Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Sure, yeah, I'm in a couple of these...forever ago!! But...Tif sure dressed up nice, huh? "Reminiscing"!...Nahhh...she still dresses up nice, by her own choice...I hafta admire that in a person!

What to write about, what to write? Well, I could always touch upon (no pun intended!) Senator Larry Craig (R. ID), but, honestly, that kinda makes me want to chuck this early in the day. He pleaded guilty of this forever ago! And now, says he didn't do it, just said he was guilty to get it over with?? Oh, if it were that easy for a real person to get away with this crap! You know, kinda the way Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan have to work at it? haha! When did it become the vacation of choice to go to "rehab"? Because you know for a fact that the next thing you'll hear is that 'Senator Craig is going to rehab'. Rehab for pervs, right? No, what pisses me off the most is, he doesn't protest the fact that HE BROKE THE LAW!!, he protests "I'm not gay!" Gay or straight, makes no difference to me...but if I EVER found out you did that to a person that wanted nothing to do with anonymous sex in an anonymous bathroom...what if it was a kid, for God's sake??? I would SO send someone in there to kick his ass!! And then I'd pull the fire alarm and have him arrested...just cuz I'm vindictive like that, you know...

I do think our government is getting a lot bigger than it should be, don't you? Maybe I'm not cut out for the Republican or the Democratic party! I like more of the Republicans' ideas, but some, I don't think they have any business in! Such as, I'm still on the fence on abortion...never late-terms, but, well, I think that should be between a woman and her God...and the government is not God!! Do you know what karma is? I think it means that if you do something shitty to someone, it's gonna come back & bite you in the ass someday, and sometimes, I hope I'm right there to see it!

All right..I'm rambling now...I have to stop and go ride my scooter around and, I dunno, terrorize small animals or something...see ya!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Sunday night!! woohoo!!

Geez, I've had a really good weekend...there's something to be said for getting on top of reality, not just what you always assumed your reality was..'nuff said.

So, I went up and dug around in the attic room awhile ago, & found this week's reading! I have SO missed these books!! I've read them all...and, yes, that Psychology book was from the one class at OSU I had time to take, before I got on full-time at work *sigh* I wish I had the money to do it the time, I had a choice...raise Tif, therefore get a job, or, well, I have no freakin idea what else you'd do in that situation...anyone? Anyone?

I LOVE that quote from...ummm...Ferris Bueller's Day Off! That movie was on Saturday morning, after all the Fox News investment shows I watch for the first hours! Boy...if you only had a clue how much 'not smart' about investing I am!! HA!!

I'll learn someday, though...

I'm actually amazed at the great condition all these books are still in! And, as for the O Henry book....I have NO idea where that came from! I don't know if you can tell from the picture or not, but it's a big, puffy, leather-covered book...and heavy as heck! I know it's not Kev's, I know the books he had. There's a great kid book Kev's dad gave me years ago too, 'Ferdinand The Bull'. You HAFTA love that one! I know YOU do, tlp!!

That's what I did today, after laundry, and sweeping, and calling Mouse back and talking to her for an hour...she kinda has a bunch of shit up now, too. Kinda odd, but I've been where she is now, 22 years ago...and I'm so happy to be able to "pay it forward", not with money, but suggestions & care. And if nobody's ever seen the movie "Pay It Forward", it is WELL WORTH watching!!
And, yesterday, I took off on my scooter before it started to look really ugly out, and went to the Dollar Store and the Certified gas station for aspirin, Coke, and cigarettes...the mainstay of survival, dontcha know? lol! Just a hint... extra strength-Excedrin is THE only aspirin in the world!! Cuz it has caffeine...
Oh, plus, I 'restocked' my candy! I spent about $25.xx on chocolate bars....y'know, Goobers, Raisinettes, Hershey's with almonds, Junior Mints, et al! Oh, and Take 5!!
Friday night, I got to get out to Fantastic Sam's and get Tif to cut my hair, finally! OMG!! We had, uhhh, fun..well, Tif & I had fun...I GOT PICKED ON!!! They were kinda busy that night, but I know all the girls there, cuz they're all Tif's friends, + she lives with the one girl and her little boy (4 yrs old). So H went & brought her little boy in after she got off work...I was up front buying something that Tif talked me in to...a 2 1/2 oz tube of super heavy duty conditioner, cuz my hair's awful dry, I think from all my medicines...anyway...2 1/2 oz...= $17.00! It does really help, though...after I bought it, I said hi to H's little boy...he looked at me twice after he said hi, then said "Are you Tiff's grandma?" Oh holy hell!! I'm really glad I love that little boy...
My hair is now chin-length...I like it, just hard to get used to. And when I went to the front of the store, the girls were telling Tif how little I am, and Tif told them "You'd never believe it by what she eats!" haha! She said I do eat a lot of salads...with enough Italian dressing on it so it looks like a bowl of soup!!
All right...time to go drag my books to bed, and start reading....oh, just something I picked up on on the investing stuff today...banks don't really WANT to foreclose on your house, you's not like they'll make any kind of money off of them, for heaven's sake! Why would they want your house?? All it is, is something
else for them to deal with! But...please don't let the government bail them out!! Shit, I have my OWN house to pay for, why would I want my tax dollars to pay off someone else's mortgage??
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday, and hotter than hell!!

