Sunday, October 21, 2007

sunny & warm Sunday!

This is totally odd weather for this time of year, but I am definitely not complaining!! I was out riding around all day yesterday, taking pictures of the trees, which aren't in 'full color' yet, but I want to get pictures of them all the way through the fall.
This first picture on here is a dog going crazy barking at me. I thought it was totally funny, it sounded like a little kid yelling at me.."Get off my property!!"
The second picture is where my 2 best friends in 8th grade lived...they were sisters, and only 10 months apart! Their poor mom! I can't imagine getting the news that you're pregnant a month after you had your first baby!! Holy crap!! ('course, I can't imagine getting the news I was gonna have a second baby at all , ya know?)
Anyway, these were the sisters whose dad got transferred to Texas that year, and I went to Houston for 2 weeks to stay with them the summer before my 9th grade year. Man, did we have fun! I got to meet and go out with a rodeo guy, that's what he did for a living! Actually, we met a ton of guys, and we'd sneak out of the house after their mom & dad were asleep at night. I saw a t-shirt the other day that totally describes my attitude at that time..."Of course I know the difference between right & wrong...wrong is FUN!!". lol! They were the ones that had the beach house in Galveston too, and we were there for a few days too! Geez, this house has some fun memories in's one of the first places I ever got drunk, we split a bottle of Wild bottle, between 3 8th grade girls? hahaha! That's also one of the first places I ever got high too. We drank a ton of peach-flavored Hi-C...and ate everything in the refrigerator! Geez. What a memory...
When you think back in your life, do you remember the 'intersections', where you had to choose whether to turn right, or left, or straight ahead, or, for God's sake, just stop, or make a U-turn? And do you think that you made the right choice now? How do you ever know?

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