Sunday, July 30, 2006

i'm actually missing jenga (but DO NOT tell truman!)

I did almost less than nothing today...(I sound like I'm proud of that shit, don't I?). Well, it was really, really hot outside today, so I didn't go out, I went from sitting on the bed in front of that air conditioner reading, stretched out & took a nap. then came out here to the dining room, plopped down here in front of the computer, & the huge air conditioner, and I've only been up from here to pee & take a shower...(it's a good thing I got up to pee, huh? I'd hate to be sitting in a puddle now...).

Well, I did watch some movies today. I turned on the media center tv in the computer, and checked out all the movie channels we get with digital cable, and I found "Flight Plan", which I had rented the first day it was out, and it was excellent. First "Independence Day" was on, so I watched that too. And I caught something in that movie that I hadn't before. Okay, get this...aliens are positioning their huge craft over our major cities...the people who are there to reassure us & protect us are on tv saying, "Don't panic...If you decide to leave the city, please go in an orderly fashion." Correct me if I'm wrong, but...if you can't panic now, when the hell are you supposed to?? And it seems to me that the minute somebody says, "Don't panic.", you fucking know that there's something to panic about!

I would love to know if there's any way that a person could possibly 'grow out' of OCD! Because, everything I see on the Discovery Health Channel about it...well, those behaviors were me, before I got to the 6th grade! I had to do something a certain number of times, had to go up the stairs stepping only on certain steps, had to hold my breath if I walked past a person who looked different, or 'yucky', etc...but nobody ever knew about any of that. I don't think those are normal behaviors for a kid under the age of 12 or so, are they? But from what I've heard & watched about OCDs, you just don't get over them that easily, do ya? And I have none of that left at all. At least as far as I know...of course...maybe people in my life are just being polite and not telling me...naaahhhh, people in my life aren't that polite.

Well, shit, it's 3:30 am, and I really oughtta go to bed and quit watching the Health Channel, before I end up with nightmares. The worst shows ever on here is shows about kids who are born with something wrong with them...I thank God all the time that Tif had nothing wrong with her! I could never be pregnant now, knowing everything that could go wrong with a baby during pregnancy!

Okay...update on my mom...I call her every morning to see how she is, and she always says she's fine, but, you know how moms are...they wouldn't tell you if their heads fell off & they were kicking around on the kitchen floor to find it (you know...the eyes are in the head, remember?). She's only had 2 chemo treatments so far, and in my opinion, why have they waited so long to start them? And she told me yesterday that she's not gonna get any for 2 weeks, because her oncologist is gonna be on vacation...HUH??? She said, oh well, he doesn't want anybody else to handle it while he's gone. I'm sorry, but I lost it! I said, "What in the hell are you talking about?? It's his's your freakin' life!!!" She said "Now Libby, he's going to have to go on vacation sometime, and somebody's going to get sicker while he's gone" And I said, "Maybe he should've thought about that before he decided to go into oncology, and he should've opened an office for family practice or something!!"

But when the PA went over what's gonna happen with the chemo...she was told that with the low dose she's going to get, she shouldn't have a problem with getting sick & puking, but her hair will fall out. And she totally lost her appetite after the first time. I asked her if she wanted to come over and smoke a joint with me, but she politely demurred...not that I have any, but, for my mom, I'd send Tif somewhere to buy the shit! Or make her take me to buy it! Cuz I'm sure she doesn't get high, but I know for a fact that she has friends that do. Then after I got off the phone with her, I started wanting to rip my tongue out...I actually asked the person who's been closest to me for my whole life if she wanted to smoke ANYTHING!! She has fucking stage 4 lung cancer, fakkrissakes!!