Wow, look what I find when I 'review' all my old pictures, from about 5 years ago!! And, yes, may I say, that this is Truman's very own 'kitty porn' picture...dashing & debonair, isn't he?
Then he's on the dining room chair, acting like he's all bored with me and everything, but he honestly was jumping up & down before this, "Mommy! Take my picture!!"

And the last picture is where he was actually thinking about chomping down on my bellybutton ring a couple weeks after I got it! Trust me, he didn't!

This is what happens when it's about 95 or 100 degreesF. There isn't going to be any riding around taking pictures today! I'm better off sitting here in front of the air conditioner today,'s a WET HEAT!! My favorite town in Ohio (Findlay) is SO flooded!! It's one of the towns I used to work in when I was single, Tif was about 3, and it's an hour drive north of here. That was the best drive in the world to & from work every day, it was straight up rt 23N, through the country, not much traffic at all...not at all like around Columbus, which is a bunch of idiots (sorry, but...). Took an hour to get to the store, worked for 8 to 10 hours a day, then drove an hour home, and picked Tif up at the babysitter's...gave me all kinds of time to calm down if I'd had a frustrating day before I got home! And gave me all kinds of time to listen to my cassettes...Guns & Roses, Poison, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Cinderella...etc!! Good ol' days..."Take me down to the paradise city, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty..."...oh, and Whitesnke & Great White (mmmm...Jack Russell!...hottest voice in the world)...of course, Mouse was always partial to Ratt, who I hated! lol!
Tuesday night, I was up on here all night (of course..steroids), and my email friend from Australia (S), the one that came here & stayed for a week of her vacation in April 2006 came on, & we got to im for about an hour, & catch up on everything! We haven't really gotten a chance to, cuz they're about 16 hours ahead of us, which means she's sleeping when I'm awake! We have emailed, just not tons...we're more im'ers with each other! So much has happened since she was here! Tif ended up really liking her, although when I first told her I'd invited my email friend from Australia to come here and stay for a week while she was on vacation, she just stood there and looked at me and said "What?? She's going to stay HERE?? In the spare room? Upstairs? Right down the hall from where I sleep?? Oh my God!! You've never met her!! What if she's an axe murderer or something??" haha! I just reassured her that if I heard her screaming in the middle of the night...I'd run the phone & call 911 before I went screaming out of the house to a neighbor's!
We'd been emailing for years, had met on an ms page (she has it too), and she's a cat fan too!! What's not to like? Plus, she worked in the Australian Defence Department (yes, they spell it with a c!). The weird thing is, she was/is so against the Iraq war, hates Bush, hates the Aust PM...but, yes, we get along! (agree to disagree, ya know!).
I also got to catch a really good show on PBS before that about the Spanish/avian flu pandemic of 1918, and the 1957 & 1968 ones too!! That was interesting! (kinda scary know it'll happen again!).
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Geez, I bet that was a perfect looking tree next to that perfect-looking house! It almost reminds me of my Grandma's house (now passed on to my uncle).
And, another cute little Kitler!

And, God forbid, this is maybe a reason not to go to Spain and run with the bulls?? Eeeeewwww...sorry, I hope nobody was eating when they looked at this! At least there's no blood...yet...but when that horn gets pulled out...

