Thursday, July 20, 2006


Is this one of the cutest things you've ever seen?? Okay, maybe it's not for you, but I love to see them staring down each other!

Kim & I went to Wal-Mart yesterday, and took her 12-year old son...just to do some shopping & goof off like we used to...because, kids, always remember..."having fun & acting silly & being a total smartass is the secret to a long & happy life"...( if I'd know). But it's done well for me so far.
We all had a really good time yesterday. Kim even called me later, to tell me as soon as they dropped me off, her boy said 'That was fun, Mom. Libby's hilarious!" I think I had even more fun than him, though, cuz I had one of those big, ugly, stupid-looking electric carts (yeah, there's the damn attitude again..), and we were all over that store, I'm not kidding, for about 3 hours!! First we went over to the shampoo & soap side, & walked around, and her son, A3, was doing the same thing everybody does when they're looking at liquid soap or shampoo...every lid off, and smelling all of them. So, of course, I had to pull the cart up beside him every once in a while, and just at the right time when he was sniffing, squeeze the bottle a little bit so he got a noseful of it! Or I'd quietly pull around a corner by A3, and be right beside him looking at him, and all of a sudden, I'd start beeping the silly little horn.
It was really neat having somebody else with us that we could say "Oh, crap! I forgot to get that box of chicken-in-a-biskit crackers, and they're all the way back there!" and he'd head off in that direction. Hey, at least I never took the box and, when his back was turned, put it on a shelf and left it there! Now, when I was his age I definitely woulda done that to Kim! So, I'm maturing, right? Kinda...but a few aisles later, I'd say, "Oh!! Damn, I saw a huge, enormous middle aisle display of some chocolate chip cookies back there, and I just zoomed on past, but I meant to grab a couple...", and then I'd look up at that cute little boy, and give him the sad, puppy-dog eyes. Voila! So I got one package of choc chip with fudge stripes, and one pack of choc chip with m&m's!
I also did Kim a favor, and told her how to buy produce when we went down that aisle. I saw the kind of salad I wanted, and reached for the one on the back end of the row. Kim's like, "Quit it!! What are ya doing? You're gonna get in trouble!!", and I told her that after 10 years of running a produce department, I know where the freshest stuff is! Or should be, anyway... (it was).
Then to the register...get thru it, pay, and I'm riding the cart to the front door, then noticed an older lady in one in front of me...I pulled up beside her & said "wanna race?". Hey, at least I got her to smile....
We get home here & they're helping me put away the stuff. I pulled my pack of watermelon bubble gum outta the bag, and say 'hey look! i found good old regular watermelon bubble gum!'. Kim looks over at it, and said 'did you buy that?'. Hmmm...I just pointed at her son, and said 'Of course not! I had him steal it!'
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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