Friday, July 27, 2007

rainy Friday, too...

This is the house I grew up in, again. I'm just so totally amazed at the craftsmanship in this house, all the little drawers & cupboards up in the attic (the blue rooms, and God knows how many other rooms in the attic & basement & the first and second floors!)

And the stained glass window is on the landing between the first and second floors.
This house was a happy place to grow up in. And I'm thinking a lot about it today, because Mom was going to come over & pick me up so I could go see her cancer doctor with her, and listen to what he's saying, because Bro & his family & I have talked a lot about stuff like this lately, because Mom just hasn't seemed quite 'right' lately, as far as her memory, her hearing, and it's getting to where we're all wondering if she should still be driving, even if she does only drive in the daytime...
This really sucks. I always knew that I'd have to face this part of life before my friends, being that my parents were about the age of grandparents when they had me.But, Mom's appointment was at 11 am today, I tried to call her at 10:45 to see if she was on her way, and she was still there, just getting ready to leave to come & pick me up...she said she'd had to bring in the mail first and look at it...huh! So she got here right at...11 am. She was at the door when I opened it, and I said, "Why don't you call them & tell them you're on the way?". She did, and they said no, it'd be too late if you showed up now, let's change it to Monday at 10:30 am. We agreed to that, and then we just sat here and talked about books and stuff...she's the one that taught me to read when I was about 3/4, and took me to the library a few times a week, and bought me a book almost every time she went shopping! (which was, mind you, a sport for her!). I mentioned the fact that I had just received a book off eBay called 'Atlas Shrugged'. And she totally threw me for a loop by saying, 'oh, that's by Ayn Rand, isn't it?' That's so odd!! She said she never read it, but she knew the name. She is where I got my memory power from, I guess. I also want to check on eBay to see if I can find the book, 'The Egg & I'. I know Mom has that book around in her house, probably in the basement, and I don't want her to do the stairs. Anyway, if anyone's looking for something light & hilarious to read, this is for you! I read it for the first time when I was about 6 or 7, and I STILL love it!!
Bro called me today, and I told him we hadn't gotten to the doctor today, but I had her make another appointment for Monday. He kind of sighed, because we're both finding it difficult to deal with her, but, we love's just....hard.Then Bro said he'd talked to Psycho last week, and Psycho said he's having a hard time too, which is kind of a surprise to us, cuz Psycho's so unbelievably close with her! But we're also both glad that Psycho still lives in this town, and isn't married, or has a girlfriend, or anything, and he and Mom are so close. Because I can't drive, and she lives too far across town...Bro has his construction business to run, in this state, and all the way out to California. Bro said he, Psycho, and I have to get together next week to decide if we're going to put her in a retirement home, or something. It's our opinion that she probably ought to be somewhere like that, she is 84 years old, and lives alone, and Psycho works down in Columbus, so he's gone all day. So if I'm not around for a few days, I have an explanation...

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