Well, today was day 2 of iv's...I'm pretty happy, cuz we were able to use a 'butterfly needle' yesterday, and leave it in, so she didn't have to fish around for a vein...I have seriously tough veins to get to...very small, parts of them are 'sclerosed' (scarred) on the outside of the vein from being poked so dam much (could've been worse, could've been a bull horn, right?), and what's the worst is when the nurse pokes the needle under the skin and the vein rolls, and she really does have to fish around under the skin for it! It's so much better to have her use this kind of short needle, though, a regular iv needle is a lot bigger around, and long, the nurse has to kinda 'thread it' in your thanks...

So we've been able to tape it up and it's still in there after taking a shower every day and all...only thing left arm is gonna have a helluva big bald spot on it tomorrow after the third day, and we take it all off! Oh well...better than having to be poked about 7 or 8 times each day before they find a vein, which is the way it was done ten years ago, and I hadn't done all the reading up on which kind of stuff I thought maybe they could try. I used to come home looking like a mummy, with my arms wrapped up in gauze from the backs of my hands to the elbows! Thank God I'm lucky enough to always have nice ms doctors, and nurses! Did take some changing at first though...went through about 5 doctors first before I settled on the one I have at the Cleveland Clinic, which is a 2 or 3 hr drive, but, she's worth it. And actually, I used to try the OSU ms dr, but, Columbus is only 50 miles away, but with all the mess of construction and traffic down there, it actually seemed like it took just as long! Plus...I like this dr better...she listens, and doesn't talk to you or at you, she talks with you...big difference!

Okay, I need to stop rambling about this stuff...I'm kinda frustrated, cuz it's been raining on and off for, well, it seems like forever! But maybe it's only a week or so...but I haven't taken my scooter out, cuz I really don't wanna get a mile away from here, and have it start storming!! And I just looked at our 5 day weather forecast...I'll put it up here...well, that so didn't work...all that showed up was the sun that we're gonna get SUNDAY!! (up at the top!) But every other day is t'storm, t'storm, t'storm, t'storm...seriously, our whole state has gotten enough rain already! My nurse said today that another nurse that works with her had to call off today, because she lives in a town about 15 miles north of here, and had 2 feet of water in her basement this morning! I should talk..I haven't even opened the basement door in the kitchen and looked down there...for all I know, water might end up seeping across the kitchen floor this evening while I'm out there making popcorn or something!
Did anyone else here used to be hooked on Jiffy-Pop popcorn before there were microwaves everywhere? When Tif was about 2, and we were in our 2nd 'haunted' apartment (I'm just lucky like that, I guess...but it was friendly! We lived there for 4 years, also not a complex, just the upstairs of a house...with the stairs outside!), we used to make that Jiffy-Pop all the time...she used to think I was magic...don't they all think you are at that age, anyway?? You might get lucky and have another 10 years or so of that...then...poof...a different kind of magic turn into the stupidest person in the world (according to them).lol!
Joe called today, he was down around Columbus looking for teaching jobs (& maybe an apartment). I asked him if he was staking out the rest areas along rt 23s, so if he couldn't find an affordable apartment, he could live in his car...I even offered to make him a bumper sticker for his car that said "Home Sweet Home". All I got was a 'hmmm...droll, very droll...'.
All right, I'm really restless now, the steroids are kicking in, it'll be awhile before I get any more sleep!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, August 20, 2007

yeah, i've been a bum...reading, watching tv...'s a 'green day' . Yucky & rainy again, but not horribly, I should be able to get out on my scooter later, after my steroids. At least there's no thunder or lightning...yet...

I WANT these 2 kittens!! Actually, I think Truman wants them too...every single day, when I'm out by the laundry room, I see him laying down, stretched out, with his head right next to Spice's bowl! We miss her so much...I guess 5 weeks really was too soon to bring her home...but we were good to her for the 2 weeks we had her.

All right...has anyone ever seen a pink dolphin like this? I just think that is SO cool!! And the picture of the black & white kitten...I got it off the website "Kitler"! (thanks, Dorko!). I surf the web too much, I guess...I put Truman's picture up on the "kitty-porn" site...Exploitation, I know,'s just damn funny!!

