Thursday, July 13, 2006

I'm back!

These all look like fun, right? The gray cat on the Christmas present is Truman, our cat! And the other two, I found just surfing around on here. A really good website to go to is !

I need to tell all of you...thank you SO MUCH for all the good wishes & prayers on my last post! They truly did make me feel better, just knowing there are so many nice people out there!! So, thank you all!!

The calling hours and funeral went really well. I saw lots of family I hadn't seen in years! I was taken by surprise when a guy, I had no idea who he was, came up to the wheelchair I was sitting in, & said 'Libby!' I said yeah, and looked at him, trying to think if he looked even a little bit familiar. Uh-uh..I didn't recognize him, but all of a sudden, he bent down & gave me a huge hug, and said "Oh, I haven't seen you since you were two!! You look great!! Remember me? I'm your Cousin Bobby!!" WAY did I remember him from when I was 2!! But he was nice, a little odd, but nice. He was the son of one of Dad's sisters. The only thing I remember from Dad's family in Michigan is that I went to one of my cousins' (not Bobby) birthday party one time, and after she blew out the candles on the cake, and they put a piece on my plate, I went to Mom and buried my face in her skirt, and kinda was crying, and said "Mommy, I don't want cake! Snif, snif...she spitted on it when she blew out the candles!!" Well, she probably did!! She's slow, and maybe a little retarded. Of course, it's most of their family's opinion that her mom & dad made her that way... :-/

Anyway, the next day at the funeral was very hard. I'm sure it was a lot harder for Bro, cuz he went up and gave the first part of the eulogy, and he did good, but choked up at the end...& that's when I started crying...and I didn't stop til we were all on the way to the cemetary. Bro asked Kev to be a pallbearer, so he did. And this is very bad, because Kevin said he's never been to a funeral as an adult, without being a pallbearer. I felt bad for him. He told me after we got home, the casket was the heaviest he's ever felt, even though my dad only weighed about 104 lbs!! It was a pecan wood, looked beautiful (as beautiful as a casket can look, anyway.) I guess that's like someone saying, "Oh, you should get that wheelchair! It's gorgeous!" (&, yes, I have heard that!).

Anyway, I'm just amazed at how much everything costs! Casket, 3,100...crypt that has to go in the ground with the casket in it, 1,300...death notices for all the banks & stuff, 20.00 apiece (& we got 10!)...the things that go in the newspaper, well, each paper charges different, but the one I remember is, Detroit Free Press, 395.00! Did I say, "Free Press"? Hmmmph...

And that's all I remember, although I'm sure there's a lot more!!

After the burial, we went over to my Uncle "Sam's" house for food, cuz they had all kinds of stuff there (you know...funerals bring out the cook in everyone!). That uncle is my mom's younger brother, and after we left there, we drove all around, and I pointed out all the houses that Mom's family owns. There's about 6 of her family members that live in the area, about a five-mile area, in the country, they're farmers, & they sell seeds (not pot, you idiots!), the uncle that inherited my Grandma's house raises's just cool up there! One of my ancestors got an autograph from Andrew Jackson, when he was up in that area (I guess walking around!) on a sheepskin, and they still have it! Yeah. I used to think this was all boring and shit, but now I love it!! I even looked up my family on the web, and found the woman I was named after, my mom's Grandma!

All right....'nuff about that...


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