Okay, that's it...done...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

thursday, july 27

Believe it or not...I'm 'babysitting' my granddog today, because I asked to!! Jenga stayed overnight with Tif last night...God, how did I EVER get to like this dog this much?? I've tried, but just never 'connected' with any dogs before, but she is so well-behaved!! Almost as nice & calm as Truman, but, well...nahhhh. It was really funny this morning. She came downstairs & looked around the corner, and Truman was right there in her face!! And she actually jumped!! LOL!! I guess I have fun with her because I can let her out back in the fenced-in yard, and see her run around & act like she's fierce, you know, barking at the dog she can't see on the other side of the fence! Funny thing is...I KNOW that dog, and Jenga would be half a mouthful for it!! So I guess it's a good thing for her that we have a 6-foot wood fence around the yard!!
I called Mousie up north yesterday. That was funny too, cuz her daughter was the one that answered the phone, and I swear, I thought for sure it was Mouse! They sound exactly the same! They both have really cute voices, almost like Minnie Mouse! She's been pretty disgusted with the college classes she just got done taking, though, cuz she's been looking for a job in that 'growing field' of medical insurance billing & coding for months, and she said that every place she's talked to (like hospitals, dr's ofcs, etc), well, they all want people with experience! Man, do I remember that line from when I was young, trying to find a job...."how am I gonna get experience if nobody'll ever give me a chance?" And I bet it really sucks for Mouse, cuz she's my, of course....she's too old to hire! She does start a job Monday doing something else (that she doesn't like!). And I said that'll help, cuz it's MUCH easier to find a job when you already have one! I remember when I worked in grocery stores, if somebody put in an application and they didn't have a job now, well, that app got filed in the trash. Cuz, well, if you aren't already used to getting up and showing up every day for work, it's pretty likely you won't immediately pick up the habit....but, oh, well, that was many years ago, I'm sure it's different now...(hopefully).
Cool...'Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion' is on! And on that note...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

wednesday again, already....

Hey, I'm back!! Nope, I didn't actually GO anywhere, just, well, to be perfectly honest, I didn't fuckin' feel like writing, okay??

Tif gave me a total makeover on Monday...and I'm SO glad I turned her loose on my hair, cuz she did the right thing, and I finally had the guts to leave her alone & quit saying, "No, do it like this!" So, keep in mind, this is the first time I've changed my hairstyle in about 15's now totally blonde with brown underneath, chin-length, and straight!! I love it!! I told her that I'm totally impressed with her being able to look at a picture in a magazine, and know how to give me that cut! She said 'Mom, that's what I was in school for 2 1/2 years for!!' But, c'mon...lots of people were in that school for that long...and THEY can't do it!! Kevin pointed out that she is so totally talented at this stuff, she can pretty much look at a hairstyle and know whether it's something that'll work with their hair. Then she went skippin' into the bathroom, and grabbed her big ol' makeup case, and pushed me back down in the chair! So, all in all, that was Monday, from noon until about 6 or 7!
So, other than that, I've just been doing normal 'summer stuff'. Oh, and I opened my latest eBay shipment last night. I got 6 hardcover/dustjacketed books for....a penny!!! (+ shipping, of course). But, I was up at 3 am opening the box, & they're all in perfect condition! So...6 brand new books that I wanted for 7.95 ....doesn't get much better than that, now, does it??
The other night I was out in the kitchen making a sandwich, and all of a sudden, I turned around to get something else out of the refrigerator, and there was Jenga, Tif & Zak's dog!! She was just standing there looking up at me with those cute little hopeful eyes ( THAT'S what the expression 'puppy dog eyes' means!), wagging the piece of fluff attached to her butt.
A few nights ago, I heard my old favorite video game in the living room! It was Mario Kart!! They had dug out the Nintendo 64 from upstairs and hooked it all up down here. They also had Mario Golf, Super Mario Bros, and all the other games down here! WooHoo!! I think all those games are SO much more fun than all the X-Box shit! Plus, I think if it was me, I'd have tried to upgrade the first X-Box somehow, because none of the X-Box games from the first one work with this new-ish one. Yuk...and it's all "boy games"...which are okay, but not 100% of the time! Of course, Kevin always has to remind us that Nintendo is for little girls & housewives...which, ummmm, think about it...who are we??
Okay, I guess I'm done...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Is this one of the cutest things you've ever seen?? Okay, maybe it's not for you, but I love to see them staring down each other!

