Saturday, July 01, 2006

deep thoughts...

...for such a shallow mind..

Is there a 'tipping point' at which age the power goes from girls to boys, and then in adulthood, women get it back?

Anyone who's been around boys & girls in elementary school age, girls seem to hold all the 'power'. Their brain games, with each other, and against the boys...well...they are devious!! But boys don't want to have anything to do with words at that age, it's all about who is tougher, who can hit harder, who has more toy cars, whose dad is better...yadayadayada. Meanwhile, the little girls who look so cute, and innocent you think they never had a bad thought in their heads are grouping together the cliques that they will pretty much be in for their whole school life, and you can always count on the fact that there will be a group of 3 little girls that will say they're 'best friends', but, for some reason, only 2 of them like each other at the same time...however, before they get to the 5th grade, they all get together and 'hate stupid boys' again. And one of the things girls start doing at a very young age and are accomplished at, is 'whispering', and telling secrets to each other, and about each other!

Then comes 6th grade through 9th grade...where, all of a sudden, all a girl wants is "a boyfriend"! And they'll do anything to get the guy they like, that's cute, etc. I think that might be the age that guys get it in their head that they're God's gift to women....after all, "if she likes me, I must be pretty good!!", without them even having to try! High school the power starts to shift, guys try to get the girls to go to bed with them,

A lot of times (the majority of times, unfortunately), they will. And most of the time, it really is true, guys talk bad about the girl for it...occasionally, the girl gets to blab to all her friends about the know, he has an undescended testicle, and winds up with the nickname "Uno" or something...didn't everyone know someone like that?

Then they graduate, go to college, get a job, etc, and most women seem to get a lot more confidence, and realize that "Pee-shaw! He's a lot more trouble than he's worth!", and we take the hike. And understand that next time they want a guy they choose, not the guy who chose them!

What proves the fact that women have a lot more power than men do...if they'd just stand up and take it? Do you have any kind of clue how much money a guy will pay to go to a bar and see a girl be confident enough to dance and take her clothes off? And how intimidating would that be for a guy? Yeah, he loves to see it, he can talk like he's a big strong "guy", however...when it comes right down to it...who has the power here? The women making the money, or the men who are sitting there watching them dance naked...AND PAYING FOR IT!! I never see bars that have guys that dance naked every night, and women paying to see it! How is it 'degrading' to all women when they aren't the ones paying? Hmmmm....


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