Thursday, October 04, 2007

Oct 4...Tif's birthday party was FUN!!

This is one of the BEST birthday presents Tif got last night!! I HAVE to get one of these!! I've loved the Hello Kitty stuff since it came out back when I was, like,12!!

And, the rest of this is just funny stuff, The Far Side books I'm reading all the time! Cuz, it's time for

funny for awhile...
Well, not all funny, but...anyway, Mom's back at the nursing home. I called her yesterday and we talked, and I also talked to her nurse separately later, and Mom said she's okay, just tired, her nurse says she just is kinda acting like she's not interested in anything, just sleeping a lot..that's hard to hear...partially because that's exactly how I feel now too! I really had higher hopes for these prednisone pills, for some more energy during the day, but, it's not happenin'!
Okay, on Tif's birthday, Tuesday, her boyfriend sent her 2 dozen red roses to work! How cool is that?? And he was telling us all at the party that he's taking her out of town for the weekend...I'm thinkin' "No, not Vegas, to get married!" But, no, not Vegas, but he won't tell anyone where...he has 'plans'. And that is SO cool!! She ALWAYS ends up with great guys...and if she doesn't, they're gone! Now, that's what we've always wanted her to be able to do!! (yeah, this is the cute boyfriend from Labor Day...but they were together at the beginning of the summer).
We were going outside on the back patio last night for 'smoke breaks' (no, not Tif!), and after I'd come inside once, I heard someone say "Look!". And someone else said "Eeeeeeewwwww....that's a 'wolf spider'!" I've never seen one, but Kevin said they have a 'face', that's how big they are!! Oh shit, I'm glad I don't live there!! I can handle bugs & spiders, just not ones with faces!!! Of's not like one of the those spiders can't get from there to would be a straight 6 block walk down a street, or if it wanted some excitement, it could go through the yards...!
Truman is being the BEST kitty now! He must've realized that every time Mommy called him a 'Bad Boy', it wasn't necessarily a compliment!! Instead of sleeping out here on the couch, he's actually coming in to bed & curling up beside me! Now, that's never happened before! Hmmmmm...flattery will get him everywhere, ya know?
All right, I think its 'nappy-time', again, which really sucks~!

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