes 5 minutes to ride my scooter to Certified...but, I stopped and talked to the girl who sells Midget football stuff, & her friends on the way...then I took off and got to Certified, and spent WAY too long "browsing" in the candy aisles...and when I left and started home, and went underneath one of the big trees that hangs over the road, I realized it was darker than a bagful of assholes out!! And I don't have a headlight! My scooter isn't even street-legal, for heaven's sake! It does have enough reflectors to look like a UFO, so...everybody can see me, I just can't see any kind of big cracks in the road or sidewalk! But...I have all the candy I'll need for a long time...circus peanuts, gummy lifesavers, candy necklaces, 'Whatchamacallit' candy bars...etc...lol!
So, for the most part, that's been a lot of my week. But, has anyone besides me ever realized "My life is just a half-step from a Jerry Springer show." SO true...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Oct 4...Tif's birthday party was FUN!!

This is one of the BEST birthday presents Tif got last night!! I HAVE to get one of these!! I've loved the Hello Kitty stuff since it came out back when I was, like,12!!

And, the rest of this is just funny stuff, The Far Side books I'm reading all the time! Cuz, it's time for

funny for awhile...
Well, not all funny, but...anyway, Mom's back at the nursing home. I called her yesterday and we talked, and I also talked to her nurse separately later, and Mom said she's okay, just tired, her nurse says she just is kinda acting like she's not interested in anything, just sleeping a lot..that's hard to hear...partially because that's exactly how I feel now too! I really had higher hopes for these prednisone pills, for some more energy during the day, but, it's not happenin'!
Okay, on Tif's birthday, Tuesday, her boyfriend sent her 2 dozen red roses to work! How cool is that?? And he was telling us all at the party that he's taking her out of town for the weekend...I'm thinkin' "No, not Vegas, to get married!" But, no, not Vegas, but he won't tell anyone where...he has 'plans'. And that is SO cool!! She ALWAYS ends up with great guys...and if she doesn't, they're gone! Now, that's what we've always wanted her to be able to do!! (yeah, this is the cute boyfriend from Labor Day...but they were together at the beginning of the summer).
We were going outside on the back patio last night for 'smoke breaks' (no, not Tif!), and after I'd come inside once, I heard someone say "Look!". And someone else said "Eeeeeeewwwww....that's a 'wolf spider'!" I've never seen one, but Kevin said they have a 'face', that's how big they are!! Oh shit, I'm glad I don't live there!! I can handle bugs & spiders, just not ones with faces!!! Of course...it's not like one of the those spiders can't get from there to here...it would be a straight 6 block walk down a street, or if it wanted some excitement, it could go through the yards...!
Truman is being the BEST kitty now! He must've realized that every time Mommy called him a 'Bad Boy', it wasn't necessarily a compliment!! Instead of sleeping out here on the couch, he's actually coming in to bed & curling up beside me! Now, that's never happened before! Hmmmmm...flattery will get him everywhere, ya know?
All right, I think its 'nappy-time', again, which really sucks~!

Monday, October 01, 2007

rabbit, rabbit!

Honest, there really is a house under these trees! I LOVE this!! I think they need some lawn gnomes in there, peeking out!

I like this too! Mostly I like the color!

What's really funny is that it's next door to the Kermit house!!

I keep thinking about how we all end up in the place we are..you know that expression "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end"...OMG, then how many new beginnings do we each get? So many times, you'll think, "Okay, I'm here at last! I don't have to make another 'new beginning'! Pheewww..."
It all goes back to people who say, "OK, you'll just have to go with Plan B, then." Hmmmmm...I sat and looked back over my life this weekend...as far as I can figure, I'm on Plan M! This is getting old! It's kinda like, you start to wonder if you're gonna run out of plans, or life first...
I always wonder if it would be a happier life if your 'Plan A' worked out the first time, and your life went on an even plane, and you always knew what you were going to do, where you were going to be, life always went the way it was supposed to, and you had no unpleasant surprises to deal with. Would that life be much of a life? I'm one of those people that always thought, "Boring! That's not a life even worth living!". Now that I'm old 'er', I wonder about it still.
I really don't think you can have life without conflict, can you? Conflict with what you want to do, where you're going to go, who you're going to go through it with. And a lot of those times you're not 'arguing' with someone else, you're 'arguing' with yourself. And then you decide to go this way, and it turns into a pile of shit, you dig yourself out, turn around, and go another way, and you're in quicksand! With piranhas in it! Is everyone's life supposed to be like this? I honestly can't think of anyone I know whose life has worked out on Plan A or B...maybe I'm still hanging with the wrong crowd, the way my parents said...nobody else's I know is up to Plan M, though! Well, I don't know, there probably are, but they don't brag about it, though! I'm not bragging about it, I'm being curious about it, because it seems like each plan comes with tears & sadness, along with happiness & relief.
Deep thoughts,