Mouse called me last night...she sounds like, really depressed. And I can understand why, after hearing what's up...the same thing that's bothering everyone...$$ !! She lives in the town an hour north, where we worked together for about 4 know, back when we were young? (20 or so!) I had Tif who was 2, Mouse lived at home, she had just graduated high school! Now she has a daughter too that's giving her teenage fits, cuz she's 15!! (I just quietly snicker, but I do give hints!). And I guess everything up there is looks like a deserted town anyway, it did 20+ years ago!

After I talked to her, an email friend from Cleveland called too, so that was neat! The last time I actually saw her was when she & her husband came down for Tif's high school grad party (which was huge, especially thanks to Kev's mom & dad!). Nobody does a party better than them! Great...they just broke into the tv & said we're under a severe thunderstorm watch til 6:15 pm...Grrrrrrrrrr!!
Has anyone ever gone to a friend's house and that friend has 2 little kids, and not a book in the house, for her or them!! I was waiting for her to take a shower so we could go out, and asked her where her books me, that tells me a lot about somebody, whether it's shallow or not! She said, oh, I don't read books......I read magazines, though. I can't understand not having books! But, to each his own, I guess... All right, I'm outta here, the nurse is coming to do my first day of iv's at 3! It only takes about an hour, so that's good!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

...Thurs...another storm overnight last night!!, as far as I know. this kinda stuff didn't happen last night, this is just more pictures from the bad storm we had last week! Last night, the lights went off, but they only stayed off for a couple minutes...but, it sounded really bad all night!
My friend from Verizon, that I used to work with, came over after she got off work today, and we were talking about the storm last week. She lives about 15 minutes south of here, kinda out in the country, and she said they got the rain and stuff, but there was no kind of damage there at all!!
So I guess we just had a big target on our heads in this town! *sigh*.
We were tryinng to figure out how the electricity must be set up in this town, though. Because mine was off for about 4-6 block north of here was off for over 24 hours...about 6 blocks north never went off at all!! How weird is that??
I'm getting the iv steroids again next Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday...yay!! I know, nobody probably thinks that I'm 'right in the head', being that I'm looking forward to getting stuck with an iv in my arm each day for 3 days...but, it's kinda like "happy juice", followed by 12 days of "happy pills"! And how could anyone not look forward to 2 weeks of constant drugging...that's actually legal?? lol! And I'm pretty used to needles, being that I've gotten an Avonex shot in my arm once a week for 13 years! Still can't figure out if that's helped my ms any, but, I'm still walking and stuff, and, well, if I quit getting these, and lost any physical ability, do you have any idea how hard I'd be kicking myself in the ass for the rest of my life?? I wonder if pot helps anything with this except for, like pain? I guess it really doesn't matter, cuz it's illegal here (God knows, I'd never touch anything illegal!! *grin*...actually, I don't, since I'm not a teenager anymore!). Anyway, pain is the one symptom I've never had with this...which is great!
I actually watched the movie 'Gladiator' last night. Joe brought it over and sat here and explained all the way through who each person was. He's so into ancient Greek/any kind of European history it's not funny, he always has been. After the movie, we were talking about politics, and, well, he's pretty much Republican like me, but at this point, he said he thinks anybody who admits to having political aspirations should be gathered up, and put in a pile out in a desert, and they should all be nuked...ha! Gotta say, I'm knowing that feeling already...
Anyway, when he was getting ready to walk out the door to leave, I said, I dunno, something about something, and he's like, Libby, I've been a bartender for 12 years....I'm jaded. So, I stuck out my hand and said, "Jaded...nice to meetcha! I'm Bitter!" huh...twenty years ago, when we were best friends, he was Wolf & I was Jacky (Stephen King's book 'The Talisman') we're Jaded and Bitter...sad...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, August 13, 2007

more storm pictures, across town where it was REALLY bad....

Y'know, maybe this city is in a worse part of Ohio than I ever admitted, huh? These pictures are from the west side of town, where, yeah, the damage really WAS the worst there!! And, keep in mind, this was classed as straight-line winds, not a tornado! The clouds in the picture up there are in a town about 20 miles east of us.
Got my other book today from the lady in Nebraska on eBay. She really is a seller you can trust, it's a 1945 hardcover, in perfect condition, the cover isn't even faded or anything! She buys stuff from estate THAT would be a job for me! Hmmmm...must think about that...

All right, I have some really obnoxious opinions at the moment....good or bad, they're mine.
Like I've been thinking about selling stuff on the internet lately, the biggest problem I have is...well...what I have enough of to sell is....books...yeah, that'll happen...(snort).

