Friday, October 12, 2007

friday night...

See? I'm trying to convince myself how nice one-story houses are...nope...can't do it. Well, they're 'nice', but there's no way in hell they'll ever convince me that they look as good! That's the childhood curse you carry from growing up in a huge two story house, with a front and back stairway...

Today was my appointment at the dr's office in the 'clinic'. It was for 5 o'clock pm, which I had asked "Are you sure?" when they made it, but they said yeah, they're open til 6. So the bus picked me up here at 4:30, I was at the dr's at 5...usually the appt's only 15 minutes or so, but...this time...they were busy and the dr didn't call me till 5:20! And I had told the bus guy to pick me up at 5:30, which is their last pick-up! I went up to the receptionist's window at 5:20 & told the lady that I had to be outside to ride the bus at 5:30. She was like, "OMG, I'll have the dr come out & write your rx right now! And if you're too late to get the bus, I'll take you home!" I just kinda laughed and said "Thanks...and what'll we do with this thing?", and pointed at the motorized w/c. Then we just both stood there and laughed! It turns out she's the doctor's wife. The dr came out and wrote my rx, I went over and got in the elevator to go down to the first floor...on the way down, I looked closer to the was the right med, but to someone else!! Awwwww, holy crap! So I got to the first floor, turned right around and went back up to the 2nd, the dr was right there with MY rx in his hand. I traded him, said thanks, went back to the 1st, when the doors opened, his wife was standing there, she'd come down to catch me!! How hectic! Oh well...everything worked out. I'm really glad I'm not the type to freak out if stuff's not perfect! Geez, look how far I've come from my first 'bus ride', a week ago!

Truman's, well, he got that taste of being outside, and I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT!! He's always at the door meowing, whether I'm in here or outside! And if I'm outside trying to come in, I have to FIGHT him to get through the door without him getting out!! The little butthead! I keep telling him if he gets out, there'll be nobody out there to give him fresh ice water and a big bowl of Deli-Cat!! Then he'll be sorry! I'll make him knock on the door and beg to get back in!! hahahaha *evil laugh*

The other big gray 'outside' cat that belongs to the people across the street...Edgar, remember? Well, it actually turns out that "Edgar" is a girl!! How funny is that?? No, she's not pregnant, but the guy that owns her told me that! They just got a new bassett hound puppy, too. I was outside the other day talking with all the kids that were selling stuff for school & Midget football, and the puppy, 'Gracie', came flying out the door and tackled Edgar, took her down, and got on top of her, like a wrestler or something! I wish I would've had my camera!!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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