Wednesday, October 10, 2007

wednesday oct 10!

Wow, it's kinda been a busy week so far. haha, not really...I haven't done much of anything, just keep the house clean...

Joe called the other night, and we were discussing some of the movies we like, And decided we need to watch "The Butterfly Effect" (his choice), "Mr Destiny" (my choice), & "1408" (both of our choices)! Well, I think he has to see "My Father The Hero" too, because Gerard Depardiux's character is SO him!! He's teaching at the middle school here in town, which has to be hard! Because back when we were in middle school, there were 3 of 'em in town, plus the catholic school (where he went). They went by 'classes' of students, by our standards, you know how kids are. There was school A, & B, & C. So, this year or last, when they restructured all the school system in town, all 3 middle schools (6, 7, 8 grades) are now together at one school. That's the school he's teaching at right now. He told me last night that he's never felt so much hormones crammed together in his life!! And that no teachers hang around after school because after the day, the school stinks!! hahahaha!! I asked why, and he said, think about's middle school, they have phys ed, I don't think most of them take showers afterwards, they're so young, they really don't seem to know about how important deodorant is...OMG!! Oh, I wish parents taught their kids the basics!!
I absolutely love the 'house of stone & glass' up above!! Every time I go past it, that song gets stuck in my head!! The only thing better than a house built of wood with no aluminum siding, just paint, is a stone house!
I talked to Mom on the phone Sunday for about an hour! She's actually feeling better now, but she did tell me she's really getting sick of people 'nagging' her to eat!! I told her...ok, I'll let you use the line I used every time you told me to clean my room as a teenager..."I'll do it because I want to, not because you tell me to!" hahahaha!! She said she'd forgotten that!! I'm gonna get out there to see her ASAP! Actually, I had a dr appt for today at 2 pm, but when I called the bus yesterday, they were too full to pick me up!! So I changed the dr apt to 5 Friday, and the bus'll pick me up at 4:30 Friday. Actually, I'm glad to hear the bus has so many riders~! There ARE 12 buses!! The only reason I have to see this dr, is to have him refill my ritalin! They won't refill a 'controlled substance' unless they see you...peeee-shaw~!
Oh well...I like this dr!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!