Honestly though, guys, those frikking infomercials I've been watching in the middle of the night, well, they got me! Just for a couple days, though! If you see the ad for SMC, well, honestly, I really don't think it's quite as good as Tom Bosley says it is...he is a trustworthy face for a commercial, though..."If Mr Cunningham says it, it must be true"! No, I did sign up to get the starter package of stuff, let the guy on the phone talk me into signing up for the silver plan, which is frikkin $40 a month for a year!! But that was on August 1st...I thought about it a few days, and thought 'you know what? I don't need them...I can do eBay, and not have to pay them that!' Its big draw for me was that it's a drop/ship place, where people order what they want from you, you send the order to SMC, with the address to ship it to, they ship it, you get money, but a lot goes to SMC...and they're already charging you 40 bucks a month! God, how could I have been so stupid?? Well, who may work for some's not for me, though. So. I tried to call and cancel on August 6 (you have a 30-day free cancellation period). I was on hold with about 8 different people for about 4 hours, until finally the last guy gave me the direct number to the cancellation department...I got there...then all it was was a recording, telling me none of the reps are authorized to cancel anything over the gave me one address in California to send the package back, + another one that I had to send a letter to in a different city, saying why I wanted out! So I UPS'd the package back today, and mailed the letter today, too, and,well, we'll see. Geez...thank God I didn't order the 'Super Colon Cleanser' stuff or anything!
I do have one very complimentary thing to say about something else I bought...'The Swivel Sweeper'. I got it within a week or two, it was only $20.00, and it is EVERYTHING they say it is!! My muscles would be okay for my regular sweeper, but, my balance is way too bad to even think about using that! But this is really no heavier than a broom, but it's a vacuum, with a rechargable battery!! So...pats on the back to them!!
Now for just one more question...everybody's all used "It's not you, it's me" when breaking it off with someone....has anyone heard, in so many words, "It's not me, it's you." when being dumped on your ass? Just wondered...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

some pictures...

These pictures are one the next street over from where I live! And, actually, the other end of town was what got the worst damage!
No wonder I heard chainsaws all day Friday, huh??
I was out riding all over this part of town yesterday, and, well, look at it. The grass is finally green, and the flowers are perked back up...but is this what it takes, for heaven's sake??? I didn't go down to the other end of town, basically cuz I had to go to the store & bank here, and that was enough, besides taking all these pictures!
The next night, after the storm, I found out exactly how totally juvenile I am. If you've ever seen the show "Blind Date", well, you'll understand here. A girl and a guy were out on their first blind date, and the first place they were was a bar. They were sitting there drinking, and talking, and all of a sudden, she burped so loud! Even louder than me!! Then they both laughed about it for awhile, having a contest. That was really funny...but then, when they were walking out to the car, she says 'oh, i gotta fart', and she bent over and let one rip! A LOUD one!! I laughed my ASS off, loudly...not so, her date...he did not look amused! Although he played along fairly well...until she decided to show off her skill by peeing standing up into the bushes, like a guy! Such talent! lol! After the date ended, he said he's not gonna go out with her again, he's afraid he might need to take a pooper-scooper!!
I'm looking forward to getting another book off ebay tomorrow, it's another 1945 vintage from the same woman I got the first one from, and it's also by the same author, she's hilarious!
Well, I have some laundry & stuff to do, so I better do it....I s'pose...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

yay!! cable & lights are back!!

