Monday, July 17, 2006

Kim & I now, a few days, not the pictures!!

Message to all bloggers...puh-leez do not do this, no matter how hot it is outside, it's just painful for the rest of us!!

So I finally called Kim last night, and told her again that I'm sorry I might've gone overboard on her, and she said she was sorry for doing that at the funeral. And, just like I knew we would, that's all we said, and we're back to normal...(good thing too..otherwise all I'd be doing is bitching on here...oh, I already am!! lol!). Well, we just got off the phone, again, I called her today at, that was, like an hour and a half...! Can you say 'high school' all over again?
Tif told me yesterday that she was out in the back of the kitchen folding her laundry Friday night. She heard the people next door out in their pool, splashing around, and laughing. They've lived there for about 10 yrs, have kids that are only a little younger than Tif, we talk...So, Tif learned a big friggin' lesson that night...she pulled the curtain back to look at the pool...and Burt was naked standing on the side getting ready to dive in!! She got done telling me & Zak that, then she's like, "Eeeeewww, Mom!! He's probably your age!!" That was only a little bit funny...
Then I asked her what was she gonna do next time Burt came to the door to have Kev come over & fix his computer? I would pay to see her look him in the face...I'll try to get a picture of it for everybody!
Kim and I also got all over some, well, ok, a lot of weird know how you're sitting there talking to a friend, and you get a "remember when..." moment? We went from my second French teacher in 9th grade (who was a really fat cow...too many French pastries, no doubt...) and the fact that a couple years later she married my geometry that didn't make a picture you'd want to think about much...ya know...once you see something, you can't unsee it. She was 25 and he was almost 70, & he was all nasty, & wrinkly, and saggy and stuff.
And the fact that you can't walk into any school lunchroom any more without tripping over more Coke & Pepsi machines than at, like, a gameroom or somewhere! I said that really sucked, cuz OUR generation wasn't fat....but the only pop machine was 1 in the teacher's lounge, that you could see when a teacher came out of there...if the smoke from their cigarettes in there wasn't too thick to see through. I think all they should get at school is milk, or water, or 100% juice!
And the fact that for some reason, A, Kim's daughter, is a lot like I was in school...only with even better grades! No kidding, she got straight A's all through school, started taking college classes in her junior year + high school...I still say I was smarter, though, cuz she got caught doing stuff she shouldn'tve done all the time...but I was slick!
And how when her house got struck by lightning the other night & fried 4 tv's, a laptop that was plugged in & charging, and their desktop computer, too, it was actually something we laughed our asses off at, because she told me that her husband had just come back in after going back out to close the windows in the car that she had left open, and was doing the ol' "Shit, motherf******, dammit!!", she said 'hey! it's Sunday! Don't say that stuff!" (she goes to church every week...he doesn't). And all of a sudden, there was a big crack of thunder, and the lights went out!
And the fact that she bought a Kirby vacuum cleaner from one of those door-to-door salesmen for over $500.00 a while ago, because she hates to vacuum, and he must have been one helluva salesman, because she was telling me the next day, "Oh, it's gonna make it SO easy! It does this, & this, & this, oh, and that too! And it has all these attachments and stuff!" I just said, "Uh huh" at that time, cuz I freakin' know better...I dated a guy who sold Kirby sweepers, & I got the "dirt" on that sales pitch years ago!! Now she's had it for about 4 months, and she HATES it! She wants her old upright back that only cost about $100, and you can get 'em at WalMart..."It wasn't this aggravating & there's too much stuff with it, and it's all heavy....". lol!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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