Kim & I went to Wal-Mart yesterday, and took her 12-year old son...just to do some shopping & goof off like we used to...because, kids, always remember..."having fun & acting silly & being a total smartass is the secret to a long & happy life"...( if I'd know). But it's done well for me so far.
We all had a really good time yesterday. Kim even called me later, to tell me as soon as they dropped me off, her boy said 'That was fun, Mom. Libby's hilarious!" I think I had even more fun than him, though, cuz I had one of those big, ugly, stupid-looking electric carts (yeah, there's the damn attitude again..), and we were all over that store, I'm not kidding, for about 3 hours!! First we went over to the shampoo & soap side, & walked around, and her son, A3, was doing the same thing everybody does when they're looking at liquid soap or shampoo...every lid off, and smelling all of them. So, of course, I had to pull the cart up beside him every once in a while, and just at the right time when he was sniffing, squeeze the bottle a little bit so he got a noseful of it! Or I'd quietly pull around a corner by A3, and be right beside him looking at him, and all of a sudden, I'd start beeping the silly little horn.
It was really neat having somebody else with us that we could say "Oh, crap! I forgot to get that box of chicken-in-a-biskit crackers, and they're all the way back there!" and he'd head off in that direction. Hey, at least I never took the box and, when his back was turned, put it on a shelf and left it there! Now, when I was his age I definitely woulda done that to Kim! So, I'm maturing, right? Kinda...but a few aisles later, I'd say, "Oh!! Damn, I saw a huge, enormous middle aisle display of some chocolate chip cookies back there, and I just zoomed on past, but I meant to grab a couple...", and then I'd look up at that cute little boy, and give him the sad, puppy-dog eyes. Voila! So I got one package of choc chip with fudge stripes, and one pack of choc chip with m&m's!
I also did Kim a favor, and told her how to buy produce when we went down that aisle. I saw the kind of salad I wanted, and reached for the one on the back end of the row. Kim's like, "Quit it!! What are ya doing? You're gonna get in trouble!!", and I told her that after 10 years of running a produce department, I know where the freshest stuff is! Or should be, anyway... (it was).
Then to the register...get thru it, pay, and I'm riding the cart to the front door, then noticed an older lady in one in front of me...I pulled up beside her & said "wanna race?". Hey, at least I got her to smile....
We get home here & they're helping me put away the stuff. I pulled my pack of watermelon bubble gum outta the bag, and say 'hey look! i found good old regular watermelon bubble gum!'. Kim looks over at it, and said 'did you buy that?'. Hmmm...I just pointed at her son, and said 'Of course not! I had him steal it!'
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

received in email today, from Joe's (ny best friend in my 20's) mom

As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back.
Don't be afraid that your life will end,be afraid that it will never begin.~anonymous

I think this came at a perfect time in my life!


Monday, July 17, 2006

Kim & I now, a few days, not the pictures!!

Message to all bloggers...puh-leez do not do this, no matter how hot it is outside, it's just painful for the rest of us!!

So I finally called Kim last night, and told her again that I'm sorry I might've gone overboard on her, and she said she was sorry for doing that at the funeral. And, just like I knew we would, that's all we said, and we're back to normal...(good thing too..otherwise all I'd be doing is bitching on here...oh, I already am!! lol!). Well, we just got off the phone, again, I called her today at, that was, like an hour and a half...! Can you say 'high school' all over again?
Tif told me yesterday that she was out in the back of the kitchen folding her laundry Friday night. She heard the people next door out in their pool, splashing around, and laughing. They've lived there for about 10 yrs, have kids that are only a little younger than Tif, we talk...So, Tif learned a big friggin' lesson that night...she pulled the curtain back to look at the pool...and Burt was naked standing on the side getting ready to dive in!! She got done telling me & Zak that, then she's like, "Eeeeewww, Mom!! He's probably your age!!" That was only a little bit funny...
Then I asked her what was she gonna do next time Burt came to the door to have Kev come over & fix his computer? I would pay to see her look him in the face...I'll try to get a picture of it for everybody!
Kim and I also got all over some, well, ok, a lot of weird know how you're sitting there talking to a friend, and you get a "remember when..." moment? We went from my second French teacher in 9th grade (who was a really fat cow...too many French pastries, no doubt...) and the fact that a couple years later she married my geometry that didn't make a picture you'd want to think about much...ya know...once you see something, you can't unsee it. She was 25 and he was almost 70, & he was all nasty, & wrinkly, and saggy and stuff.
And the fact that you can't walk into any school lunchroom any more without tripping over more Coke & Pepsi machines than at, like, a gameroom or somewhere! I said that really sucked, cuz OUR generation wasn't fat....but the only pop machine was 1 in the teacher's lounge, that you could see when a teacher came out of there...if the smoke from their cigarettes in there wasn't too thick to see through. I think all they should get at school is milk, or water, or 100% juice!
And the fact that for some reason, A, Kim's daughter, is a lot like I was in school...only with even better grades! No kidding, she got straight A's all through school, started taking college classes in her junior year + high school...I still say I was smarter, though, cuz she got caught doing stuff she shouldn'tve done all the time...but I was slick!
And how when her house got struck by lightning the other night & fried 4 tv's, a laptop that was plugged in & charging, and their desktop computer, too, it was actually something we laughed our asses off at, because she told me that her husband had just come back in after going back out to close the windows in the car that she had left open, and was doing the ol' "Shit, motherf******, dammit!!", she said 'hey! it's Sunday! Don't say that stuff!" (she goes to church every week...he doesn't). And all of a sudden, there was a big crack of thunder, and the lights went out!
And the fact that she bought a Kirby vacuum cleaner from one of those door-to-door salesmen for over $500.00 a while ago, because she hates to vacuum, and he must have been one helluva salesman, because she was telling me the next day, "Oh, it's gonna make it SO easy! It does this, & this, & this, oh, and that too! And it has all these attachments and stuff!" I just said, "Uh huh" at that time, cuz I freakin' know better...I dated a guy who sold Kirby sweepers, & I got the "dirt" on that sales pitch years ago!! Now she's had it for about 4 months, and she HATES it! She wants her old upright back that only cost about $100, and you can get 'em at WalMart..."It wasn't this aggravating & there's too much stuff with it, and it's all heavy....". lol!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Kim & I currently...