Now, just take a look at how smooth this frickin' road is!! This is the road I had on here the other day, and, like I said, it's not like it's a new street or anything, for heaven's sake!! Why are we not using brick for streets now?? That's a serious question, if anyone knows...I know it would take a lot longer to build them, but, you don't see them shut down all summer for repairs!
And, I don't's a really neat flower thing in someone's front yard, but doesn't it kind of look like a 'memorial', or something? (well, without the garbage cans behind it...). But, otherwise, it's pretty...
Yesterday, well...the weather in this town wasn't a 'tornado', but we had the most damage anywhere in Ohio...I'm going to get some pictures posted on here in the next few days, whether I get out and take 'em, or I have to take them from the paper...trees are down all over town. Big trees, like, 'smash your house roof cuz it was uprooted' size!' There was one woman in her car on her street going home, killed by a tree falling on her car, but her boyfriend in the passenger seat wasn't even injured. I pray for her family & friends, she was only 22.
Our street doesn't have any trees down that I can see, but down at rhe end of the street, & on the next street over, I heard a lot of chainsaws and sirens, I guess our whole town was without electricity til 1 am. And the weird thing is that the power was all on all through the storm, and for about 3 or 4 hrs after, it didn't go off til 8 or so last night! And then, I was in bed reading, 'True Tales of the Unexplained'...(with a flashlight, of course!)(has a story in it that actually did make me feel uneasy, it talked about a guy who called up a demon to get his girlfriend back, and it...well, he & she had a hard time getting rid of it, even with a priest & other paranormal people...and he & his girlfriend did end up getting married in 1978!), all right, I digressed horribly there...but anyway...I had the tv on in the background for noise (I HATE quiet when I go to sleep!), all of a sudden, the cable went off at about 2 am. Okay, that was a bunch of crap, too, but, I had been reading with a freakin flashlight most of the day, I can live without cable. About an hour later, I heard really loud clicking out in the living room! I couldn't even imagine what that was! So, I got up and took my walker out there, and was standing there looking around...then started walking toward the front window, then I realized it was coming from a shelf under the tv! It was the remote for the digital cable box, and I figured, ok, it's just reprogramming the menu or I went back to bed, figuring the cable must be gonna come back on soon...uh-uh! Never came back on til I woke up today! Phhhtthhht! Welcone to central Ohio in August! At least it's down to the high 80's today! So I've talked to Mom today, she didn't have any problems out in the neighborhood she's in, it's fairly 'new', like 20 years old, compared to ours (maybe, I dunno, 65, 70), no trees, no overhead power lines. Then I called Bro, cuz he & his family live on a country road in the middle of 8 acres of woods! So, he says 'I heard you had bad weather there yesterday...' I said "Where are you?" Turns out, he & a few of his buddies were on a motorcycle ride, had been for a couple days...they were in North Carolina, just getting done with lunch!! Geezz!!
Okay...I'm goin to bed.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


This is one of the two brick streets in this town...and I just had to get this picture because the street looks so old (& I'm sure it is!), but everything around it is so new! I'm just weird, I think things like that are neat.

And this is half of a big house, with a big lawn, also that the guy who lived there didn't like kids on why in the hell would you ever build a house like this across the street from an elementary school?? Heck, I remember when he was having it built, one of my friends & I were big into bike riding, and we were following the bike route signs, went by here while they were putting it up, & stopped and went over by the grass to watch, and I think we actually saw him give us the evil eye. Evil enough for us, anyway...we were outta there! (7th grade. Didn't take much to scare us then!)
I've just been really lethargic lately, and I guess it's cuz it's hotter than hell out. Like 100 with the heat index. No, we're not like AZ, for heaven's sake, where you all say "It's 105 today...but it's a dry heat!! Well...we're in Ohio, and it's a miserable, heavy heat, that sometimes you can't breathe through. No, I like it when it's anywhere up to the lower 80's...after that, forget about it!!
So, I'm really glad I got the book "The Egg and I" last Friday in the mail. I'm about 2/3 through it, laughing my ass off at it..especially at their neighbors, Ma & Paw Kettle! Then I got an email from the woman I bought it from, in Nebraska, and she said she didn't want to be presumptious, but she found another book by the same author in that estate sale, if I was interested, she had just now put it up. So, of course, I went & bought it first, then wrote back & told her thanks!
Joe's just as "out there" as wonder we're friends. He called the other night at 2 am (which was okay...I was just sitting here watching "Cheaters"!). He said he'd just gotten home, he'd been out walking all night cuz he couldn't sleep, went all the way to the Harding Memorial, then came home. Said when he went by my house, he thought about coming to the door, but figured if he did, it would probably be the one night I'd already gone to bed! We used to hang out around the memorial and all the cemetaries out there, especially the one with the haunted ball on top that was in a book of true ghost stories. I don't think we saw any ghosts, but, I think we were probably drunk, and maybe just bumped into them and said "hiccup...'scuse me." Yeah...actually sounds plausible...
Those 2 little girls that sold me the flowers back around Easter have been back a couple times recently. I'll be in the poorhouse if they don't quit! Last week I bought some food, and a lighthouse picture for the midget football team they're cheerleaders for! But I HAD to! I LOVE lighthouses!! (the Texas toast was a bonus, ya know?). Actually, I used to be big into midget football too, when Tif used to cheer for them, and I used to ride in the truck with them in parades & stuff. Tif almost got a dog last night, a lhasa apso. Sounds cute...but she went to pick it up at a lady's house, & wasn't at all impressed with the dog or the way things were around there (I'm trying to say 'gross' there any way?). Then she found out she didn't have registration papers, or couldn't find 'em, no shot records, etc. I'm very proud of her for making a truly hard decision for her!
Just a thought about the GOP candidates...I like Mitt Romney (everybody says, yeah, but he's in the religion where they can have as many wives as they want! many guys would choose to live with 2,3,4,5 wives? Most of them can't even handle one.....sad but true...But Mike Huckabee sounds pretty interesting too...maybe it should be Mitt & Mike?
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, August 02, 2007


