Saturday, August 11, 2007

yay!! cable & lights are back!!

Now, just take a look at how smooth this frickin' road is!! This is the road I had on here the other day, and, like I said, it's not like it's a new street or anything, for heaven's sake!! Why are we not using brick for streets now?? That's a serious question, if anyone knows...I know it would take a lot longer to build them, but, you don't see them shut down all summer for repairs!
And, I don't's a really neat flower thing in someone's front yard, but doesn't it kind of look like a 'memorial', or something? (well, without the garbage cans behind it...). But, otherwise, it's pretty...
Yesterday, well...the weather in this town wasn't a 'tornado', but we had the most damage anywhere in Ohio...I'm going to get some pictures posted on here in the next few days, whether I get out and take 'em, or I have to take them from the paper...trees are down all over town. Big trees, like, 'smash your house roof cuz it was uprooted' size!' There was one woman in her car on her street going home, killed by a tree falling on her car, but her boyfriend in the passenger seat wasn't even injured. I pray for her family & friends, she was only 22.
Our street doesn't have any trees down that I can see, but down at rhe end of the street, & on the next street over, I heard a lot of chainsaws and sirens, I guess our whole town was without electricity til 1 am. And the weird thing is that the power was all on all through the storm, and for about 3 or 4 hrs after, it didn't go off til 8 or so last night! And then, I was in bed reading, 'True Tales of the Unexplained'...(with a flashlight, of course!)(has a story in it that actually did make me feel uneasy, it talked about a guy who called up a demon to get his girlfriend back, and it...well, he & she had a hard time getting rid of it, even with a priest & other paranormal people...and he & his girlfriend did end up getting married in 1978!), all right, I digressed horribly there...but anyway...I had the tv on in the background for noise (I HATE quiet when I go to sleep!), all of a sudden, the cable went off at about 2 am. Okay, that was a bunch of crap, too, but, I had been reading with a freakin flashlight most of the day, I can live without cable. About an hour later, I heard really loud clicking out in the living room! I couldn't even imagine what that was! So, I got up and took my walker out there, and was standing there looking around...then started walking toward the front window, then I realized it was coming from a shelf under the tv! It was the remote for the digital cable box, and I figured, ok, it's just reprogramming the menu or I went back to bed, figuring the cable must be gonna come back on soon...uh-uh! Never came back on til I woke up today! Phhhtthhht! Welcone to central Ohio in August! At least it's down to the high 80's today! So I've talked to Mom today, she didn't have any problems out in the neighborhood she's in, it's fairly 'new', like 20 years old, compared to ours (maybe, I dunno, 65, 70), no trees, no overhead power lines. Then I called Bro, cuz he & his family live on a country road in the middle of 8 acres of woods! So, he says 'I heard you had bad weather there yesterday...' I said "Where are you?" Turns out, he & a few of his buddies were on a motorcycle ride, had been for a couple days...they were in North Carolina, just getting done with lunch!! Geezz!!
Okay...I'm goin to bed.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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