Wednesday, August 08, 2007


This is one of the two brick streets in this town...and I just had to get this picture because the street looks so old (& I'm sure it is!), but everything around it is so new! I'm just weird, I think things like that are neat.

And this is half of a big house, with a big lawn, also that the guy who lived there didn't like kids on why in the hell would you ever build a house like this across the street from an elementary school?? Heck, I remember when he was having it built, one of my friends & I were big into bike riding, and we were following the bike route signs, went by here while they were putting it up, & stopped and went over by the grass to watch, and I think we actually saw him give us the evil eye. Evil enough for us, anyway...we were outta there! (7th grade. Didn't take much to scare us then!)
I've just been really lethargic lately, and I guess it's cuz it's hotter than hell out. Like 100 with the heat index. No, we're not like AZ, for heaven's sake, where you all say "It's 105 today...but it's a dry heat!! Well...we're in Ohio, and it's a miserable, heavy heat, that sometimes you can't breathe through. No, I like it when it's anywhere up to the lower 80's...after that, forget about it!!
So, I'm really glad I got the book "The Egg and I" last Friday in the mail. I'm about 2/3 through it, laughing my ass off at it..especially at their neighbors, Ma & Paw Kettle! Then I got an email from the woman I bought it from, in Nebraska, and she said she didn't want to be presumptious, but she found another book by the same author in that estate sale, if I was interested, she had just now put it up. So, of course, I went & bought it first, then wrote back & told her thanks!
Joe's just as "out there" as wonder we're friends. He called the other night at 2 am (which was okay...I was just sitting here watching "Cheaters"!). He said he'd just gotten home, he'd been out walking all night cuz he couldn't sleep, went all the way to the Harding Memorial, then came home. Said when he went by my house, he thought about coming to the door, but figured if he did, it would probably be the one night I'd already gone to bed! We used to hang out around the memorial and all the cemetaries out there, especially the one with the haunted ball on top that was in a book of true ghost stories. I don't think we saw any ghosts, but, I think we were probably drunk, and maybe just bumped into them and said "hiccup...'scuse me." Yeah...actually sounds plausible...
Those 2 little girls that sold me the flowers back around Easter have been back a couple times recently. I'll be in the poorhouse if they don't quit! Last week I bought some food, and a lighthouse picture for the midget football team they're cheerleaders for! But I HAD to! I LOVE lighthouses!! (the Texas toast was a bonus, ya know?). Actually, I used to be big into midget football too, when Tif used to cheer for them, and I used to ride in the truck with them in parades & stuff. Tif almost got a dog last night, a lhasa apso. Sounds cute...but she went to pick it up at a lady's house, & wasn't at all impressed with the dog or the way things were around there (I'm trying to say 'gross' there any way?). Then she found out she didn't have registration papers, or couldn't find 'em, no shot records, etc. I'm very proud of her for making a truly hard decision for her!
Just a thought about the GOP candidates...I like Mitt Romney (everybody says, yeah, but he's in the religion where they can have as many wives as they want! many guys would choose to live with 2,3,4,5 wives? Most of them can't even handle one.....sad but true...But Mike Huckabee sounds pretty interesting too...maybe it should be Mitt & Mike?
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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