Truthfully...I think HE did it...but maybe that's just me!! And, the other one is me & Tif 21 years ago. Weren't we cute? haha! Keep in mind, this was a few years before my nose job...
Okay, and hopefully, this is the last post I have that's not a happy one...I'd like to get some opinions about what I did...
Kim called me last night, and I was really honest about why I hadn't called her for the last few days...
She went up & talked to my cousin, Boo, at Dad's funeral about the fact that she thinks I'd feel better if I got out more. Hmmm...last I knew, she was not a fucking psychologist...nor did I EVER tell her that it would be okay for her to talk to a third party about something I had talked to Kim in confidence about. To me, it's not her business to go talk to someone else about my 'problems'! Yes, I had talked to Boo about my 'restlessness', but that was MY BUSINESS!! I sure as hell don't need anyone analyzing me with my cousin behind my fucking back!! The other thing is, Boo lives am hour away, she has 4 kids, she's a teacher, and works with her kids a lot...Basically, why would you tell someone who has absolutely no fucking way to help with it?? Boo can't get down here all the time to take me out, for God's sake!! And I'd never ask anyone to, anyway!! When I want to go somewhere, I ask Tiffany!! Or someone!! God!! Please sew Kim's mouth shut RIGHT NOW!! I just was honest with her last night on the phone, told her how 'hurtful' that was for her to do! By then I had tears running down my face, and Tif & Zak were sitting here. Tif came over beside me and put her arm around me, and whispered, "Mom, just hang up on that bitch!! She's stupid!!" Needless to say, Tif HATES Kim! Can you tell?
I told her that no, I wouldn't hang up on her, we've been best friends since we were 12, and if we can't straighten this out by being honest, well, I'll be done! By then, Kim was crying too, and apologizing, and I told her I accept the apology, but I wanna go, & I'll call her back today. In your opinions, was I wrong??
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I'm back!

These all look like fun, right? The gray cat on the Christmas present is Truman, our cat! And the other two, I found just surfing around on here. A really good website to go to is !

I need to tell all of you...thank you SO MUCH for all the good wishes & prayers on my last post! They truly did make me feel better, just knowing there are so many nice people out there!! So, thank you all!!

The calling hours and funeral went really well. I saw lots of family I hadn't seen in years! I was taken by surprise when a guy, I had no idea who he was, came up to the wheelchair I was sitting in, & said 'Libby!' I said yeah, and looked at him, trying to think if he looked even a little bit familiar. Uh-uh..I didn't recognize him, but all of a sudden, he bent down & gave me a huge hug, and said "Oh, I haven't seen you since you were two!! You look great!! Remember me? I'm your Cousin Bobby!!" WAY did I remember him from when I was 2!! But he was nice, a little odd, but nice. He was the son of one of Dad's sisters. The only thing I remember from Dad's family in Michigan is that I went to one of my cousins' (not Bobby) birthday party one time, and after she blew out the candles on the cake, and they put a piece on my plate, I went to Mom and buried my face in her skirt, and kinda was crying, and said "Mommy, I don't want cake! Snif, snif...she spitted on it when she blew out the candles!!" Well, she probably did!! She's slow, and maybe a little retarded. Of course, it's most of their family's opinion that her mom & dad made her that way... :-/

Anyway, the next day at the funeral was very hard. I'm sure it was a lot harder for Bro, cuz he went up and gave the first part of the eulogy, and he did good, but choked up at the end...& that's when I started crying...and I didn't stop til we were all on the way to the cemetary. Bro asked Kev to be a pallbearer, so he did. And this is very bad, because Kevin said he's never been to a funeral as an adult, without being a pallbearer. I felt bad for him. He told me after we got home, the casket was the heaviest he's ever felt, even though my dad only weighed about 104 lbs!! It was a pecan wood, looked beautiful (as beautiful as a casket can look, anyway.) I guess that's like someone saying, "Oh, you should get that wheelchair! It's gorgeous!" (&, yes, I have heard that!).

