Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oct 30, 2007...

I had SO much fun today! Just LOOK at the weather, wouldja?? I couldn't have asked for a prettier day! And it was about 65 degrees most of the time I was out. And, actually, tomorrow is supposed to be just as nice, and even a couple degrees warmer! I'm figuring these'll be the last really perfect days this year!
I didn't get to go candy shopping yesterday, I was getting ready to leave here, and I got the flu and
the chills & the pukey-feeling that you get with the flu!! Holy mother-of-God, what was up with this shit?? So instead of heading out on my scooter, I went and crawled in bed, and called Tif & asked her to please bring me the biggest, baddest bottle of Pepto she could find, PLEASE?? So she did, and after a few hourse I was okay, but by then it was dark!! Oh well....I was fine today, and took a bunch of extra pictures, and bought
a bunch of extra Halloween candy, just to make up for it! When I got home tonite, I had a great big box on my fronnt porch, one of the things I ordered for Christmas (decorations, not presents). The neighbor across the street was outside, and she came running over to help me get it in the house. That was so nice, she came in, and we unpacked it, and sat & talked awhile. And, really, how bad is this?...We've never even met in the 8 or 9 yrs we've both lived here!! I'm pretty ashamed of myself. She's home all day, every day, too, her husband works (the 16 yr old's dad). Gawd! And we live straight across the street from each other...a one-lane street, our driveways line up exactly! So after she left, her son came over, and then his little sister, then the Midget football cheerleader!! But, OMG, I forgot how neat it is to listen to kids 13-15 years old! And, yes, I did give them all the gruesome gummy body parts they wanted! But I DID make them promise to eat all their dinner! They were eating all the eyeballs, fingers, etc...
No, I didn't get any chocolate for tomorrow...they're little kids...THEY wouldn't fully appreciate chocolate!! But I got everything else & then some! Tootsie Roll pops, Nerds, Lemonheads, Halloween Pops, Graveyard Gummies, bubble gum, little rolls of Lifesavers...ha! I WILL NOT run out of candy this year!!
Joe called & we talked for a minute, he gets his kids tomorrow, so I'll probly see them then!
Okay, I'm getting tireder...have to get rested for tomorrow's pictures!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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