Thursday, July 19, 2007

2:02 am thursday...

Believe it or not...this fountain and trees and all this are in someone's 'backyard'. Off to the right, there's a huge octagonal house built up on stilts, and down the side of the hill to the pond and fountain. This whole thing is in, like, the middle of town...I used to walk by it with my friends on the way to high school!
All right...I started this post at 2:02 am last night, but...we had the worst storm last night, and the first lightning hit right outside the window at about the computer got shut off immediately! (I shut it off, not struck by lightning!). Then I went in the kitchen and found the biggest flashlight I could find, and headed to the bedroom, turned the tv on, and was set for the night!! Good thing I thought ahead and got the flashlight...electricity went off about 3 am for a few minutes...the tv went off in the middle of 'All In The Family'! Bummer, man! (how '60's of my language! You can see I grew up with 2 brothers that were 11 & 13 years older!). But it was a great show, it was the one where Mike got pissed and said the wedding's off, walked out the door, and Gloria did her famous crying "Mwahh, whaaa, Ma, augghhh!". I think maybe that's why Dad reminded me of Archie, cuz I was a lot like Gloria, and Mom is just like Edith!! Oh, and, of course, 'Cheaters' came on after that...I hate it when the husband/boyfriend goes out on the wife/girlfriend, and the woman goes back. I think if the guy screws someone else, well, he doesn't need to worry about getting back together, unless he wants to live a 'sexless' life till he dies, cuz he won't ever get any here...
And the picture of the house under the trees with the enormous yard is on the next block's around the corner from the house I grew up in. The biggest thing I remember about this house? When my first best friend and I used to run around together, when we first started being allowed to go anywhere by ourselves (maybe 7 or 8 years old, and we both lived on this block!). Anyway, when we went around the block, we used to cut this corner, and walk over the grass...and OMG, did the man that lived there come out and yell at us ALWAYS! "GET OFF MY LAWN!!" Of course, we were scared off (the first time!). But, unfortunately for him, neither of our families moved until we were 18! And, she had 6 older brothers too! hahaha!
I had a 'shot hangover' for the last day & a half...that SUCKS so BAD!! But I'm good now...till next Tuesday night, anyway.
I can't wait till it quits being rainy and stormy out, cuz I haven't gone anywhere for a couple days...I'm out of candy bars! How can I live?? (snark!). I'm good on Twizzlers, I just need chocolate!!
Okay...I need to do laundry...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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