Anyway, I'm just amazed at how much everything costs! Casket, 3,100...crypt that has to go in the ground with the casket in it, 1,300...death notices for all the banks & stuff, 20.00 apiece (& we got 10!)...the things that go in the newspaper, well, each paper charges different, but the one I remember is, Detroit Free Press, 395.00! Did I say, "Free Press"? Hmmmph...

And that's all I remember, although I'm sure there's a lot more!!

After the burial, we went over to my Uncle "Sam's" house for food, cuz they had all kinds of stuff there (you know...funerals bring out the cook in everyone!). That uncle is my mom's younger brother, and after we left there, we drove all around, and I pointed out all the houses that Mom's family owns. There's about 6 of her family members that live in the area, about a five-mile area, in the country, they're farmers, & they sell seeds (not pot, you idiots!), the uncle that inherited my Grandma's house raises's just cool up there! One of my ancestors got an autograph from Andrew Jackson, when he was up in that area (I guess walking around!) on a sheepskin, and they still have it! Yeah. I used to think this was all boring and shit, but now I love it!! I even looked up my family on the web, and found the woman I was named after, my mom's Grandma!

All right....'nuff about that...


Saturday, July 08, 2006

summer 2006...

Yup, life truly does suck this year. My dad died yesterday afternoon at the nursing home. Tiff & I rode to the funeral home this am with Bro & his son, & met Mom & Psycho up's in a town about 45 min north of us, cuz Mom & Dad have had burial plots in a cemetary up there close to my Mom's family's farm for about 25 years...they have the gravestone already with their names on it. I think I'm still in shock with all that's going on this summer...and, no matter how bad I feel, I have to multiply that by, oh, infinity, for my mom, because she had her 'port' for her chemo that she's gonna get for her lung cancer, implanted yesterday morning, before this happened. Then today, we went to the funeral home to set everything up for the visitation & funeral..then Mom & Psycho had to get back to town, because Mom had an appointment with her oncologist to schedule the chemo. Oh, and by the way...their 56th wedding anniversary would have been July 18th. Oh, this is really bad...I still think I'm in shock or something, I haven't lost it, but I'm sure that's coming Sunday, after the calling hrs. It still feels unreal, like it's someone else's life I'm living...what was really strange was when the director asked us this morning how many death certificates we thought we'd need, you know, for the banks, the investment places, insurance places, etc...I guess that was very odd to hear that phrase used in the same sentence with my dad's name. Can't write anymore...I probably won't be around for a few days...


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Day...

Happy Fourth of July!!

Kim Jong-Il thinks he's a bad-ass, trying to intimidate the world by firing 2 medium-range rockets today...and the news just reported that they think N Korea fired the long-range missile that could reach the United States. (they did, but it failed a couple seconds into it..haha!)
Unfortunately for Kim Jong-Il, a lot of the whole problem, and reason this is taking place is pretty obvious to all. I think he's really jealous that, right now, Iran is getting the world's attention, by working on their nuclear program. America is much more concerned with Iran and their nuclear plans right now. You know what I think could be a good idea? The leaders of both nations are such babyish little control freaks (especially N Korea!) that, maybe, just maybe, that could work to everyone's advantage. You know...tell Kim Jong-Il something about "Man, that Iran is getting so close to having a nuke! They're scaring the shit out of everyone!'s such a relief that everybody knows that N Korea is too weak with everything...can't feed their own people, have to have armed guards at the Chinese border to keep their people IN !! Geez...Iran's leader must have his country under his thumb...people that live there could go if they wanted to, but they must like him!" Meanwhile, KJI is standing there just gritting his teeth, waiting til he's alone and can stomp his tiny little feet and pound his tiny little fist on something!
After the person talking leaves, KJI runs down the hallway & grabs the phone, and sets a nuke up immediately to fire at Iran. Iran gets this news, and loads a nuke directed at NK, which it also fires immediately. Voila...

