Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Geez, I bet that was a perfect looking tree next to that perfect-looking house! It almost reminds me of my Grandma's house (now passed on to my uncle).
And, another cute little Kitler!

And, God forbid, this is maybe a reason not to go to Spain and run with the bulls?? Eeeeewwww...sorry, I hope nobody was eating when they looked at this! At least there's no blood...yet...but when that horn gets pulled out...

Well, today was day 2 of iv's...I'm pretty happy, cuz we were able to use a 'butterfly needle' yesterday, and leave it in, so she didn't have to fish around for a vein...I have seriously tough veins to get to...very small, parts of them are 'sclerosed' (scarred) on the outside of the vein from being poked so dam much (could've been worse, could've been a bull horn, right?), and what's the worst is when the nurse pokes the needle under the skin and the vein rolls, and she really does have to fish around under the skin for it! It's so much better to have her use this kind of short needle, though, a regular iv needle is a lot bigger around, and long, the nurse has to kinda 'thread it' in your arm...ummmm...no thanks...

So we've been able to tape it up and it's still in there after taking a shower every day and all...only thing is...my left arm is gonna have a helluva big bald spot on it tomorrow after the third day, and we take it all off! Oh well...better than having to be poked about 7 or 8 times each day before they find a vein, which is the way it was done ten years ago, and I hadn't done all the reading up on which kind of stuff I thought maybe they could try. I used to come home looking like a mummy, with my arms wrapped up in gauze from the backs of my hands to the elbows! Thank God I'm lucky enough to always have nice ms doctors, and nurses! Did take some changing at first though...went through about 5 doctors first before I settled on the one I have at the Cleveland Clinic, which is a 2 or 3 hr drive, but, she's worth it. And actually, I used to try the OSU ms dr, but, Columbus is only 50 miles away, but with all the mess of construction and traffic down there, it actually seemed like it took just as long! Plus...I like this dr better...she listens, and doesn't talk to you or at you, she talks with you...big difference!

Okay, I need to stop rambling about this stuff...I'm kinda frustrated, cuz it's been raining on and off for, well, it seems like forever! But maybe it's only a week or so...but I haven't taken my scooter out, cuz I really don't wanna get a mile away from here, and have it start storming!! And I just looked at our 5 day weather forecast...I'll put it up here...well, that so didn't work...all that showed up was the sun that we're gonna get SUNDAY!! (up at the top!) But every other day is t'storm, t'storm, t'storm, t'storm...seriously, our whole state has gotten enough rain already! My nurse said today that another nurse that works with her had to call off today, because she lives in a town about 15 miles north of here, and had 2 feet of water in her basement this morning! I should talk..I haven't even opened the basement door in the kitchen and looked down there...for all I know, water might end up seeping across the kitchen floor this evening while I'm out there making popcorn or something!
Did anyone else here used to be hooked on Jiffy-Pop popcorn before there were microwaves everywhere? When Tif was about 2, and we were in our 2nd 'haunted' apartment (I'm just lucky like that, I guess...but it was friendly! We lived there for 4 years, also not a complex, just the upstairs of a house...with the stairs outside!), we used to make that Jiffy-Pop all the time...she used to think I was magic...don't they all think you are at that age, anyway?? You might get lucky and have another 10 years or so of that...then...poof...a different kind of magic happens...you turn into the stupidest person in the world (according to them).lol!
Joe called today, he was down around Columbus looking for teaching jobs (& maybe an apartment). I asked him if he was staking out the rest areas along rt 23s, so if he couldn't find an affordable apartment, he could live in his car...I even offered to make him a bumper sticker for his car that said "Home Sweet Home". All I got was a 'hmmm...droll, very droll...'.
All right, I'm really restless now, the steroids are kicking in, it'll be awhile before I get any more sleep!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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