Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday...busy day...hehehe

Here it is...the house up above the pond and fountain...mostly, the reason I took this picture was the three different shades of green of the trees you see. Yeah, I know, some reason, but, I'm nothing if not 'out there'! Besides, it's a digital camera, so there's no film to worry about wasting!

And this house is the one that I moved into with Tif when she was 1 & 1/2. Our apartment was the one on the left here. If I was sitting on the porch, I was looking straight over at the Central Christian Church (Kings' mansion) across the street, and across the back lawn of that was the house with the pond! There were 4 apartments in this house, the 2 in the front, & 2 in the back, all 2-story apartments with attics. The guy that lived in the right side was really nice & funny, we got to be really good friends...even after he scared the crap out of me one night, by going out on his roof one night, and crawling over to my roof, and knocking on the window! Holy Mother of God, I doubt if I EVER was that scared in my life! Especially because I was in the middle of a good Stephen King book, and had just settled down in bed to read it...
He used to be good at doing the 'claymation' stuff, like the Mr Bill. Everybody used to hang out over there a lot, just because you KNEW you'd end up laughing all night! One time we were drinking Rolling Rock beer (ya know, the little bottles?), and one of his friends & I somehow redid our labels on the bottles, and, I don't remember what J wrote, oh yeah, I do...'Moldy Sock', but I wrote 'Rotting Cock', and we left them on the mantel for S! I think I had my 'college fun' without going to college! (I just worked my ass off instead...but always had fun doing it...). S & his one friend, J had just graduated from Purdue and had moved here to work at the phone company. After a while, S got tired of being 'Mr Corporate', and doing office/business stuff, and he quit there, and moved back up north to his hometown, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and went back to his family's cherry farm, to work there! That was neat, and smart to do it before he had a family to depend on him!
My attic on the third floor, that had the padlock on it when I moved in was a constant source of curiousity for EVERYONE!! Finally, K & Jc (2 high school friends) & I decided we needed to know why that was there, and one of us picked it with a bobby pin. Tif was asleep in her crib, so she couldn't crawl up (babies always have to hit the stairs first, ya know!). So we went creeping up there, cuz there was no stair light. It was creaky old wooden stairs, I remember that! When we got to the top, we looked around for a lightswitch, but there wasn't one, just a bare lightbulb hanging in the middle of the ceiling. We turned it on, and were looking was big, with 2 or 3 big rooms up there, and they were asking "hey, can I move in up here?". Then we went over toward the stairs, and noticed the devil worshiping things painted on the wall...the most memorable thing was the realistic hand, with the palm out, and each fingertip had a flame coming out of it, and it had the #13 on the palm! I'm SO surprised that we didn't wake Tif up, thundering down the stairs, screaming! Once we got down to the second floor, I put the lock back on, and said "now...what were you saying about moving in up there??" I lived there for the year I'd signed the lease for, and, for some reason, nobody ever asked to be a roommate again. (Good, I never wanted a roommate! I had Tif!).
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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