Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday, and hotter than hell!!

Wow, look what I find when I 'review' all my old pictures, from about 5 years ago!! And, yes, may I say, that this is Truman's very own 'kitty porn' picture...dashing & debonair, isn't he?
Then he's on the dining room chair, acting like he's all bored with me and everything, but he honestly was jumping up & down before this, "Mommy! Take my picture!!"

And the last picture is where he was actually thinking about chomping down on my bellybutton ring a couple weeks after I got it! Trust me, he didn't!

This is what happens when it's about 95 or 100 degreesF. There isn't going to be any riding around taking pictures today! I'm better off sitting here in front of the air conditioner today,'s a WET HEAT!! My favorite town in Ohio (Findlay) is SO flooded!! It's one of the towns I used to work in when I was single, Tif was about 3, and it's an hour drive north of here. That was the best drive in the world to & from work every day, it was straight up rt 23N, through the country, not much traffic at all...not at all like around Columbus, which is a bunch of idiots (sorry, but...). Took an hour to get to the store, worked for 8 to 10 hours a day, then drove an hour home, and picked Tif up at the babysitter's...gave me all kinds of time to calm down if I'd had a frustrating day before I got home! And gave me all kinds of time to listen to my cassettes...Guns & Roses, Poison, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Cinderella...etc!! Good ol' days..."Take me down to the paradise city, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty..."...oh, and Whitesnke & Great White (mmmm...Jack Russell!...hottest voice in the world)...of course, Mouse was always partial to Ratt, who I hated! lol!
Tuesday night, I was up on here all night (of course..steroids), and my email friend from Australia (S), the one that came here & stayed for a week of her vacation in April 2006 came on, & we got to im for about an hour, & catch up on everything! We haven't really gotten a chance to, cuz they're about 16 hours ahead of us, which means she's sleeping when I'm awake! We have emailed, just not tons...we're more im'ers with each other! So much has happened since she was here! Tif ended up really liking her, although when I first told her I'd invited my email friend from Australia to come here and stay for a week while she was on vacation, she just stood there and looked at me and said "What?? She's going to stay HERE?? In the spare room? Upstairs? Right down the hall from where I sleep?? Oh my God!! You've never met her!! What if she's an axe murderer or something??" haha! I just reassured her that if I heard her screaming in the middle of the night...I'd run the phone & call 911 before I went screaming out of the house to a neighbor's!
We'd been emailing for years, had met on an ms page (she has it too), and she's a cat fan too!! What's not to like? Plus, she worked in the Australian Defence Department (yes, they spell it with a c!). The weird thing is, she was/is so against the Iraq war, hates Bush, hates the Aust PM...but, yes, we get along! (agree to disagree, ya know!).
I also got to catch a really good show on PBS before that about the Spanish/avian flu pandemic of 1918, and the 1957 & 1968 ones too!! That was interesting! (kinda scary know it'll happen again!).
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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