Monday, July 03, 2006


Here I go again...just remembering this house...I haven't been over by it again, I swore I wouldn't after the man that bought it from Mom & Dad in 1986 died. He took care of it so well for the 20 years he had it, I went over and went through it again and took Kev & his mom through it....and that was awesome to see it again. I moved out April 8, 1983, and went back through it April 6, 2003. I didn't even plan for it to be almost 20 years to the day! The old picture was taken in about 1929...the man standing there used to be President Harding's secretary, and lived in this house with his parents. And, yes, when I went back through it, there were a few things in the attic that were mine. I left 'em, they belong with that house...and that's what they told me after I said that!

I was continuing my thinking about what I wrote about last night, and you can actually follow that thought to a pretty logical conclusion.

Some women that don't have a strong sense of who they are while they're growing up, can be flattered by the first guy that pays attantion to her, and likes the attention...sometimes it's good attention, sometimes not. That can be a pattern that happens through life, and it obviously needs some help to get it stopped!

If it doesn't, it kinda stands to reason that that's where physical abuse starts. And, first of all, I've never had to deal with that personally, the first time that temper showed up, I was gone. I think that's because I was lucky enough to have Bro around...he wasn't Mr Badass, but...would any teenage guy (or older, even) be stupid enough to even think about touching a girl who had 2 older brothers?

But I have known lots of girls, in high school and beyond, that have nobody to tell them that they deserve better! Somehow, the girls/women that let this go on, seem to think they're lesser than the guys they're with. And, no matter how many times you try to explain it to them, all this means is that the guy who hits & disrespects his woman is so insecure it's not able to be hidden from the world! Well, the other guys that are like that can admire his 'control', but no thinking person...but, to me, it seems that the guys that act like that, are still in their high school or younger mindset. They are so afraid of losing control of anything, they refuse to share that 'control'. I dunno...I'm just kinda rambling now. I honestly have no personal reason to think about this, but I do know way too many girls and women that deal with this. Maybe I've read too many blogs that talk about this...

Anyway, I absolutely have to go, the movie 'Throw Momma From The Train' just started, and I LOVE that movie!!

"Owen! Owen!!" I got pretty good at Momma's voice in the 80's, when the movie first came out.


Saturday, July 01, 2006

deep thoughts...

...for such a shallow mind..

Is there a 'tipping point' at which age the power goes from girls to boys, and then in adulthood, women get it back?

Anyone who's been around boys & girls in elementary school age, girls seem to hold all the 'power'. Their brain games, with each other, and against the boys...well...they are devious!! But boys don't want to have anything to do with words at that age, it's all about who is tougher, who can hit harder, who has more toy cars, whose dad is better...yadayadayada. Meanwhile, the little girls who look so cute, and innocent you think they never had a bad thought in their heads are grouping together the cliques that they will pretty much be in for their whole school life, and you can always count on the fact that there will be a group of 3 little girls that will say they're 'best friends', but, for some reason, only 2 of them like each other at the same time...however, before they get to the 5th grade, they all get together and 'hate stupid boys' again. And one of the things girls start doing at a very young age and are accomplished at, is 'whispering', and telling secrets to each other, and about each other!

Then comes 6th grade through 9th grade...where, all of a sudden, all a girl wants is "a boyfriend"! And they'll do anything to get the guy they like, that's cute, etc. I think that might be the age that guys get it in their head that they're God's gift to women....after all, "if she likes me, I must be pretty good!!", without them even having to try! High school the power starts to shift, guys try to get the girls to go to bed with them,

A lot of times (the majority of times, unfortunately), they will. And most of the time, it really is true, guys talk bad about the girl for it...occasionally, the girl gets to blab to all her friends about the know, he has an undescended testicle, and winds up with the nickname "Uno" or something...didn't everyone know someone like that?

Then they graduate, go to college, get a job, etc, and most women seem to get a lot more confidence, and realize that "Pee-shaw! He's a lot more trouble than he's worth!", and we take the hike. And understand that next time they want a guy they choose, not the guy who chose them!

What proves the fact that women have a lot more power than men do...if they'd just stand up and take it? Do you have any kind of clue how much money a guy will pay to go to a bar and see a girl be confident enough to dance and take her clothes off? And how intimidating would that be for a guy? Yeah, he loves to see it, he can talk like he's a big strong "guy", however...when it comes right down to it...who has the power here? The women making the money, or the men who are sitting there watching them dance naked...AND PAYING FOR IT!! I never see bars that have guys that dance naked every night, and women paying to see it! How is it 'degrading' to all women when they aren't the ones paying? Hmmmm....