Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Day...

Happy Fourth of July!!

Kim Jong-Il thinks he's a bad-ass, trying to intimidate the world by firing 2 medium-range rockets today...and the news just reported that they think N Korea fired the long-range missile that could reach the United States. (they did, but it failed a couple seconds into it..haha!)
Unfortunately for Kim Jong-Il, a lot of the whole problem, and reason this is taking place is pretty obvious to all. I think he's really jealous that, right now, Iran is getting the world's attention, by working on their nuclear program. America is much more concerned with Iran and their nuclear plans right now. You know what I think could be a good idea? The leaders of both nations are such babyish little control freaks (especially N Korea!) that, maybe, just maybe, that could work to everyone's advantage. You know...tell Kim Jong-Il something about "Man, that Iran is getting so close to having a nuke! They're scaring the shit out of everyone! Damn...it's such a relief that everybody knows that N Korea is too weak with everything...can't feed their own people, have to have armed guards at the Chinese border to keep their people IN !! Geez...Iran's leader must have his country under his thumb...people that live there could go if they wanted to, but they must like him!" Meanwhile, KJI is standing there just gritting his teeth, waiting til he's alone and can stomp his tiny little feet and pound his tiny little fist on something!
After the person talking leaves, KJI runs down the hallway & grabs the phone, and sets a nuke up immediately to fire at Iran. Iran gets this news, and loads a nuke directed at NK, which it also fires immediately. Voila...

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