Monday, October 22, 2007

a monday, but i made it home before it started raining!!

This is the "cutest couple" at the Halloween party last Saturday night!!
Yeah, THIS is the time of year I've been waiting for!!

How weird, one side of the street has leaves, and the other doesn't!

Well, I still need to get out & buy a bunch of Halloween candy!! Our mayor announced a few years ago that trick-or-treat would ALWAYS be on Oct 31st, which is great!! So I have awhile to get it!
So I went out today riding around, didn't go anywhere except out taking pictures of everything!! Ended up getting about 50 of 'em, and I didn't even get far enough to get the part of town I wanted to, cuz it was getting ready to rain, so I got home about 15 minutes before it!!
This is pretty much all I've been doing lately. Well, Joe came over Saturday night and we just hung out for a few hours, before he had to go to work at the bar he's worked at for about 15 years. And...he's a teacher!! haha!! Why did we never have cool teachers like that when we were young?? And cute, too!! Well, I had a ninth grade teacher that always got high, it was very well known by even the principal, but he was such a good teacher, they never bitched at him about his permanently red eyes!! Teachers used to be allowed to be SO much stricter than they are now!! I remember in the 8th grade that the big fat guy in history class got shitty with the teacher, and the teacher made him go out in the hall with him, and he SLAMMED him into the wall of lockers! The teacher was bigger & stronger, so it was not a big deal for him!! We know he did that, cuz one of the people in the class sneaked over & was watching out the door!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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