Monday, August 20, 2007

yeah, i've been a bum...reading, watching tv...'s a 'green day' . Yucky & rainy again, but not horribly, I should be able to get out on my scooter later, after my steroids. At least there's no thunder or lightning...yet...

I WANT these 2 kittens!! Actually, I think Truman wants them too...every single day, when I'm out by the laundry room, I see him laying down, stretched out, with his head right next to Spice's bowl! We miss her so much...I guess 5 weeks really was too soon to bring her home...but we were good to her for the 2 weeks we had her.

All right...has anyone ever seen a pink dolphin like this? I just think that is SO cool!! And the picture of the black & white kitten...I got it off the website "Kitler"! (thanks, Dorko!). I surf the web too much, I guess...I put Truman's picture up on the "kitty-porn" site...Exploitation, I know,'s just damn funny!!

Mouse called me last night...she sounds like, really depressed. And I can understand why, after hearing what's up...the same thing that's bothering everyone...$$ !! She lives in the town an hour north, where we worked together for about 4 know, back when we were young? (20 or so!) I had Tif who was 2, Mouse lived at home, she had just graduated high school! Now she has a daughter too that's giving her teenage fits, cuz she's 15!! (I just quietly snicker, but I do give hints!). And I guess everything up there is looks like a deserted town anyway, it did 20+ years ago!

After I talked to her, an email friend from Cleveland called too, so that was neat! The last time I actually saw her was when she & her husband came down for Tif's high school grad party (which was huge, especially thanks to Kev's mom & dad!). Nobody does a party better than them! Great...they just broke into the tv & said we're under a severe thunderstorm watch til 6:15 pm...Grrrrrrrrrr!!
Has anyone ever gone to a friend's house and that friend has 2 little kids, and not a book in the house, for her or them!! I was waiting for her to take a shower so we could go out, and asked her where her books me, that tells me a lot about somebody, whether it's shallow or not! She said, oh, I don't read books......I read magazines, though. I can't understand not having books! But, to each his own, I guess... All right, I'm outta here, the nurse is coming to do my first day of iv's at 3! It only takes about an hour, so that's good!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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