Monday, July 03, 2006


Here I go again...just remembering this house...I haven't been over by it again, I swore I wouldn't after the man that bought it from Mom & Dad in 1986 died. He took care of it so well for the 20 years he had it, I went over and went through it again and took Kev & his mom through it....and that was awesome to see it again. I moved out April 8, 1983, and went back through it April 6, 2003. I didn't even plan for it to be almost 20 years to the day! The old picture was taken in about 1929...the man standing there used to be President Harding's secretary, and lived in this house with his parents. And, yes, when I went back through it, there were a few things in the attic that were mine. I left 'em, they belong with that house...and that's what they told me after I said that!

I was continuing my thinking about what I wrote about last night, and you can actually follow that thought to a pretty logical conclusion.

Some women that don't have a strong sense of who they are while they're growing up, can be flattered by the first guy that pays attantion to her, and likes the attention...sometimes it's good attention, sometimes not. That can be a pattern that happens through life, and it obviously needs some help to get it stopped!

If it doesn't, it kinda stands to reason that that's where physical abuse starts. And, first of all, I've never had to deal with that personally, the first time that temper showed up, I was gone. I think that's because I was lucky enough to have Bro around...he wasn't Mr Badass, but...would any teenage guy (or older, even) be stupid enough to even think about touching a girl who had 2 older brothers?

But I have known lots of girls, in high school and beyond, that have nobody to tell them that they deserve better! Somehow, the girls/women that let this go on, seem to think they're lesser than the guys they're with. And, no matter how many times you try to explain it to them, all this means is that the guy who hits & disrespects his woman is so insecure it's not able to be hidden from the world! Well, the other guys that are like that can admire his 'control', but no thinking person...but, to me, it seems that the guys that act like that, are still in their high school or younger mindset. They are so afraid of losing control of anything, they refuse to share that 'control'. I dunno...I'm just kinda rambling now. I honestly have no personal reason to think about this, but I do know way too many girls and women that deal with this. Maybe I've read too many blogs that talk about this...

Anyway, I absolutely have to go, the movie 'Throw Momma From The Train' just started, and I LOVE that movie!!

"Owen! Owen!!" I got pretty good at Momma's voice in the 80's, when the movie first came out.


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