Thursday, July 27, 2006

thursday, july 27

Believe it or not...I'm 'babysitting' my granddog today, because I asked to!! Jenga stayed overnight with Tif last night...God, how did I EVER get to like this dog this much?? I've tried, but just never 'connected' with any dogs before, but she is so well-behaved!! Almost as nice & calm as Truman, but, well...nahhhh. It was really funny this morning. She came downstairs & looked around the corner, and Truman was right there in her face!! And she actually jumped!! LOL!! I guess I have fun with her because I can let her out back in the fenced-in yard, and see her run around & act like she's fierce, you know, barking at the dog she can't see on the other side of the fence! Funny thing is...I KNOW that dog, and Jenga would be half a mouthful for it!! So I guess it's a good thing for her that we have a 6-foot wood fence around the yard!!
I called Mousie up north yesterday. That was funny too, cuz her daughter was the one that answered the phone, and I swear, I thought for sure it was Mouse! They sound exactly the same! They both have really cute voices, almost like Minnie Mouse! She's been pretty disgusted with the college classes she just got done taking, though, cuz she's been looking for a job in that 'growing field' of medical insurance billing & coding for months, and she said that every place she's talked to (like hospitals, dr's ofcs, etc), well, they all want people with experience! Man, do I remember that line from when I was young, trying to find a job...."how am I gonna get experience if nobody'll ever give me a chance?" And I bet it really sucks for Mouse, cuz she's my, of course....she's too old to hire! She does start a job Monday doing something else (that she doesn't like!). And I said that'll help, cuz it's MUCH easier to find a job when you already have one! I remember when I worked in grocery stores, if somebody put in an application and they didn't have a job now, well, that app got filed in the trash. Cuz, well, if you aren't already used to getting up and showing up every day for work, it's pretty likely you won't immediately pick up the habit....but, oh, well, that was many years ago, I'm sure it's different now...(hopefully).
Cool...'Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion' is on! And on that note...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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