Wednesday, July 26, 2006

wednesday again, already....

Hey, I'm back!! Nope, I didn't actually GO anywhere, just, well, to be perfectly honest, I didn't fuckin' feel like writing, okay??

Tif gave me a total makeover on Monday...and I'm SO glad I turned her loose on my hair, cuz she did the right thing, and I finally had the guts to leave her alone & quit saying, "No, do it like this!" So, keep in mind, this is the first time I've changed my hairstyle in about 15's now totally blonde with brown underneath, chin-length, and straight!! I love it!! I told her that I'm totally impressed with her being able to look at a picture in a magazine, and know how to give me that cut! She said 'Mom, that's what I was in school for 2 1/2 years for!!' But, c'mon...lots of people were in that school for that long...and THEY can't do it!! Kevin pointed out that she is so totally talented at this stuff, she can pretty much look at a hairstyle and know whether it's something that'll work with their hair. Then she went skippin' into the bathroom, and grabbed her big ol' makeup case, and pushed me back down in the chair! So, all in all, that was Monday, from noon until about 6 or 7!
So, other than that, I've just been doing normal 'summer stuff'. Oh, and I opened my latest eBay shipment last night. I got 6 hardcover/dustjacketed books for....a penny!!! (+ shipping, of course). But, I was up at 3 am opening the box, & they're all in perfect condition! So...6 brand new books that I wanted for 7.95 ....doesn't get much better than that, now, does it??
The other night I was out in the kitchen making a sandwich, and all of a sudden, I turned around to get something else out of the refrigerator, and there was Jenga, Tif & Zak's dog!! She was just standing there looking up at me with those cute little hopeful eyes ( THAT'S what the expression 'puppy dog eyes' means!), wagging the piece of fluff attached to her butt.
A few nights ago, I heard my old favorite video game in the living room! It was Mario Kart!! They had dug out the Nintendo 64 from upstairs and hooked it all up down here. They also had Mario Golf, Super Mario Bros, and all the other games down here! WooHoo!! I think all those games are SO much more fun than all the X-Box shit! Plus, I think if it was me, I'd have tried to upgrade the first X-Box somehow, because none of the X-Box games from the first one work with this new-ish one. Yuk...and it's all "boy games"...which are okay, but not 100% of the time! Of course, Kevin always has to remind us that Nintendo is for little girls & housewives...which, ummmm, think about it...who are we??
Okay, I guess I'm done...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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