I've been doing absolutely nothing all week, just hanging around here, riding around, (eating chocolate), buying eBay books...'normal' stuff like that...ha!
I put a couple pictures on here from the day we went to the family reunion at my cousin's house in the middle of July. Bro & his wife and 2 of their daughters gave me a ride up there, about an hour north (actually, in my mind, that's the area of Ohio that I belong in! northwest!).
Anyway, niece A took her dog, Winnie, a Yorkie, and she is the most adorable little dog I've ever seen! I think she's a cousin of Bro & his wife's dog, Emmy, who was also 'imported' (however you do that?) from England. But Emmy wasn't 'invited' to the I think anyone invited Winnie...but just look at Winnie! She is ADORABLE!! Oh, and spoiled too...A is almost 30, and not dating, married, nothing, she's the first one with a master's degree, and is a school guidance counselor (& I'm sure she must be good at it!). The next youngest niece is working on her master's in psychology, should graduate in a year or so.
So, when Winnie got bored with sitting in the front seat in "Grandma's" lap, looking at me and A laughing and having fun in the next seat back, she totally launched herself over Bro's wife's shoulder and landed directly on my lap! Now that's talent, I'm telling ya! I was holding her & petting her, and looking at her, and all of a sudden I realized something....and asked A, "Do you actually cut her bangs??" A said, "Of course!". So that's why A has no kids...
The other picture is a chest of drawers that's in the living room at K's house, and I totally love it! K & I (he's my cousin, a couple years older), were sitting there talking, and I noticed it, and asked him where they got it, it's beautiful...he looked at it, looked back at me, and said, "I don't know." I said K, it's gorgeous! How can you NOT know? I got a 'look'...then he said 'I'm a guy! It's just furniture, for God's sake. Women know about that stuff, I don't!' Turned out his wife's mom is into antiques, and gave them that when they got this house! Sheesh! He cracks me up, though. We've always been close....when I was a kid and Mom & Dad took me to Cedar Point every summer, we always stopped and took him, so I had someone to ride the rollercoasters with, cuz they didn't want to ride them! And Mom's sister & her husband & kids (K being the youngest) lived in a town that was right in the middle on the way there, heck, their house was right on the main street, so we went past it anyway!
I'm just purposely not writing about Mom at the moment, just cuz there's weird stuff up, and I'd rather not think about it (I'm really good at 'the Avoidance technique'...anybody who truly knows what's up with me right now, knows that!! (and I'm rather proud of my expertise, if you will!).
I went upstairs the other night, cuz I was really bored with all the books I have down here, so I was digging around in all the closets & drawers up there for other old books, and it was amazing all the stuff I found! I found my baby scrapbook from when I was born, with all the cards I was given...JUST FOR BEING BORN! haha! And various and sundry other papers & stuff. But the books! I found one hardcover from when I was 10...I know that because I opened the front cover, and right there on the inside cover was written by my mom, "London, 1974"...and I think that was one of the things we got at Harrod's, which was Mom's favorite place in London! (myself, I was partial to Hyde Park & Trafalgar Square! I LOVED to feed the pigeons!). But some of the best stuff I found upstairs was a bunch of The Far Side cartoon books from the mid-80's!! Oh my God, I sat in bed & read all those til about 4 am, dying laughing!! I'll probly be back up there tonight, I still have the back attic room, and about 6 or 8 deep drawers!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!