Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday already??

I took all day yesterday riding up and down the streets around here, tking pictures of neat stuff. Probly looked like an idiot, but I had fun!
I like the Halloween spiderwebs on top of the bushes, with the flowers in front!

And I can't remember what kind of cabbage this is, but I DO remember selling it in the produce depts forever ago!!

And I just like this!

I called Mom this morning around 9:30, and we were on the phone for about an hour, just talking about stuff. She says she's eating more, which I'm glad to hear. She says she's getting physical therapy every morning, but she said she's not sure it helps..but I know for a fact it is, she is walking, is able to stand up from sitting in a wheelchair, her balance is pretty good...I know exactly why she's saying it's not working, because she bitched hard about doing it, but, I do too, and it really DOES help! But I do know that the job of being a physical therapist must be one of the toughest, making people do things that they've ALREADY proven they can do. Like me, bend my legs right..yeah, I can do it, I just choose not to, if I don't have to...hahaha! See? The best of us can be really friggin' lazy!
We also talked about some of our favorite authors & books...Betty MacDonald, 'Mrs Piggle Wiggle' books, 'The Egg and I'; Catherine Cookson, James Herriot, all the books about him being a vet:, ...and way many others~! I finally got a chance to tell her thanks for teaching me to read, and to love books as much as she does before I started kindergarten, I'm also really lucky that she's still here that I can tell her I love her every time I talk to her!
Hey, my friend, S, from Australia, IM'd me last night at 2am, and we talked for at least an hour, mostly about her new business, and about America, Europe, & Oz! To hear her talk, it seems that everyone in Australia is VERY sick of John Howard (their prime minister)! Can't say I blame them...he's been in office for 11 years!! No term limits there! Auuuuugggghhhhhh!! You HAVE to admit, that'd drive you crazy, even if you voted for the guy at first! She was trying to explain Australia's Labor Party, etc...pheeww. Boy, will that be a job for her! lol!
Hey, I have a question for everybody...did anybody ever watch 'The Big Blue Marble' tv show, when they were kids?? It was all about getting kids to become pen pals (yes, real pen & paper!!) all over the world! I joined and had 3 pen pals, one guy from France, one guy from Japan, and one girl in England. And I actually met and stayed for a couple days with the girl in England, when we were in London on vacation when I was 13! She and her family lived in another town, but Mom & Dad got me over there on a bus! How cool is that?
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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