Thursday, August 02, 2007


I've been doing absolutely nothing all week, just hanging around here, riding around, (eating chocolate), buying eBay books...'normal' stuff like that...ha!
I put a couple pictures on here from the day we went to the family reunion at my cousin's house in the middle of July. Bro & his wife and 2 of their daughters gave me a ride up there, about an hour north (actually, in my mind, that's the area of Ohio that I belong in! northwest!).
Anyway, niece A took her dog, Winnie, a Yorkie, and she is the most adorable little dog I've ever seen! I think she's a cousin of Bro & his wife's dog, Emmy, who was also 'imported' (however you do that?) from England. But Emmy wasn't 'invited' to the I think anyone invited Winnie...but just look at Winnie! She is ADORABLE!! Oh, and spoiled too...A is almost 30, and not dating, married, nothing, she's the first one with a master's degree, and is a school guidance counselor (& I'm sure she must be good at it!). The next youngest niece is working on her master's in psychology, should graduate in a year or so.
So, when Winnie got bored with sitting in the front seat in "Grandma's" lap, looking at me and A laughing and having fun in the next seat back, she totally launched herself over Bro's wife's shoulder and landed directly on my lap! Now that's talent, I'm telling ya! I was holding her & petting her, and looking at her, and all of a sudden I realized something....and asked A, "Do you actually cut her bangs??" A said, "Of course!". So that's why A has no kids...
The other picture is a chest of drawers that's in the living room at K's house, and I totally love it! K & I (he's my cousin, a couple years older), were sitting there talking, and I noticed it, and asked him where they got it, it's beautiful...he looked at it, looked back at me, and said, "I don't know." I said K, it's gorgeous! How can you NOT know? I got a 'look'...then he said 'I'm a guy! It's just furniture, for God's sake. Women know about that stuff, I don't!' Turned out his wife's mom is into antiques, and gave them that when they got this house! Sheesh! He cracks me up, though. We've always been close....when I was a kid and Mom & Dad took me to Cedar Point every summer, we always stopped and took him, so I had someone to ride the rollercoasters with, cuz they didn't want to ride them! And Mom's sister & her husband & kids (K being the youngest) lived in a town that was right in the middle on the way there, heck, their house was right on the main street, so we went past it anyway!
I'm just purposely not writing about Mom at the moment, just cuz there's weird stuff up, and I'd rather not think about it (I'm really good at 'the Avoidance technique'...anybody who truly knows what's up with me right now, knows that!! (and I'm rather proud of my expertise, if you will!).
I went upstairs the other night, cuz I was really bored with all the books I have down here, so I was digging around in all the closets & drawers up there for other old books, and it was amazing all the stuff I found! I found my baby scrapbook from when I was born, with all the cards I was given...JUST FOR BEING BORN! haha! And various and sundry other papers & stuff. But the books! I found one hardcover from when I was 10...I know that because I opened the front cover, and right there on the inside cover was written by my mom, "London, 1974"...and I think that was one of the things we got at Harrod's, which was Mom's favorite place in London! (myself, I was partial to Hyde Park & Trafalgar Square! I LOVED to feed the pigeons!). But some of the best stuff I found upstairs was a bunch of The Far Side cartoon books from the mid-80's!! Oh my God, I sat in bed & read all those til about 4 am, dying laughing!! I'll probly be back up there tonight, I still have the back attic room, and about 6 or 8 deep drawers!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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